IFAK – Individual First Aid Kit — Voodoo Tactical vs Maxpedition

I wanted to get some IFAKs to put on my BOB and also the bag I keep in my trunk so I picked up one from Voodoo Tactical and one from Maxpedition. The Maxpedition pouch is definitely the winner of the two of these due to its greater organization. Although, its definitely harder to get off using the Maxpedition Tacties. I think close to impossible is more like it.


Jim Piper says:

Thnx for the comparison video. I’ve been looking for an appropriate bag for my suture kit (p/o my when-medial-help-isn’t-coming bag).

Re zipper pulls on bags, a tip I learned from an EMT instructor: always use both zipper pulls to close the bag to where the zips meet at the half-way point. Then you always know exactly where on the bag the pulls are when you have to open it in hurry (or, not so in a hurry).
Thnx again for a great video. I truly enjoy medical emergency prep videos by pros v.s. all the self-appointed posers out there in YouTube land.
Best regards

Dominique-Damian W says:

What watch are you wearing ?

Fives says:

You should check out the condor sidekick pouch.

Mason Payne says:

Hey Snare  Man you should look into Black Hawk speed clips for MOLLE attachments, it is less hassle and would help for the Maxpedition IFAK

Cleber NJ says:

Boo boo kits….

UCLAownz1 says:

Where do you buy your medical supplies?

Dominique-Damian W says:

What’s your watch ? I love it

frantahouska says:

hardly one hand use.

Croaking Toad says:

You can get a tear away gizmo from Maxpedition so you can rip off that IFAK and toss it to someone.

SnareMan says:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Living Survival says:

Excellent review, I have the Maxpedition one and love it. New sub ;)-

Movement. says:

I like the idea of using molle Stix for mounting medical related pouches to any pals webbing pack /vest etc.

Ed Saenz says:

Nice watch! Is that a Sinn?

Coreena Enna says:

I just love watching Snare Man’s videos. 
I’d recommend him to anyone! 

Eric Evangelisti says:

Where might the average joe buy all of these medical supplies?

RobAGD says:

Good review, did you ever get a list of what you actually stock in your Booboo bag ? That has been one of my biggest quandaries. 

dfed0530 says:

This video is awesome! I work in the ER and am working towards becoming a paramedic. Your video has really reminded me of the little things that are important for a small kit like this, and that some problems will only be fixed with definitive care. I would definitely be interested in seeing your take on a bug out bag with medical supplies in mind that holds more than a IFAK.

MrOhms13 says:

Great, informative, video.

Scooter mcgee says:

excuse my lack of medical knowledge, what do you mean by use moist gauze? isnt wet gauze bad?

Rein Forrest says:

great video, really liked all the good side info, when you go off on tagents they end up being better than some peoples planned out “suggestions/thoughts”. well made video and great info. thanks for doing this and doing such a good job at it. it was very helpful and friendly but stayed topical and straight forward. keep it up.

SullenGunner614 says:

I run the voodoo kit

WildMedGuru1 says:

Just found your site!
– ER NP here

D. Alex Oprea says:

Great video. Maybe a CPR mask could be added too.

Nerfball6 says:

I wish the Maxpedition pouch came in red. If someone else needs to go into my bag to grab the kit I want it to stand out right away as first aid.


love the SINN UTC watch!!

Randy Lunn says:

Great overview of the two pack options and basic contents. Thank you!

Kerry Ward says:

id cut the straps so it would open all the way !

Kid Bass Master says:

I dont get scabs…

MochaTim says:

Great video. I will be visiting your site often . What model is the Maxpedition?

KamekoBruns says:

I’m so squeamish around blood that if there’s any significant bleeding I’ll probably just die.

franksgolfcarts says:

Question – Do bandaids actual have a physical effect or is it just mental (for little kids)? Or does it have cons, for example I’ve heard someone say don’t put a bandaid on and let the cut “breathe” is there any truth to that

Rob Babcock says:

Thanks for a very good video. I camp and hike a lot and have several IFAKs, and its good to know what an expert carries in his kit.

vettepilot427 says:

A tip for Ace-type elastic bandages. I unroll them and fold them in a s-fashion with the folds the same width as the bandage. Then I vacuum seal the whole thing with my home vacuum sealer. It makes a nice flat, compact package, a little smaller than a couple of 4 x 4 gauze pads. It makes it easier to carry this type of bandage if you don’t have the space for the roll or it allows you to carry a wider bandage for the same or smaller space. Great vid!!

mistermanji says:

Where is the best place to get that Surgicel? It seems to be more versatile than Quickclot or similar and much more likely to be used.

Depending on the size of the entry and exit wounds, you could probably use that Tegaderm, if its big enough. I think the largest obstacle to overcome would be in making sure you had a good seal, though I’m sure some Transpore could be pressed into service in a pinch to seal the edges.

mattd2014 says:

can you post links to buy the products in the description please?

Sarge's Adventures says:

Great video Sir, I applaud you this day as you are the 3rd video I watched this morning with my family of trauma kits to only end the first two very early from foul mouths and cussing….. Very professional and informative; you earned a sub here. THANK YOU.  

CatchbullY says:

There is no exothermic reaction associated with Celox. You have it confused with quick clot. They are two different products.

SnareMan says:

You’re welcome!

Hamster Gaming says:

i have worked in the er for 11 years

FourFifteen Concepts says:

That Voodoo Tacticle is more comparable to the Maxpedition FR-1 than it is with that bag.

Dominique-Damian W says:

Hi there ! Can you tell me what watch you have ? I’m searching for a watch like yours ::)

Hamster Gaming says:

hey I’m a er doc too great vid contact me on Facebook at Hamish Jamieson I run a first aid store I’d be happy to give u some discounts

Shane says:

In regards to the Israeli Bandage do you recommend getting the 4 or the 6 inch? Space in my kit is somewhat limited but if it was worth it I would make space  

Germ .Fish says:

What is your profession? I have an uncle who is a paramedic and he’s pretty cynical when it comes to medical care. When ever I ask him about medical care, specifically personal, his opinion is if you’re outside professional medical care you’re screwed.(and if you’re alone your a dumbass) Any major injury that involves a arterial bleed he says you might as well kiss your ass good bye because you aren’t going to live. And he doesn’t really recommend anything other than a CAT and pressure bandages, he’s pretty arrogant and not open minded.

NegansLucille says:

A list of what you’ve personally put in your IFAK would be very helpful.

John Iglesias says:

Awesome thorough advice. Thanks!!

Sakkehattu says:

Heya ! I’m looking for recommendations for a small IFAK.
I’m pulling security in mostly low-risk places, where the main risks are stab wounds, and pepper spray.
It should be as small as possible, fit to my equipment belt and be able to fit at least the following: something to wash persons eyes, pressure bandage and some sort of disinfectant.
Cheers for any suggestions fellas.

strong like monkey says:

Very informative! Nice to hear what a E.R. professional carries in his ifak.

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