Could be Much Better! – VSSL Supplies Survival Kit – Review

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Today Luke is reviewing a survival kit known as the VSSL Supplies. Will it be worth its high cost? Find out now!

VSSL Supplies – Survival

VSSL Link :

Amazon :

Price : Retail $110. On the web site. $80 on amazon

Weight : 18 ounces (1 pound, 2 ounces).

Materials : Whether you plan to be out for a few days or a few hours, having critical supplies in a compact weather-resistant case is an essential part of preparation.

Each VSSL unit is 9″ long by 2″ diameter made from seamless extruded military specification anodized aluminum.

Contents :
· Dual mode (static and SOS) LED ‘flood’ beam lantern light, illuminates a large area (batteries included)
• Compass (oil filled)

• 4 hour pure Canadian beeswax candle

• Razor blade

• 6 Aquatabs® water purification tablets

• Wire saw (high tensile, 60lb working strength with handle straps)

• Aluminum beadless emergency whistle

• Waterproof matches

• Tinder Quik® fire starters

• Fishing Gear

• Signaling Mirror

• Marine grade rope (250lb breaking strength)

• Reflective trail markers

• P38 military GI Type can opener

• First aid supplies

• VSSL priorities of survival and instructions

Pros and Cons :
Impressive quality. Excellent materials. Great Engineering.
Self contained system. Tightly packed. Well organized. Lots of supplies included
Water tight container. Tough.
Good quality compass. Accurate. Oil filled. Not water. Smooth. A little slow but that’s ok.
Good quality flashlight. Works well. SOS feature is nice.
VSSL sells refills for everything in their online store so you can refill if needed. You can use your own supplies as well.
Flashlight : The LED flashlight on one end runs for 20 hours, or up to 40 hours in a flashing S.O.S. mode.

Very limited first aid kit.

Uncommon battery type for the flashlight.

Another flashlight negative : If on/off button is easy to trigger inside of your pack. If you are carrying this container, I would recommend not having the batteries installed as it doesn’t take much to turn it on. In a survival situation, pulling out your container to use the flashlight only to discover that the batteries are dead could be catastrophic. Store the batteries elsewhere in a safe, secure location.

Weight : With this container weighing more than 1lb, it is heavy. You will notice this in your package. It is large. For the ultralight crowd, you aren’t going to like this.

Biggest Complaint : I appreciate the features of the VSSL but they limit one very important aspect to the container itself. This holds lots of supplies, has a flashlight, has a compass, can hold water….but it can’t be used to boil water. This is a huge negative in my eyes. HUGE! Yes this does come with a few water purification tablets, but what are you going to do when you run out of those? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to boil water inside of this container? Due to the compass at one end and the flashlight at the other, you cannot place this container in the fire. That is my biggest issue with this container. Yes a compass is important but being able to boil water is even more so. I rather be lost in the woods with drinkable than a compass. With a bit of knowledge and knowhow, you can determine direction in other ways. I’d like to see this change being made in the future. I rather have a container which I can boil water in and a guide explaining how to determine direction instead.

In general, no I wouldn’t.
I love the look of this product, the fit and finish is awesome. The contents are great quality too but would I recommend it? No, no I wouldn’t. The fact that you can’t boil water in this container is a huge negative to me. Price is also a huge negative. You could build your own kit for much, much less and it would be more useful. Speaking of which, building your own kit is vital in my opinion. Each piece needs to be hand selected. You need to know how to use each aspect as well. When you build your own kit, you are more likely to understand how each component works and functions.
Very weak first aid kit.
If you built your own kit, would it be as nice and compact? Unlikely but looks aren’t all that important when you are trying to survive.
I do feel that for some people, they will greatly appreciate this product though. The quality can’t be denied.

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Katrina Carpenter says:

It needs a fire steel

Roger Mueller says:

please do a walmart survival kit video. for $110.00 bucks you could fill a small pack,including the pack!

skyym3 says:

IDEA —— Why not just put the batteries in backwards until you need the light. That would be better than carrying them on the outside. Thanks for the video, thumbs up on the review. God Bless

Matt bigmonster says:

Absolutely useless…..

Joseph Jobes says:

a tip from funy prepper is to turn one or all of the battries the wrong way inside and then they are stored inside of the flashlight but will not turn on accidentally.

ProGod MasterKiller says:

IS FROM VAT19!!!!!!

Josh says:

Hmm, I’ve seen smaller and better…

Ex Battalion says:

U can buy VSSL at Vat19

Austin Hernandez says:

I agree with the other comments! You should build your own compact survival kit for cheap and make a video on it!

v melo says:

beer cap over switch with a thick brocalli rubber band or a ranger band so it wont go off..but yeah for the cash..bad design flaw with the light

Sammi Prepper & Bushcraft Australia! says:

80 to 110 BUCKS??? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😀

Twodogs says:

Hi Luke, have you tried installing the batteries with one of them in the wrong way so you don’t have to carry them around with a rubberband?

mark s says:

Great review, thanks! This needs to be redesigned.. like you say, need to able to boil water. Compass looks great but slightly smaller could go inside. For a PREMIUM kit like this you,d expect a really good flashlight – plus fix that switch problem. I think the candle is a nice touch. First aid empty it and add your own.


For that price waterproof is a must. For $80.00 think about what you could make in a stainless wide mouth water bottle. Including the bottle. They should just call it what is a hipster kit.

Ben Stone says:

Make a plastic piece to separate at least one battery end from connecting similar to how they ship toys with batteries. Just pull the tab when you are ready to use it. I do that with my long term storage flash lights so you don’t have to store the batteries separate.

