First Aid Kit Build: 2017 Supplies Update

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Having the right medkit with you is extremely important. There is my updated first aid kit for 2017. With all the supplies I used.

Favorite Knife Sharpening Systems:

Favorite EDC Knife:
Manix2 Lightweight

Favorite Medium Survival Knives:
Fallkniven A1

Favorite Big Chopping Knives:
Ka-Bar Becker BK39
ESEE Junglas


Ocho sinko says:

nice kit made almost the same thing but also have a israli t3 emergancy bandige and a chest seal and npa this kit can save your life

Joshua Harbach says:

What’s the size of those ziplock bags Length & Width

This is a silly question but I’m a big fan and I hope you do answer it because I love the idea and I’m trying to make a message kit for home

AnjaJ92 says:

Great kit. I would add a sharpie for writing time on a tourniquet and a little notepad to write down things like time and dosage of medication. Since I travel a lot between two european nations with different emergency numbers, I also keep a laminated card with the numbers for both nations with the notepad. (we still have different numbers for ambulance, police, firefighters, toxicology center…)

James Andrews says:

Great video. Too many people don’t have any idea what to do so I would add a first aid basic instruction manual that folds up and preferably waterproof. Some kits come with them. Also abd pads are used in hospitals-all 4 of the ones I worked in used them. You can use a kotex pad if you need one and a female responder is in the group. An extra heavy flow one would be great. Also if you can find it, betadine is great in liquid form to replace iodine and I prefer povodine salve to triple antibiotic-it seems to work better on diabetics like me and keep infections away! A small strip of latex or other (some people are allergic to latex) stretchy item could be helpful for finger or toe amputations I witnessed and helped take a coworker at a factory slice off 3 fingers and all we had were clean rags on hand and the victim grabbed the rag from me and clamped down on it to hold the bleeding down while I granbbed the fingers off the cutting table in another clean rag and we drove him right over to the Doctors Office while an ambulance was arranged for. No 911 or OSHA in that time period! Last but not least everyone should learn first aid and other basic precautions because anything can happen anywhere even at home!

Survival Mindset says:

Nice set up brother

old geccko says:

Hate Auto Correct! I, Z, E. See what it does with this.

1ofyouforme says:

I really liked your use of the nite ize gear tie too hold the tape, that was something I haven’t seen before.

alphabravo41 says:

Another great vid Aaron. Very informative. Thanks to people like you, you give guys like me ideas and information especially to stuff like first aid/first aid kits. I got 2 boys of my own and boys being boys, they tend to get into some rough housing when they play. That is why it would be a great idea to have a first aid kit at the ready just in case. I am planning to start to build a first aid kit of my own and this vid gave me some ideas on how to start. Keep up the good job and God bless.

Scott Terkel says:

Need an israeli Bandage.coflex etc Check out Rescue for small medication packs.No bulk light wieght and Cheap!

awis kwan says:

do you think you need normal saline solution (nss)fluids to clean the wound or even to help swallow those medicines if needed before applying those gauze n bandages.. normally wounds get dirt from falling or any sort of accident. eye drops will do also but i dnt dare drink eye drops fluid to swallow medicines. sometimes water is not available.

threeleftright says:

Two suggestions from a former medic for you to consider:

Ditch the CAT and and get a SOF-T. It’s idiot proof and when you’re hands are bloody as fuck you’re going to be able to actually grip the SOF-T and use it. It is also far more durable than a CAT. Obviously you have fans of both systems and both systems absolutely work, but I find the SOF-T to be the better all around T.

Consider finding a former medic or corpsmen to train you in the use of Ace wraps and Kerlex. An ace wrap and kerlex is by far the most versatile combo for wound management. You can tackle wounds that a a regular bandage or tourniquet cannot such as an inguinal or axillary bleed in addition to abrasions, avulsions, lacerations, and puncture wounds. It also blows that piece of shit Isreali bandage out of the water for packing and pressure applications. Couple the ace/kerlex with a hemostatic agent and you’re ready to fuck, fight, and throw dynamite.

RabbitBully # says:

Dude, your videos are becoming unwatchable. It took you 4 min and 52 seconds to open the damn bag! If I want that much talking, I will go to preparedmind101.

Nobody Knows says:

Its a lot of mindless talking in the beginning…pack items aren’t looked at until 3:30 in

Pariah007 says:

Love the vids man! What brand is that grey bag/backpack in the video?

Henry He says:

which tournequet if you only carried one?

