Bug-out Bag – Survival First Aid Kit Essentials

Survival depends on staying healthy under dire circumstances, so be prepared with a first aid kit for your BoB.


MsRotorwings says:

Snake kits are useless and using them wastes time getting to definitive care. You may want to add some burn gel, burn pads, hydrocortisone cream, and tweezers. I like that you didn’t go overboard with supplies. Thanks for the video.

Creative Redundancy says:

1:20 maybe trauma shears or leatherman raptor at the top of line shears. Like most kits extra tape, super glue  and cordage can help. Tip from C.R. mustard can also be used on burns(mustard packs) and has some other uses.

Andy Chow says:

 tooth paste can also be used for bug bites such as mosquitoes as it dries ” the bump out” and H.sanitizer  can be put on top to give a cooling effect. 

johnny mars says:

Thanks. I’ve added an ACE wrap.

EricWillSurvive says:

Excellent start! I would pack a small roll of first aid tape or two and as much gauze and band aids as will fit it the plastic kits. Check out USNERDOC or Nutnfancy channels for some really comprehensive kits for several progressive levels of care.

lookingup82 says:

The baby shampoo contains LIDOCAINE(thus the no baby tears) Good for clearing out eyes if needed. The biggest thing–I would recommend first aid training. And I’d carry more advil and tylenol- talking 3 days…and only 2 doses of pain meds…

Cody Wayne says:

with your quick clot you also need an ace wrap to hold it once you’ve packed your wound and they work. used them in afghanistan 11-12

diane mar says:

Good advide. I’m going to get my kit together today.

iwantosavemoney says:

super glue is a good way to go also

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