Shadowman says:

Hi Luke my friend have to catch up watching your vids, you know my baby girl not always let me to 🙂 Thanks for this honest review i thought the same about this kit good to see nobody can bend you towards a positive review of a product thats why you were my first subscription ever on youtube and i am glad i found you here. keep up the good work and stay the way you are Greets from Austria. Dominik

Karl Kaiser says:

I like it,,,, but I will keep my 4ltr sea to summit dry bag. thank you for the review.

game energy says:

you could also wrap paracord around the flash light

Julian Stanelle says:

They do make a flask version that holds and should be able to boil water. You can also customize all of the components – the compass and flashlight ends can be replaced with a glass breaker or a plain metal end cap.

The tins can be similarly customized. You can even buy empty versions to fill yourself, essentially making your own kit within the confines of the form factor. This is a good review, but it would have been much more informative with some basic research re: product options.

jairus Rodolfo says:

then you dont have to buy it when you dont like it fuck you

haleskiss says:

one way to boost any first aid kit is to run to the drug store and pick up the 50 cnt pill bags. They are tiny ziplocs and you can put a variety of meds in your kit and it takes up very littlest space. they are also great for tinder storage, you can tuck mini bics in them, and a small pack of strike anywhere matches will fit in them. They can be an extremely versatile way to add and protect items in your kit.

Wilson Moreno says:

Why dont cover the container with a rope, I’d say 4 meters around the container.

The Law Here says:

Nice gadget

W Mcg says:

Maybe if the flashlight was removable and threaded 1/2″ x 28, the thing would sell better.

supboysss says:

when you put the batteries in just turn one the wrong way and then when you need it just turn it around

Fotis Kakalidis says:

Hi Luke,
..couldn’t agree more..
I don’t know if you have already a video with your proposal (for a survival kit)..
Is it possible to make one with this subject?
Thanks in advance!
Best regards!

Dhike Ikey says:

There are a lot of components to survival.
One plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Survivor Crusher System
(google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the best survival resource that I have ever heard of.
Check out the incredible free video.

Stephen Baldwin says:

i like the fact it is modular, and its quality looks nd feel high, but no way to boil water?
a simple change (a modular compass inside and the compass end sealed) would fix this.
the switch is also an easy design change. and the first aid kit is just poor.
a good kit for a single night, but if you need it you want better than that

OblivionMouse says:

Use the mirror to boil it

Rami R says:

Nääh…  I say NO  🙁

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond says:

definitely style over substance. Not a very good concept & poorly executed.

Ray Walter says:

a bag for water is needed. a neat idea I think. thanks much !!

Rodolfo Rodriguez says:

Hello Luke; Like always, great review; One idea to carry it WITH the batteries installed is – if you set a piece of non-conductible strip material on one of the batteries polarity contact, the batteries can stay in and the switch will come disabled, unless you remove the strip which can be easily done at later time when it is time to use it. I would guess it beats to have the batteries strapped like that on the outside which it makes it look more like a pipe bomb; lol, just do not pull it all the sudden anywhere near law enforcement so we can keep enjoining your reviews for long time to come! Cheers!

buford guber says:

Hmm , lets see . Isn’t water proof.As Like said , can’t boil water in it . Close to useless first aide kit !! Even the most basic headlights now have a way of holding down on the switch to turn them OFF until you hold it down again for an extended period to turn it back on . I could go on but won’t bore you anymore This should sum it up …….. VSSL = Very Shitty Survival Looser . Course this is just one mans H/O ……………………………………….. Not !!!!


jairus Rodolfo says:

im giving you a big thumbs down

lewucc027 says:

enough said

Thomas Horner says:

if you already have this and deemed it useless[as it seems to be] I would use the individual canisters for spices for cooking,sugar,coffee etc.I would keep the light simply for the S.O.S. mode…just in case.and use the larger canister to use as a water proof canister for tinder or for making up your own emergency kit.

Poor Man's Preparing says:

I had the same struggle with the medical tape in my review of this same kit, they pack it tight anyways!


They need to replace The band aid with the 2 gram celox packets that are the size of a 50 cent coin. You can at least stop a bleed from a deep cut or gash a few inches long with them as apposed to a band aid that covers maybe 1 square inch. It never amazes me how these company’s making these never think of some of the modern small items we now have that can do so much more. And matches run out they could have included a fire starter and striker they have them now so small they are little more than a 1 inch rod and a metal washer the size of a dime with a rough edge.

Psychonaut says:

Hey Luke, that kit must be a joke. Even the woodpecker was laughing. The litte cans inside are pretty nice, but thats all. I hope nobody will have to manage a real survival situation with this joke

Shuvrodev Karmakar says:

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of survival kit on my blog at *bryanreviews. com/survival-kit-review/* Thanks, Hy.

VNT says:

They focused too much on the design rather than on the content itself.

JRV;999Au ! says:

Sorry Vssl thumbs way down!

Jrod L says:

You referenced “mil spec” mil spec what? its just an aluminum tube…

gasdorfic muncher says:

must not have item thanks for the heads up on the cheapo factor

Jhun Cabanig says:

when u have that,you cannot live in the wild for less than 2 months

heath schwab says:

Great review and you right it could be all better. But yea is cool looking ide love to have and fix or make better. Maybe I’ll find a empty one at a yard sale one day cheap. Thanks and God bless

Just Wayne says:

I think it’s more suited to a gift that kids would buy for Father’s Day or a xmas gift for dad, on the plus side, nice container and you could probably make a decent emergency kit if you added your own gear 🙂

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