Jason Cosby says:

Very good info. I’m a CO mountain goat myself, but finishing up my career in MO at the moment (we’ll have to go on a hike when I get back). A couple of suggestions on the lifesaving items. Highly, highly recommend looking into an Israeli pressure dressing. They’re standard issue across the U.S. military. I’d ditch the 3rd tourniquet to make room. This pressure dressing can do so many things that are almost impossible with any other type of bandage. Changing wrap direction on a head wound is a big one. They’ll be almost a tourniquet wrapped tight — perfect in an emergency where you’re not quite sure a tourniquet is warranted. A lot of them are ending up in surplus stores. As long as they’re unopened the shelf life is pretty much forever. Get a spare so you can open it and practice and train others.

The second I learned from a surgeon who spent time picking up body parts outside of Baghdad. I’d ditch all of the gauze pads for one bug hunk of gauze. Scissors can adjust as needed. The reason is that a gunshot wound or similar requires gauze be packed into the wound — yes, in the hole, and it will hurt like mad. The bleeding is coming mostly from the capillaries and won’t stop from external pressure alone. The pressure’s got to be on the capillaries themselves and the only way to get it there in a deep wound is to pack gauze then apply pressure. It could take as much as 25 feet, so the more the better in the kit.

Chitosan is also a great item to have, but it’s really dangerous without training. Our military has gone back and forth as to making this a general issue item for that reason. Not sure what was in the coagulant you mentioned last year for your buddy’s leg wound, but similar concept. I’ll also second the NPA suggestion below, though again training is required. I believe the military training manuals are public domain. Look up STP 21-1 for the Army’s version and it’ll be a good base for using the stuff safely. Also check the section on sucking chest wound. A torso sized piece of plastic in your kit with Duck tape can absolutely be a lifesaver if you know how to use it. I carried it everywhere when deployed.

Максим Лестровой says:

Are you going to review the Redwing 50?

eaz54 says:

Can u leave a first aid kit in the car? Would the heat damage any of the items inside?

Stephen Brunner says:

Good video for top level trauma kit! Why no Israeli bandage?

Kaiser Mojica says:

Went on our first Ice Climbing Trip 2 weeks ago, a lot of people who usually go climbing told me I didn’t need to pack emergency supplies and a first aid kit. Then as we got up closer to the water falls on our way to finding some ice. A young woman had actually fallen down after taking pictures by the waterfall. She had fallen into the water and was hypothermic, she also looked like she was bleeding from a head wound. Luckily I ignored the advice given to me on traveling “stupid light” and was able to wrap her in an SOL Survival Blanket. I also carried hemostatic gauze and an ace wrap, her bleeding had stopped and rescue services did arrive 10-15 mins later. I have since reevaluated my kit and will now be carrying a few more items. Thanks for the vid sir.

Kamikaze Krunch says:

if a tourniquet isn’t needed i honestly dont see why you would use celox or quikclot or any clotting agent that is granular. you would really only use those if pressure doesnt work, then a tourniquet doesnt work, then you would use something like celox. otherwise cleaning that shit out is a pain in the freakin ass. that is really a last resort thing to use.

Fred Little Horse says:

Built mine with the help of skinnymedic a very good channel. Lots of tips highly recommand

carl blyth says:

i think that you should swap a tourniquet ( not the CAT) for an israeli bandage to give you more options…thank you on the thick absorbent pads i have been looking for some of these….

AnonymousSources says:

_Shouldn’t you have a small _*_Sharpie_*_ attached to your CAT Tourniquet so as to write the time it was applied? Also we carry a vial of Potassium permanganate, purifies water, antibiotic and in a pinch you can start a fire combining sugar or glycerin…Thanks for the video._

ChiefPrepper says:

That’s a nice, well built kit sir. I myself, would add a package of Hyfin Chest Seals. That’s about it. Take care and be aware.

Renaissance MarineTV says:

nice piece of kit, well thought out. no israeli bandage? i love those!

old geccko says:

What size Nite use ties would you use to secure the shears, ECT…?

cory cuculis says:

Love it. You gotta tell us the full story on why you had to use a tourny on your buddy. Would love to hear it.

WarGrrl3 says:

just as an FYI, that blue pill holder is not air/water tight. ANY pills especially antibiotics & vitamins lose their potency profoundly in a non airtight environment. you might want to consider putting the blue pill holder in a small airtight plastic bag. Be Blessed.

tactical veterinarian says:

Just make sure your CAT-Ts are real and not fakes!

Aussie BC says:

Iodine usage needs to stop. It is very bad to use on cuts as it damages and hinders the body to fix itself. Water and soap is all you need and thats all a emergency dept will use.

Jeremy says:

You don’t have an Israeli bandage, but had to make one in an emergency situation. That’s good to see your innovative, but you are missing a key piece of kit.

Gregory M says:

Pretty comprehensive, good job n the med kit and the video. Thank you

SmithTech .22 says:

can you tell me what the larger pack is that you have the fat pack inside of? thanks.

Hard city Raindrops says:

Fyi people most cat tourniqutes you see on Amazon are fake!!! And that is a fact.

Janah says:

To much weight for a BOB.

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