EPIK Trauma Kits AR500 Armor

Fun Gun Gear Reviews Presents: EPIK Trauma Kits by AR500 Armor. The shooting sports should be handled with safety and care, but things can and will happen. Being prepared to treat a Gun Shot or Puncture wound is an important tool in your Tactical Kit.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. You should do your own research and training. AR500 Armor always recommends proper training and proficiency with your gear and all equipment you choose to use.

AR500 Armor Website: http://www.ar500armor.com/

TheUSMCHoss SWAT T video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yE7MwpeTUE

AR500 Armor Ballistic Plate Test http://youtu.be/tfVAnU8SabY

Thanks for Watching~ Sootch00

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Kevin Moore says:

one point to consider for those who haven’t used QuikClot/Celox before…. at my previous job, one of our night shift guys sliced his hand open on a jagged piece of metal. the entire time they worked on his hand, it was below heart so the clotting agent didn’t work the way it was expected to. always elevate the wound, if possible, above the heart before applying the agent.

leadpersuasion says:

At least one for the house, car, PC, and range bag.

Steve austin says:

I ordered these on your recommendation. Problem is that AR500 still has not got the order to me and its been over 4 MONTHS. They say there was a shortage of something coupled with a large amount of orders so I guess it will just take time. I ordered my kits at the beginning of August and still patiently waiting.

Charles Karl says:

Civilians can buy body armor?


look into what is called vet wrap its like a sticky ace wrap use it for sprains over bandages or wrap a splint or ?      its cheap and very light weight I carry  it with all first aid kits in my saddle bags and in my glove box and range bag  

Manny Fresh says:

Josh 1:9 nice!

awesome321 says:

not bad but i would rather go with the ITS tactical kit

Bones8666 says:

Awesome job on the rundown

Curtis Smith says:

Why did you change from recommending Skinnymedics trauma bag to AR500?

Cache Site says:

I wish people really listened to you and others about Trauma Kits, IFAKs and V.O.Ks.  Do you know how I know this; it is not my opinion – it is my DIRECT OBSERVATION when I go to the range and shoot……None of you fails have these on your gear.   Great vid though thanks sootch.  Maybe they will wakeup.

andychanny says:

I like how you have a kit in your cargo pocket. I run a kit on my chest rig and battle belt due to the fact that I might only hav eone of the two at any given time, but that pocket kit was a total light bulb! Great Video! Love AR500 products.

Anthony Gomez says:

cool kit there RAMBO

TheRebelGunslinger says:

It would be cool to see combat gauze in the kit, it would save some room and have a dual purpose of clotting the wound and covering it. . .

Jake Burnett says:

geting older man lol

James Martin says:

What do you think of quick clot now? I’m thinking of buying some for my first aid kit.

TheCdwechsler says:

What for a pouch is that exactly?

MicK McQ says:

Add some duct tape and use that bag for a chest wound.

MyGunnery says:

thanks for Clip. I also have a medical kit. Its very good to see a other one so that can see the differences.

james Quarles Jr. says:

just to let you know they take 13 weeks to put your order together for the ifak??

NewChannels says:

First Aid Instructions after shooting someone?

Halosis says:

The sucking chest would is the biggest cause of preventable death on the battlefield because it requires more training to treat. You have to seal the wound with plastic at the very least. You should also insert a syringe into the upper part of the lungs on the same side after removing the plunger from the syringe.

rebecca hamman says:

keep up the gr8 work.tyvm

Greyman says:


LionWolf Tactical says:

Nice piece of kit, Thanks for your videos Sootch!

lostattheoffice says:

for anyone buying these kits, I suggest you swap the Celox granules for Celox bandage. Granules are dangerous and work poorly. Sprinkling the granules on a gunshot would will do little. Opening the package with your mouth can get the granules in your eyes or mouth which will burn you and potentially blind you. Also, granules in an open wound of the gut must be removed before surgery

Dakota Duke says:

Excellent video!
I went to AR500 yesterday and made a custom EPIK with the help of their awesome and helpful staff.
Everyone that shoots should have one and get educated on each item and learn how to apply it as they were educating me on every item that i purchased.

