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This episode is about the Gunshot Wound Kit offered by Doom and Bloom. This kit is designed for the non-medical professional and is very well thought out. Please like, share, and subscribe.

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Jerome Kukurugya says:

That’s a heck of a kit.  Thanks for the great review.

Appalachian Foothills Outdoors says:

Very nice!  What kind of bag did they go with?

Living Survival says:

Certainly hope you never need that one. Great to have though.

P. Ricard says:

Good kit, thumbs up for the pneumothorax pen.
I like to have a deflated standard mask taken from a ventilator bag contra the life-key, better sealing, takes nearly the same space and is ready to use with one blow into the luer-connector.

Gun Enthusiast says:

Nice kit.

DrBones NurseAmy says:

Thanks Jack for your review! We do a lot of research before we design our kits. They are all packed by us in a flow that makes sense for an emergency. Yes, the NPA is an add on for those who have the medical training for insertion. I included the decompression needle just in case you or someone around you might know how to use it properly. I have a 17 minute video that explains the use of this equipment in more detail at our channel. Thanks again Jack for all you do to help the preparedness community! Nurse Amy 🙂

Tim Lipinski says:

Great Video !  Had basic First Aid in the Army and learned to put a Tourniquet between the hart and the wound…  And if your Drill Sargent had a head wound, you did not want to wait and let another get credit for saving his life !  This is way before IFAK…  Have a basic FAK and a Trauma Kit to stabilize the patient so basic First Aid can be applied…  My Go Bag/Get Home Bag is a Maxpedition Laptop Backpack bag with a small Trauma Kit.  And the large inside pockets fit NIJ Level IIIA Backpack Armor.  tjl

dakickazz says:

Man, it would be helpful to see exactly how each of these things would be used. I’m not very knowledgeable on fist aid and I’d love to see a video on how to use these things, or at least some basics. Thanks!

Rodney says:

It’s set up a lot like the blow out kit I had in Iraq. I just added a few extras. Is there room to a add couple small things in that kit, and whats the price?

omarrrxo says:

Awesome kit!

J.R. Cruz says:

A little tip I know its not vital, but point sharpie down so all ink will be at the tip not at the end. If you ever need it you should want it to work. I learned that the hard way in country.

Kai Liu says:

your watch is casio DW9052?

Joe Watson says:

when you inject the Celox Syringe into the wound is there any change that the little spounges could cause a clot that would get to the Heart of the Brain and cause a Stroke or Heart Attack???

Matt Williams says:

Nice, I like how they organized it, protection for the person giving treatment in one area moving into biggest “bang for your buck” treatments and then to more technical tools. Impressive.

Corpsman says:

A corpsman would have put an NPA in that kit…………….

tim white says:

You should do a video on how to use this kit properly

Survival On Purpose says:

Great review of something I hope I never need Jack. Thanks.

matthew velge says:

Blackscoutsurvival can you do a video on hiw to use the medic kit

bps804 says:

Is there trauma shears in the kit or a stethoscope? This kit is for the everyday Joe and it has a lot of great gear to help them. However what about a needle decompression takes a lot of training and you need a stethoscope to do the skill correctly. Given those clamps can be used for a lot of things but some one with out training is not going to be able to clamp off an artery. You try doing either of those the good Samaritan law is out the window. Just a couple of things I noticed maybe there is a part 2 to the kit.

Scott Marcum says:

Thanks for the review, I am sure I will be purchasing one soon, I have looked at there stuff before and try to find a way to get it cheaper.. Well on this one, I am at purchase price via amazon, even before i add the bag and about 5 of the items..  Alot of med kits out there are way over priced for what you get.. I have built several for my family but this one will need to go in the gun/go bag for the unknown. Hope I never have to use it, but will be glad that I have it if the need arises..

DocOps1 says:

Good looking kit. I’m curious as to why they elected to not put a nasal cannula in the kit. Usually you see kits with the cannula and not the decompression needle. Based on your experience, does the size of this IFAK present any concerns when it is put on your kit?

laneca89 says:

Great video. Outstanding review. Unrelated, but agate get happened to your bugout vehicle series you were going to do?

Atkrdu says:

Would you mind doing some videos on how to fix different injuries?  It can just be explainations & drawings, but I would find it useful to see how to FIX things- instead of just getting to a point of getting help.

Eric Romero says:

This one of the better videos on youtube. Keeping it simple for severe bleeding injuries. That way your not fumbling around bandaids, aspirin and Neosporin. I have quickclot gauze for now until I can get that Celox hemostatic plunger applicator.

AJ Usog says:

I’m a medic and was trying to figure out if there was anything in the kit that would close a wound like a sterile suture kit, steri-strips, or even a simple wound closure bandage. Its great to have chest seal hyfans, but what if you need to close a gash around the torso? A tournaquette wont fit around the waist and you would need to close it up fast. Granted, sometimes you dont need to suture every wound (debriding and closure), but the torso needs to be closed with all the twisting and turning that goes with evasion and escape movements, so a steri-strip closure is just going to pop off and not close properly even with all the celox in the world. Same goes for leg wounds. Tournaquettes can only help for so long, and with evasion movements, you cant get far with a leg that has no circulation (imagine walking with a leg thats asleep).

BlueFalconPOG says:

I like all the features, the scalpel was very interesting to see there. I have packed a lot of IFAKS in my day, but I never thought that people may need a scalpel, but that is a good ‘nice to have’ in there just in case of whatever situation may happen. Thanks for the review Sir.

Daniel Copeland says:

Nice review Jack. Thanks for the breakdown and, as always, your respected opinion.

Teds Outdoors HoodCraft Survival says:

I’m glad you focus on medical supplies. A lot of people don’t think it’s important but my medical kit is huge. Thanks!

Kyle P says:

Seems like a great kit. But with my luck, having one of these will become a self fulfilling prophecy. Not having one means I will try that much harder not to get shot. The idea being the more you rely on safety equipment and procedures, the more careless you become.
Keep the videos coming BlackScout. I cant get enough of them.

marksmanman96 says:

Sooo it’s designed for non medical professionals, but it includes hemostats, a scalpel, and a decompression needle? :/ other than that, a very awesome kit indeed!

Slim Travels says:

This is my favorite survival channel. I really want you to know that.

I would be careful throwing shade on medics. This kit is, in many ways, perfect. I agreed with much of what you said…but every medic remembers the ones they lost…the ones they couldn’t get to.

No sarcasm, just thinking out loud.

Piper Vucelick says:

Good stuff!

john newton says:

So far your channel is my favorite outdoor/survival channel because of the fact you do more than just knives and cover products that might never get any media attention. And I appreciate anyone who helps out small business. Keep up the good work.

Slim Travels says:

This is my favorite survival channel. I really want you to know that.

I would be careful throwing shade on medics. This kit is, in many ways, perfect. I agreed with much of what you said…but every medic remembers the ones they lost…the ones they couldn’t get to.

No sarcasm, just thinking out loud.

TheZombieHunter says:

would this kit be good for cuts/stabs also ? 

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