Get Home Alive First Aid Kit (FAK) from Wild Hedgehog Tactical: Bug Out Bag, Backpacking

Medical gear is often so under-rated…until you need it. This Get Home Alive Kit from Wild Hedgehog Tactical gives you a great base from which you can add and specify your own kit. This thing deals with ‘boo-boos’, trauma, and breaks/fractures. If you don’t have a good (or a few good) med kits, this is something that should go on your list.

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its GRINNING says:

just what I needed!
my pouch just arrived and was looking for stuff to fill it with, thanks again!
as ever, keep up the good work and these walk-through vids!

Dag Ut says:

I would not take Aspirin if it is to relieve pain from a wound. Asperin is blood thinnening. Sorry for my bad English.

Charles W says:

“Diphen” is Benadryl. No substitute for an Epi-pen, but useful for some allergic reactions.

Reality Survival says:

Great review! Looks like a good lil kit!

TheTacticalDefender says:

Great review as always!
WH Tactical always puts together great kits with nothing but the best products, highly recommend their kits. Be safe out there my friend.

ozarkhiker23 says:

what’s the item between the split and the ace bandage?

Doc O says:

Diphen is just diphenhydramine, which diphen is different brand of Benadryl.

Nathan B. says:

Good review; I will have to check this out in addition to my AMP-3 IFAK.

qwertyuiop4halo says:

If you want to learn how to use everything there, SkinnyMedic on YouTube has videos on a lot of it. SWAT-T, israeli bandage, etc.

Jody Short says:

Really should separate the contents into 2 different kits. One should be a true trauma kit. The other should be a boo boo kit.

Croz 1007 says:

The bummer is that they are completely sold out on the site.

π Intrepido Φ says:

_Awesome kit, I like it. The only (sort of con) is that the pouch does not _*_clam shell._*_ I still have my _*_condor_*_ rip-away, in fact I have 3, one in each kits. I like it because if your’e hurt or in a emergency, everything is right in front of you at a glance, (no digging around). If your’e good with a _*_Dump pouch_*_ style IFAK, then this is perfect….Thanks for the video Tim._

Big Los says:

Great video, great kit!

Creative Redundancy says:

some shears would be a good addition all the way up to the Raptor shears 😀

3174 jordan says:

great first aid kit I like it but do like the quick pull open ones better thanks man cheers

The Art of Prepping says:

Looks like a good option, thanks for the review, take care-

Myballsitchsomethingfierce says:

Too much money, build your own kit tailored made for you and your family needs.

Knives Galicia - bushcraft, reviews y EDC says:

Nice first aid kit

Ted May says:

ok kit but your mostly paying for the bag

treesablowin says:

Nice review

Aiden Mason Vlogs says:

u r amazing


I will be totally honest,love the bag , great size.I have far better items to put in it ,as we are not going to war,Yet..I would like to see that bag with the Velcro first aid on it and a list of items that you can add.I think some of these things are a waste of money..

TheMisterMonkeyman says:

This is a decent kit. Although as with most pre-made kits, it needs to be filled in with some more basic items, and “personalized” to the user. Also it looks to me like that “Ace bandage” is actually a roll of Coban wrap which is a type of wrap that adheres to itself. It is commonly used to keep bandages in place instead of tape. It’s especially useful for babies and small children, and for older people that have thin “paper skin” which can tear if regular tape is used on them. I’m really glad that you mentioned opening and learning how to use certain items. It’s super important to know how to use things before needing to use them in an emergency. Well done. Peace.

Mark Kalwa says:

Nice kit but overkill for backpacking, were not getting shot while hiking but good tactical kit.

Andrew June says:

Diphenhydramine will also make you real sleepy. It’s used in just about all sleep aid products.

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