Building Your First Aid Kit: 2016 Update

A well stocked, portable med kit, that you are knowledgeable with is extremely important. Regardless if it is at home, the work place, in the car, or in the outdoors. In this video I will walk you through my med kit and show you what I use and share several updates over last years model.







Caleb Haggard says:

One thing that you’re missing that I would put in there would be a triangle bandage. Great to immobilize the elbow if needed to be.

Captain Oli says:

I would advice some antiseptic cream for wound healing promotion and soothing pain relieving effects.

Geova Hernandez says:

awesome patches!!!

gideon binge says:

Subscribed cause my names Gideon lol and the information is great too haha

Focus says:

everything in your bag hurts.

Jake Burnett says:

Never thought of crushing an ace bandage, thank you!

Parinyakorn B e s t says:


da cake monster says:

Put a cealable bag in there two

Will Whitman says:

Great video! One of the better packs that I’ve seen for the size, very practical for most civilians and casual outdoorsman. Anything more complete would definitely need a larger pack. Keep’em commin’

Saifuddin Jumin says:

wow noce video and i love the way you pack ur things

Renaissance Nerd says:

Gloves are not sterile and neither are the shears, sometimes you just have to cut off a hunk of skin. Put the shears in a sheath and put the gloves in a ziplock.

Brian McMaster says:

great video, thanks for the info. this will help me update my ifak.

Linkhunter says:

I bought a onetigris EMT pouch TG-GJB02 but the pouch is empty so I need to make it myself can you provide like a list you can recommended example like tweezers bandages etc. for first time buyer i live in europe so I can probably not get the same stuff you are using

Kathleen Longhurst says:

Cayenne pepper stops bleeding and so does yarrow

Jason Francis says:

Where can I get cat tournacat training?

Spicoli says:


Cory Montague says:

Recommend dog earring the elastic bandage. It is almost impossible to find the end when you smash the roll together.

JimmyD_C172 says:

Can this be spray painted? I want to get one but would like to see it in a non-tacticool color. For me, I’m thinking red or maroon. Thanks. Jim

WackyCuda says:

Didn’t check all the comments to see if some one said anything, but you should toss in a few stomach/digestive tract meds.

adriano guerra says:

very well donne man. i am making my EDC and i was lockin for a 1rst aid kit like yours. sure going to make some “copy cat” from u. nice vid. 1 more sub

l84Cabo says:

I commend you for having the smarts to pull together a good first aid kit. Just a couple comments and some suggestions for adds….That isn’t an ACE bandage it’s a cohesive bandage. They’re sorta similar but an ACE is more robust as it’s made out of fabric. And I’m not saying you should get an actual ACE. I think what you’ve got is the right choice for that kit (and if I’m wrong on this, my apologies. But it didn’t look like an ACE from the video).

Tincture of Bezoin can be used on minor cuts as a styptic or antiseptic but it’s often used when securing larger wounds with steri strips as it helps the strips/bandages better adhere to the skin. To that end, a pack or two of steri strips would be another really good add for your kit as they take up very little room.

You might also want to consider a pack of Quick Clot for serious arterial bleeds where a tourniquet can’t be applied, an Israeli Bandage, and a couple HyFin vented chest seals. I realize space is a concern in a kit that size but you can likely get some of these things in. You’ll have to decide what’s most important and/or if the Israeli Bandage can replace, say, the 5×9 pad, etc.

Mo Bi says:

Great vid but just a FYI….. Either get a front patch with a “Red Cross” or move to Switzerland

roblox lover says:

were did u buy that stuff

GudHunter Official says:

when did three years of vetenarian classes

i can probbably utilize those skills lol

Robert Alonzo says:

Celox or the newer quick clot do not burn. I like the way you presented the kit. Gave me some good ideas.

guywhomissesthe80s says:

3rd time watching this vid and had a few thoughts….

1) lighter (always have spare)
2) small flashlight or headlamp (led)
3) tampons (puncture wounds)
4) 3 ft Gorilla tape (around lighter)
5) Super glue (could go in repair kit but i use on cuts often)
6) small toothbrush (cleaning wound)
7) water treatment tablets
8) candy (blood sugar)

afshin735 says:

Too much salesmanship, Just stick to the facts!

124moviesiwatch says:

A nice first aid kit that is not posing as something more than it is. A pen light might make for a good addition.

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