Building a First Aid Kit for Survival and Prepping

I do an in depth breakdown of the contents of my first aid bug out roll.

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List of some items shown in this video

Ready Heat Blanket

Quick clot

Israeli Bandage

Chest Seal pack

Celox Chest seal granules

QuickStop Bandages

Medical Shears

Sam Splint


Fiber Fix (for casts)



Olight H2R Nova

Curad Antiviral Facemasks

The Survival Medicine Handbook

Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook

Bushcraft First Aid and Medical Guide

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Jesus Jones says:

I’m still curious what the empty weight(s) of the bugout roll, classic and new rubberized rolls are.(as pictured in your videos with only the panels included) .
Can you oblige?


CPR without life breath only works for about 5 min then you get brain damage

Eric Stephenson says:

At the First Aid/AED/CPR training I took a couple years ago, which was done by a private company contracted by my work, they stated the mouth to mouth was not necessary. They didn’t even train us on that. The last training/certification, done in about Nov, conducted by the Red Cross, they were very adamant that mouth to mouth is required, it was never truly listed as unnecessary, and performed a very comprehensive training on the process. I would go with the assessment of the Red Cross and say it would be necessary, and it is always best to learn all the methods because you never know what may work.

Kordahn Bloo says:

Denier. It’s pronounced den-ear, as in the things on the side of your head. Not as in “global warming denier.” Just so you know.

BDM says:

Good luck to mrs cp on her first aid coarse, all American prepper may need some help.

Survival Mindset says:

One well put together get. I will look into the ready heat. I can see this bag kit saving all kinds of value time by knowing we’re everything is.

Josh Wilson says:

USNERDOC has a filled roll. He is a doctor.

Troy Stutsman says:

Watch one of the several how to videos on suturing then practice on oranges and pigs feet that you
can get at most grocery stores until you are good at it.
You never know when you may be all alone and you need to suture yourself up…!


good kit add some burnshield and saline pods /

afshin735 says:

I think this is the best application for the roll!

jjxs says:

How were you able to get a hold of an epi pen?

Mack MacDoe says:

Nice kit and the Roll Out Bag looks top notch quality , and sadly the U.S. does have a opioid problem , officers are now equipped with the antidote most places .

Doctor Prepper says:

How do you schedule the battery checks on the lights? I think that would be the hardest part for me, as that’s the kind of kit that will rarely be used, but when it comes the time to use, I need everything working properly!

Lance Tang says:

If one was to throw in an alcohol lamp with a small bottle of grain alcohol it could all be sterile 🙂

777Ken says:

Good kit to have around tho! Or in the car or bike

edi says:

What’s your thought on coats? To me they are the first line of shelter. Where I live, most associate coats with the 1920s and very old people and very few young ones still have them, however when it rains I’m far better off than with a tiny rainjacket or umbrella. I can walk in cold rain for hours, whereas pretty much anyone else I meet will be soaked and cooling out in 10min… Sure, a coat, fedora and gaiters make me stand out, but in this context I don’t give a damn…

Ray Koehler says:

Just took my camo bug out roll camping for the first time. So easy finding what your looking for instead of rifling through bags! Didn’t have the swagger to make a satire review, but it’s coming soon.

Leslie Kovacs says:

So I like to think of Incidents OTHER than SHTF or “Lost in the Wilderness” for items like this. Here’s a few. Long Haul Trucker coming upon an Accident in the middle of Kansas where you know it’ll be a Half Hour until EMS gets there. Tornadoes smashing a small town. Small Farm/Ranch in the Boonies. Fishing Trawler. Earthquake in a small poor country like Papua New Guinea had a few days ago. Alaskan/BC Bush Pilots. Mountain Climbing Base Camp. Volunteer Fire Department where you have to buy a lot of your own Gear. Wildfire Fighters. That’s just off the top of my head. What kind of First Aid Gear you put in it, how much Training and Experience one has, that’s a Big Variable. But this is a CONTAINER for the Gear. And it’s a Damn Fine One. Thanks Nate.

nico austin says:

What would you think of storing some cannabis/hash etc for a first aid kit? Could be really useful for people who are injured and need to take the edge off of the pain and if nothing else it could be a morale booster.

foalima Albu says:

Great bag for my line of work as an EMT it’s great to have people have a basic kit but some of items u need training for people will just buy those and have no idea how to use those items

Scorpion Sunday says:

The Code did not work for me

Janice Wiehe says:

I always carry vet wrap. It’s very light, self adhesive, but also kind of like a tensor bandage,it’s inexpensive ( probably $2.00 a roll ) and is useful in a variety of applications. Any good tack store or animal feed supply store will carry it. I have used it several times for holding poultice in my horses hooves and binding broken toes together etc.

dustya1982 says:

Nice you should contact skinnymedic for layout options

jedifrogmstr Odin-son says:


Magellano Nait says:

Thank you very much!

David Gagnon says:

Hello ,

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Kaylynn Strain says:

neem oil is also a topical anesthetic, it is also a bug repellent. I also have a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff in a med backpack that I take when I go to large group camps


having a sygical kit is recomended in africa for traval its not for you to use its so you dont get infecticted tools used on you if you have a acident

Kim Jong -UNy says:

I’m glad you’ve thought about the fish!!!! Fish lives matter

TheMountainRN says:

You know i would have to comment wright?! Lol
– sterile vs. Non sterile, i keep clean. I keep mine off their package and vacuum seal. When i keep gauze ( which is rare now). base this on a few studies. Like “
– Evidence indicates that the use of clean technique for acute wound care is a clinically effective intervention that does not affect the incidence of infection. There is no recommendation that can be made regarding type of dressing technique for a chronic wound due to the lack of evidence in the literature.”
– Actually i replace gauze with cheese cloth multi use and multi purpose.
– Bandage scissor are a little bit stronger and fit better then EMS shear in kit like these
– There smaller stapler available making possible to carry many for the same size of a big ones
– I personally to stay away from oxygen activated blanket or ice pack. To often i open my kit to find them activated or dry up in my kits. For heat learn how to do a “ burrito” with warmer that can be reuse after boiling them seem better fit
– You know my take on fish meds 8) but if you have to go with one from my research i would go with doxycycline
– Instead of sugar have manuka honey pack. They can have multi purpose
– Opiate are kind over rated. Some studies suggest now that a good mix of tylenol and ibuprpfen can be as effective. Plus many people miss understand pain management. For example, having benadryl cream can be use for allergy AND local anesthetic because of is pharmacology. Personally if iwould have to “trade” for something for pain i would look for ketamine
– Yes for cpr for lay person no need for mouth to mouth.
– Instead of the pocket mask i switch to Numask. Especially in cold climate the pocket mask is terrible
– I carry cheap hammock they can be use for stretcher
– As for the quickclot that was true for the first generations and some of the military application. The one usually found for civilian is more like a large tea bag that clots with blood passing through.

Ninos N says:

empty bag for 150$. u crazy

World Traveler says:

Nice kit +Canadian Prepper Liked and shared
It may be useful to add 1. Hemostat (to clamp severed vessels) 2. Scalpel (To drain abscesses) 3. Sling (a Shemagh would do) 4. 70% Alcohol solution or Iodine (for disinfection) 5. Aspirin (helps in case of a heart attack) 6. Tweezers (to remove splinters) 7. Tongue depressors (to inspect oral cavity)

martin louvet says:

I like the bug out roll and would like to order one or two. How much are the shipping cost to send it to Germany?

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