Calling Them Out! – American Standard 198pc First Aid Kit Review

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Today Luke is reviewing the American Standard 198pc Kit which is mainly a first aid kit but with survival components thrown in.

Unfortunately Luke has to call them out….

Link :

Price : $29.95

Weight : 2lbs 3oz

198 piece kit –

This is part first aid kit and part survival kit

· Nylon

Very well rounded kit. Would certainly cost you more if you were to put this together yourself

Great solution to put in your car or truck, boat for emergencies.

For backpacking and hiking, it is too much but as part of a smaller system this will keep you going for some time. I carry a small first aid kit and I have been refilling it from this kit here.

Not every component is going to be something that you use like the face mask….but when the time comes you will be glad that you have it.


Review :

I like this kit as it’s not bad for the price.

Almost all of the reviews on amazon are BS.

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67Breeze says:

Great video. Keep up the good work brother!!

The Map Survival says:

Tried to pay attention but I’m too distracted by your amazing rectangular rock table

Chef HitsdaFan says:

Sorry luck. I would buy this. I jus bought a kit from CVS and it was 18 dollars for bandaids

mildang1 says:

Its great you want reviewers to be “real” . I myself am one of those “Amazon customers” to be private in this connected world. Like you want to provide honest and useful reviews for potential buyers, without my name in the wild.

TheSlimpickens83 says:

I swear the guy in the Phillips 66 commercial is you. It’s hard to see through the windshield of the car, but it even looks like you.

Stacy Cornett says:

I think you are correct, a first aid kit should be made to suit each individual or the situation ahead. I built a 3″ x 9″ x 7″ kit with items from target. Maby $12.50 spent and have everything that I personally can use . Thanks for showing us the kit.

Gregor Miller says:

Likin’ your cap, perfect for under the helmet, what is called please?

Mark K says:

Finally someone who tells it like it is and calls out these companies.. We work hard for our money and thank you for your honest review


I still think local stores are better than online shopping, also I like helping mamma/papa shops. =)

Dave Stelling says:

I’m w/ you, Luke.
I loathe deception…especially in marketing.
Good call, Bro…

Dave Tumbleson says:

And thats why I made up my own kit. And i can put in it what i want. I hate all positive reviews. If i see all positive reviews i go somewhere else. But i don’t get anything offline.

Danny Baker says:

Thanks for an honest review.

panzerabwerkanone says:

I sense much confusing from this kit. Is it a first aid kit? a trauma kit? or a survival kit?

Shashkin In The Wild says:

Never could understand why do you need a survival kit inside your first aid kit. I would say, you better put the most important first aid stuff into your survival kit instead.

This first aid kit could be two times smaller without all that survival stuff.

skutch Blobaum says:

I won’t buy anything on Amazon. It’s a state sponsored monopoly. Amazon could clamp down on fake reviews by booting companies that use them, yet they don’t seem to care very much since it’s really good for their bottom line as well. It’s pretty sad when you’re company pays so little that your warehouse workers collect welfare to compensate. I’d just as soon pay more and buy from someone that isn’t a corporate shareholder ran company.
As usual Luke shows integrity by pointing out the deceptive tactics of this company which is why I value his opinion so much.

ZZ outdoors says:

Best bet…Build it your self!!  Thanks Luke. Have a great adventure!   ZZ.

Ed Cook says:

I haven’t looked at the kit myself. Just from looks it doesn’t look bad. I don’t like that you say the zippers aren’t very good. (I wouldn’t want to have to tear into my First Aid Kit in the middle of the night.)

As for the survival Kit in it. I would ditch all of it except the Survival Blankets. (Great for people in shock.) I would replace that with things like Ibuprofen. Tylenol, Imodium, Tums, Aspirin, Pseudoephedrine, and, Benadryl. I would also add more Tape, Triple Antibiotic Ointment and Electrolytes Packets.

As mentioned I wouldn’t want to carry this in my Pack unless I was part of a large group. I would carry it in the car or have it at a Base Camp.

Great video by the way.


Lib Slayer says:

Do I see another shooting video in your future? Hope so.

Candlewood_ Betta says:

I lost my apartment 4 months ago and turned to Winter camping..Your videos teach me how to be safe and protected ..Thank you.

Tadeo Lucero says:

Hi! Thanks for your video! Can you make a review of foul weather british smock? Regards!!!

James Ellsworth says:

I am a top 1000 Amazon reviewer. Every single day I get offers and requests from new vendors to review ‘stuff.’ I do not do that. As much as I would like to see new small business people succeed, I only review what I buy and what I need. Lately, Amazon has tried to cut way down on the ‘phony review’ practice. Sellers try to skirt it by offering to refund the purchase price through a PayPal account or by offering deep discounts, and they trigger the ‘verified purchase’ review tag. Experienced shoppers like you can spot this stuff. Thanks for making your viewers better and more aware shoppers!

bashfulbrother says:

Great video. I am so glad that someone is finally addressing this whole “comment” issue. The purpose of them is to help potential buyers learn from people who have actually had “hands on” experience with the product. This is just as you say, pure lies when they hire people to stack the deck. Walmart does this all the time on their online site. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.

Michael Harris says:

Throughout this review I was thinking the really only good first aid kit is the one you build yourself. You mention yourself this fact towards the end. Knowing this I have purchased several first aid kits. I have one in the car along with trauma products not normally carried. One in my camping kit. One I carry on my bike and one I keep at home. None of them carry everything I like. I always add something to them. Items such as “Splinter Out” or extra burn jell packs exspecially in my camping kit to name just a couple.

CKHall Adventures says:

Thanks Luke…I was going to buy this but with your review I choose to pick another option.

Cal589 says:

Thanks Luke:)

Dru says:

I’ll either buy Uncle Flints, Skinny Medic or make my own First Aid Kit. Great review and warning about this product.

Kevin108 says:

I have never seen a commercial first aid kit I liked. I too keep a very basic kit. Ibuprofen, eye drops, benadryl, electrical tape, Neosporin, gauze, and Gorilla tape for blisters has been everything I’ve needed 95% of the time.

Memphis Rides says:

It kinda put me off when you stated .. if they want reviews they should have people like you do it … I’m not saying they are right or wrong I have no real proof to make that call and without that it’s kind of another case of guilty till proven innocent.. with all the finger pointing and name calling in this country these days I’m proud to say that’s a line I’m not willing to cross .. have a good day everyone….God bless America

Wanderer of the Desert says:

Good job calling out the companys you see a lot of this now thanks again

Keyopp Jones says:

Forget online reviews… there’s no review like a live review. Great work sir.

Bobby Harper says:

Need to take the battery out of the flashlight and store it separately. For some reason they leak when installed.

Jake Weston says:

“Lets test these scissors…*cuts a leaf* …Yep, they’re sharp.”

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