Bushcraft First Aid Kit- Survival First Aid Kit- Be Prepared- Surviveware First Aid Kit

In this video I will show you the contents of my bushcraft first aid kit which doubles as a survival first aid kit. It is always good to be prepared in any bushcraft emergency, survival emergency, or any situation where one may have to administer first aid which can include treating wounds, applying a tourniquet, or even administering cpr. First aid must always be taken seriously. The unexpected happens. It is advised to have a good first aid kit when practicing bushcraft, hiking/backpacking, camping, or any outdoors activities. It is a wise choice to keep a good first aid kit at home or at a business, in your vehicle, and any bug out bag will be equipped with a good first aid kit. The Surviveware First Aid Kit can literally be a lifesaver with many first aid items that may save one’s life. The Founders of the Surviveware put love into their products knowing that their products can save a life. This first aid kit takes preparedness to a new level and leaves other general first aid kits in the dust.

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Links to Gear I use

Molle 2-http://amzn.to/2BuZ5SG
Molle 2 Sustainment Pouches-http://amzn.to/2HlGvwU
Military Sleep System-http://amzn.to/2HjyCIn
Hennessy Hammock- http://amzn.to/2HiOUkx
Mora Craftline Pro S-http://amzn.to/2Cpbu7g
Tick Puller (Tick Wranger)-http://amzn.to/2CnDDM8


Huples Cat Emergency Preparedness Lifestyle says:

Just got back from a trip. I could have sewed my arm back on (I’m a nurse) but bandages! Bandages! I did not have anywhere near enough to cover my paddling blisters 🙁
That is a nice kit
One thing if you start CPR in the bush you have to keep going until the paramedics arrive. Just saying

Kentucky Greywolf says:

Really nice kit and the price is nice to. Thanks for the hot tip. Hey there’s an idea for ya, Jacquelines weekly hot tip.

Wayne McLeod says:

Hi Thanks for the review. I was not aware of this kit but it looks pretty good. I think I might get one. I’m a retired paramedic and have made my own first aid kit. However, I will check this one out and if it is good will recommend it to camping friends and associates of mine. If I do end up recommending it, I will provide them with your link on your channel here if it is ok with you. Thanks for the video. ATB, Wayne

The Urban Suburban says:

good review

Clueless Bushcraft says:

That’s an excellent review and runthru of the first aid kit. 🙂

Alex Wolf says:

this is not a trauma tourniquet

Shawn R says:

Great review.
Nice first aid kit.
Price is also good for the amount of components.
I would add a couple of small items. A decent headlamp. So you can work at night.
A good very sharp pocket knife.
A lighter and backup firestarter.

In my kit in order to save room. I carry a pillbottle with some Motrin/Aleve and few aspirin. I wrapped the waterproof tape around the bottle.

For replacement of expendables or to build a second kit. Go to estate sales. The first aid supplies are generally looked over when pricing. I got a large bag of sterile gauze pads for 2 dollars.

Scout hunt says:

What a great kit. Love that it’s labeled. My daughter gives me crap about my first aid kits. Yes I said kits. Always better to be prepared with multiple kits for certain outtings. I like your kit,. Will look online to purchase one. Thank you for the great video.

JohnDoeArchery says:

nice kit…btw i sent u a email week ago or so with my address

Don Brink says:

I would also recommend a basic Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course. It’s a very affordable two day course with lots of good information and many scenarios. Make sure it is a certified instructor and not just someone reading out of a book.

Stephen Cook says:

I have been looking for a good well equipped easy to pack first aid kit. This is a great kit. I’m buying one this month, thanks

Robert Biddle says:

Love your vid and The kit looks very comprehensive the only comment I have is the tourniquet.. looks to me like a constriction band. Good to slow bleeding but may not stop severe and uncontrollable bleeding from a gun shot or amputation. Look at the Rat or the Cat tourniquets. These are outstanding for your needs. A gain great vid loved it.. thanks

brian ellis says:

thats actually a nice kit. you gave a very informative review of it also. thanks for sharing, going to check this out for myself.

Michael H says:

Great presentation….glad to see you back…….

Shane Slone says:

Very nice kit! Great review will definitely look at this company.

Circle Master says:

I was a pool lifeguard & a 1st aider in the 90’s and we told not to use tourniquets, incase they survive and loose a limb and sue you for it.
The army told us not to use them, while nodding his head at the same time.
Nowadays soldiers carry their own tourniquets, up to 3 of them.

Jeff Carter says:

Great review. Best kit that I have seen. Very good to be prepared. Thank you my friend.Tennessee

SurvivorMetalMan says:

Nice kit, great items in it for sure! Great review!


That is an awesome First-aid kit. Super nice! I have always wanted one but have never been able to afford one of such high quality.

Horror Amino says:

That was a great review and it certainly does look more comprehensive than a standard ouchy boo boo kit.
You suggested adding a few items like a tick puller and super glue, smart! Can I also suggest adding a small headlamp just for emergencies?
Thanks for sharing this with us!

waitaminute 2017 says:

A basic knowledge of first aid can go a long way. Having the right first aid kit can be a life saver.

Mr Majestic says:

Thanks for the reminder…I’ve been meaning to put a good one together because you just never know and it always pays to be prepared. “An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.” Or something like that…lol…✌

Thrifty Survivor says:

Great job on this informative video. I really like the labeling on this kit, it also seems to be well organized. You’re right about the cheap tweezers that come with many pre packaged first aid kits. That’s one of the reasons I stock my own kits.

Botha Lissom says:

This is the best way to start. i saw lots of videos about putting together a first aid kit but IMHO, this is an investment. once you have this, you just maintain it and replicate it ad-infinitum. caveat: MUST do the weekly check/replenish to ensure that the kit is complete and to ensure that you know your kit inside out. also, do a quick weekly drill of basic field medicine. (that would make a good video)

Prep Sho says:

This should be second or third AID kit but not first. But its ok for little things.

Hillhippy66 says:

Love the organization! Good kit. I don’t see how anyone goes anywhere (especially in the bush) without access to first aid.

Ken Allan Dronsfield says:

For a bushcraft first aid kit, this one has all that’s needed. Whether a day hike or a week long adventure! Thank you for sharing!

CarnivoraFilm says:

The only thing wrong with your videos is when they end. Thanks for another enjoyable video.

dwtlax says:

you convinced me. Ordered and will be adding minor meds.

thurmanjhnt1 says:

I like it while I am commenting ,the lantern you showed us was a good one, thank you

David Hopson says:

I’ve just recently subcribed to your husbands channel. Love y’all God Bless

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