Michael Hamilton says:

I really don’t like the fact that you say “it’s really a good possibility” that you might get shot while you’re at the shooting range with your family or friends. You’re really making the gun community sound really irresponsible and stupid by saying that.

navycorpsman86 says:

Please stop telling viewers to just pack things into wounds. Depending on the location and mechanism of the injury, they could do far greater harm to the patient. Also, a compression dressing is just what it says, for compression. It is not for packing wounds. I enjoy your videos and reviews but I had to speak up on this.

Scott Covington says:

Nice kits and video; much cheaper than the kit I made but still comprehensive. I’ve been hearing and reading some nasty stories about Celox and QuikClot causing strokes and aneurysms after application. What I’ve researched advises to use them as a last resort use wound compression when possible, suture bandages when necessary and clotting agents as a last resort.

ryan mckraut says:

the plates are nice but their customers service sucks. they messed up my order and refused to make it right. best of luck if they make a mistake.

Greg Allen says:

Thanks for the video! I am a little put off by the prices though. It seems that there are many other companies that provide kits with the same items and more for the same price. Some of the fully stocked GI issue kits for example have so many items you can make many bags from them…. What do you think? Maybe I am off with this statement. Are they truly worth the price or are you paying for the name? Don’t get me wrong I know spending money on a med kit is worth your life. I just don’t want to pay Armani prices for the stuff… 🙂 

Hhound says:

sootch00 USNERDOC has a great channel about medical/1st aid from someone trained in the field.. Was he on the Nutnfancy shoot you went on?

Hawkeye says:

Their website is confusing. There is a 79 dollar kit but it seems like its missing some things compared to the cheaper side kit.

Black Riflemen's Organization says:

Could a cut flat bike inner-tube work as a SWATT?

Joshua Palmer says:

As a medical provider, I recommend the CAT tourniquet. They’re fast AND extremely reliable.

rookierescue says:

unless you’re mil or ops outside of the US you better know what you’re doing with this or else you’ll find yourself in a civil lit shit hole.

Broken N Famous says:

Good stuff I just received my today…..great video review

heinekenboy says:

ty for dis great video help me in my first ait kit

brandon liu says:

FYI the Olaes Bandage also comes with an Occlusive dressing to treat a suckling chest wound also.

Won Honglo says:

Can you do an update for 2017 since medical technology may have gotten better since this video was made?

MrWilko says:

They dont have any painkillers why??

OryGun Patriot says:

Looking to buy these products. Your review was helpful. Appreciate all your videos I’ve watched. Thanks Sootch00!

Chris Resendes says:

Great stuff!

Larry Salinas says:

Great video! I have been shooting for awhile now and starting to think about not only safety but what to do in case something goes wrong. Murpheys Law applies to gun ranges as well. Stay safe…

CraftySmokes420 says:

is it just me or does anyone else think that in a SHTF event ill be looking to sootch00 for instructions hes already the leader type and every time he signs off i find myself saying it with him. sootch00 for president lol

Mark Smith says:

Good review! But that MOLLE Pouch is just the Condor Sidekick Pouch:http://www.amazon.com/Condor-Sidekick-Pouch-Coyote/dp/B00865N59E?ie=UTF8&keywords=condor%20sidekick%20pouch&qid=1461218492&ref_=sr_1_1&sr=8-1

You could save quite a bit of $$ Building a medkit and the problem with pre-made ones is that you mainly pay for convenience on having it made vs. just buying them separately.

I HIGHLY recommen Vanquest’s FATPack line! https://www.vanquest.com/products/fatpack-5×8-first-aid-trauma-pack.html

They come in 3 sizes (I have the largest which is 7×10) and are on sale right now!

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