Comprehensive First Aid, Survival, & Essentials Kit

Here is my collection of first aid, survival and every day carry gear from 20 years of hiking, camping, and being outdoors. This kit together with a Schrade survival knife weighs under 4 lbs. The survival/first aid bag weighs 2.7 lbs and the Schrade survival knife with a stuffed pouch weighs a little over a pound.

Super glue
Wind & Rain proof matches
Snake bite & tourniquet
A&D cream
Sport sunscreen
Thread, Dental floss, needles, razor, safety pins, buttons
Sting away, iodine, ammonia swabs, Qtips
Bullion cubes
Potable aqua tabs #1 #2
Repel deet
Wrapped in Gaffers tape (30ft) Razor blades, 6#(75ft) & 30#(30ft) fishing line, fish hooks
Cotton balls & Cotton balls in Beeswax
Ace bandage
Bandage Tape and gloves
Mirror and plastic card
EmergenC drink mix
Hand and foot warmer
Aspirin, aleve naproxen, Benadryl, Vicodin, Tylenol acetaminophen, ibuprofen, loperamide,
Lights stick
Mole skin, gauzes bandages, space blanket, sling triangle bandage
Surgical knife, scissors, tweezers, calmoseptine, razor blades, pain relieving cream, iodine swab stick, antiseptic swab, iodine prep pads, 3.0 & 4.0 suture kit, steri strips, band aids
Altoids tin, aluminum foil, weights, hooks, zip ties, fingernail clippers, whistle, candle, snare, cord saw, honing compound


Chris Walden says:


Chris Walden says:

Note: I did come across an item that I did not have in my bag, Hydrocortisone… So I added it. Also since we have two small kids when they come on a trip I also pack Kids Tylenol (if you have youngster this is a must have in your bag…)

Mees van bosse says:

Oh oké x

Yerik Yensenov says:

very organised, nice!

N0AGI says:

you have those pills in that film roll case. are they all unwrapped and just sitting in there together? that does not seem right since each can react chemically w/ the other. ?? nice video outside of that. thanks for sharing

Wilson Solt says:

umm you carry vicodin outside it’s prescription container? That seems pretty illegal. Especially if you give it to someone.

mrjodoku says:

what solar charger is that? brand/name? thx

Adam Alford says:

POTABLE aqua tablets. It means it makes the water drinkable not that it can easily be transported from one place to another.

aakksshhaayy says:

I have literally never seen tampons in a first aid kit.. but that’s an interesting idea.

Chance Nuon says:

Where can you get that snake bite kit to be sent over to australia? What brand is that so I can try find one?

Oh and I think you should consider some cayenne pepper to stop bleeding.

Mees van bosse says:

But you are missing food and a fire steel

Chris Walden says:

Thanks just got back from a trip and used some Acetaminophen and Benadryl so I took the opportunity to swap out the older pills with brand new ones then updated the pTouch label and all set for future use.

TheJbo614 says:

a radio,water filter,more sources of light, like a head lamp and candles,poncho, and more trauma realted items. Thanks for the upload, great kit!

geojigrl says:

I ditched my film containers when the tops popped off.  Now I use various sized prescription screw top bottles – plus they resist moisture either getting out or in.  Keeps pills dry, keeps other stuff dry too. Very compact and practical kit!

Mees van bosse says:

Thnx (you missed some things like food Very important and water, also water purification tablets or a straw)

Rick Ealno says:

Nice video, Very informative. It is always good to have compartments along with the color codes to identify the things easily. I bought a first kit from WHSfirstaidkits ( it is very helpful in all emergencies.

Samuel Williams says:


galvanni1 says:

Where did you get that pouch for the med kit?

Mohamed Hanafi says:

You should have at least a needle and hydrocortisone ampoule with that amazing kit. Good job really!

steven norsworthy says:

hey what kind of bag is that

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