Emergency Survival Medical Pouch / Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit

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A good First Aid Kit can literally mean life or death in an emergency situation. Even the most basic medical kits will come in handy when needed. This video will give you a good basis for building your own Medical or trauma kit for your bug out / get home bags, vehicles, travel bags, or homes.

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rebecca hamman says:

great kit.only lacking 1 thing: benadryl for allergic reactions.ty

fuknbludydragon2 says:

I don’t have a job so I’m limited on money.. so in place of a tourniquet I have a belt. would that work in case of emergencies? I had it mainly to help with a splint if needed..

Jesse Bruton says:

Hey man, love your videos, I would love it. If you could do a video on how you wrapped the handles in paracord

TonydlP650 says:

do you have a list of items so people can reference it for a build of their own?


nice kit, looks alot better than most

Saturn Inc says:

apart from the horrific music at the start and end, nice video, niceo kit. It is quite small and limited but has many good essential things in it. Maybe add clove oil in case of dental emergencies. I also have decompressionpens in my First Aid kits. Is just one of these things together with a tourniquete that can really make a difference and save lives. Thansk for sharing…


Good kit man, Thinking about doing some upgrades to my Aid section of my b.o.b

grouch314 says:

IMO, you’d be better off rearranging things so the gauze and other urgent equipment in on the top. If someone’s bleeding out, you don’t want to be rifling through band-aids and stuff to get to it. Also I’d swap the knife for scissors. You already have at least one knife and scissors are more useful in a first aid kit

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