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Sensible Prepper Presents: Stat Gear “Auto Survival Kit” review. An excellent companion while you’re on the road. Accidents happen everyday and being prepared is vital. MSRP $64.99 including the T3 Tactical Rescue Tool.

Stat Gear Website:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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Matthew Livingston says:

One time in the winter I slid off the road and hit a tree. The air bag was helpful and my seatbelt locked up. I was literally trapped 2 hours until a passerby stopped. So even just a pocket knife would’ved helped to cut myself free so I could check for injury or try not to freeze to death.

jrg10332 says:

I keep all my gloves in small sandwich bags to keep them clean. I keep a blanket and a fire starter kit in mine just in case I am caught in bad weather. I like how this mounts to the visor.

Bobby Johnson says:

+SensiblePrepper there is an emergency wistle on the end of the life gear light stick and they do have them in red I, have one

Sneadster says:

as far as stopping to help at an accident, or even breaking down yourself; it would be INCREDIBLE to test and show us what permanently mounted vehicle strobes you would recommend for the budget minded.  Too few think of it.  God Bless.

polishjerk says:

Waaaay too little gauze in my opinion. I don’t really understand what are those 4 bandages and tape for? What am I suppose to wrap with it? A torn shirt? All of it shoud be in the first aid kit. I think the only reason to buy this is to put it all in the CFAK.

Tiki Tiffany says:

as always great video!! gotta a few ideas for my own kit.

Justin Moore says:

I love all of your fire videos and all of your survival kits. Thank you very much. I appreciate your help. Keep up the good work!!!

Scareface Leslie says:

Just an fyi for everyone .. this is a link to the web sight to buy the led glow sticks from the video. 🙂

rataca100 says:

I have one of those glow stick/torch lights. I got three from somewhere.

BigJ8k says:

What did you add? 

Guns Man says:

There is also another one for 40.00$ that has everything except the knife.

TheAnnoyingThingOutdoors says:

The name and the logo somehow reminds me of star trek. O_o

Claus Celeda says:

I’m always confused when I see such Videos like this one… BEcause it seems to me that having some “emergency” (or Just first Aid) stuff having in your car isn’t common in the US (Maybe I’m mistaken with that…)… It mainly confuses me, because where I live in Europe, you must have an first aid emergency kit that has to contain at least some specific items in it in your car by law… (and yes, police is controlling if you have that kind of stuff with you on routine checks :D)

Wannabe Farmer says:

I’ve got one for my wife’s car that I bought at a Canadian Tire here in Canada and agreed, very impressed with the contents and quality.  

SupaFlyFatGuy859 says:

“Sootcher” needs in different ways” I see what you did there! LOL j/k Great kit for sure man!

Mark Darwin D. Ordono says:

now i have this kit ready i only need a car.

John Jerome says:

Hey Sootch,
I saw on alone wolverines channel that the reason the light is only 5 lumens is because it’s used to check the patients pupils. Just thought you would like to know. Keep up the great vids!

carlos manzo says:

More of a boo boo kit and for 40 bucks that’s way to much

TheRealWorldPrepper says:

Nice review video. Thanks for sharing.

sadis72 says:

I wouldn’t use this kit…

Another Cold Day says:

“Drinkwasser” on the portable Water. Nice german!
It should say “Trinkwasser”. We germans love hard letters!

Even a profession of love sounds like a war declaration in german. 😛

Patrick Davis says:

The Life Gear flashlight also has a whistle on the end. Just take the cap off and there it is.

Andy Chow says:

6:30 needs a cordage so you can make a light halo…

Robert Brown says:

Nice video!  It gave me some good ideas.  Sootch, what’s your opinion on Soylent?  It’s marketed as a 100% nutritionally complete food replacement, just add water.  It has a stable shelf life of a year, and is relatively cheap per day.  Seems like it could have some utility from a prepping viewpoint.

Liam Li says:

great video ,cheers from norway.

zephrix says:

I think swapping one of the ice packs for a QuickClot type product would be helpful.

cyberflea30 says:

I would actually consider throwing in a couple emergency blankets (yea the silver ones), a pair of mech gloves (incase you have to pry a door move twisted metal)  and a couple regular self contained light sticks (car wreck can mean gas or to hang inside the car to make it more visable) but a good kit.

Yoda Pagoda says:

Definitely didn’t expect the price to be as low as it was, seems like a great value, with plenty of room for your own additions.  Thumbs up, Sootch!

Jody Bessert says:

Nice kit! Could always add to it…but a pretty good start!

SoulSurvivorX2 says:

Great pack. That T3 Tactical Rescue Tool looks interesting as well 🙂

TheTyrial86 says:

+SensiblePrepper So my question is. I live in a cold climate. Were during winter temperstures at night routinely get down to -15 degrees. My question to you is, those packs of water. Do they freeze when you put them into the fridge??? Or are they like soda in which it takes longer because they are in a vaccum sealed enviroment??

Sebastian F says:

Do any of you know what vet wrap is

Jeanine Drylie says:

tjats sweet i think ur one of the best youtubers on youtube

Ramesh Gadwala says:

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of Survival kit on my blog at *garyreviews. com/survival-kit-review/* Thanks. Mel.

detuskified_walrus says:

They sell the first aid kit without the tool (but with the case) for $40 as well.

Definitely better than most of the pre made kits at stores.

KelvAcos says:

Nice emergency kit but def not worth the price, i like the tool to brake the glass..

fatoldladyinpjs says:

The flasher is too small to be seen. The knife is the only thing valuable. It’s an overpriced useless first aid kit with mainly useless band aids and gauze. Okay for kids baseball games injuries but not major trauma.

John McClain says:

I bought that T3 online but I didn’t know about the kit. Statgear also has an “EMT Tool” too. The T3 by itself costs about $40.00.

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