IFAK vs AFAK vs MFAK: Medical Kit Overview and Comparison

Overview and breakdown of the three medical kits that Spartan Armor Systems™ carries: IFAK (Basic Individual First Aid Kit), AFAK Advanced First Aid Kit, and MFAK (Multiple First Aid Kit). Each type of medical provides the necessary medical supplies for field treatment of moderate trauma and bleeding.

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semaj epits says:

my whole team runs Spartan armor. our vest may very some but most are same in needs. but the mfac is now what we all will get. we do pay and supply our own equipment. but four cats each are sop.
your gear is extremely well used lol hell we try to trash all we carry as a test during training.
good job guys

sfdff544 says:

Can build an mfak off amazon for half the cost they’re charging

Edward Graham says:

What modern body armor level, and in the laptop bag, say, as a Protection Agent, do you recommend?

Rocko Bully says:

I think the Celox should come standard in all kits…

Gary Rose says:

i was a spec.5 medic in the nam

What's Good says:

Thanks Shipmate!! Great information Sir!

Edward Graham says:

I want to study with The Human Path/Coffman, but also, could you recommend a civilian Combat Medic training seminar?

MyLonewolf25 says:

Celox and swat are bad fucking ideas

Swat has been proven ineffective and celox is abused and causes more problems than it causes compared to Israeli bandages

A P says:

Medical kit to save lives. Oh and it comes in a range of colors………ok.

Thomas H says:

I fak
U fak
We all fak

Edward Graham says:

What is your recommended combat medic back-pocket trauma kit, besides the medic bag? Better to build or buy?

Glenn Frith says:

No decompression needles in any of them

MC legend says:

I made my own first aid kit 🙂
It’s actually cool
Loved this review

Nick Vayonis says:

I have a question about Celox. I was told that Celox is not used any more because they have found it causes damage to the exposed tissue. Any thoughts? Thank you.

Grren says:

It seems like the AFAK is closer to the GI IFAK…..

Adrian Corvais says:

“I recommend you keep the zippers in the middle of the bag”

Noooope not wasting my time on this QVC sales pitch of a video

Also wait till you get sued by the red Cross and the devs of PUBG simultaneously

JW Hoadley says:

Great stuff! Is the IFAK in a Maxpedition FR-1?

john doe says:

Needs a suture kit


Superb review. I have a a-fak in route and will be ordering more. I do however wish that this kit came with a hemo agent. Thanks.

Sreejith Mv says:

Awesome review..
loved it

The average Lad says:

Gauze pads, and roller bandages would be a good addition.

SUCHY says:

Sub + Like, great video 🙂 invite to my channel

Tom says:

You forgot the IDGAF. If you need a tourniquet when bugging out, you’re going to die. Deal with it.

Just a Regular Guy says:

what is the dimensions of that MFAK trying to make my own since id like to put it together to also just know exactly what i have and put what i personally need in it

Grant Davis says:

What type of gear should I have in a first aid kit in all my vehicles and on my person when I’m hiking?

PKS GAUR says:

congrat for wonderful detailing,. However, educating & training is another aspect some of viewers may be interested, whatsApp +91 9648058258

Der Zocker_elite says:

We use the Cat in switzerland

The Griffin' s Den says:

how come all the gloves are not tan??? if that is the optimal color definitely see more blood on tan that blue I’m calling bullshit on that they just put gloves in there

James Riddler says:

Not quite sure who’s the target audience for that. Weekend soldiers?

Beside of that pretty decent review and mostly good stuff in the bags.

M says:

Hyfin sucks. You need either a SAM Vented chest seal or a HALO(nice cuz it can be cut because it’s so big).

A space blanket? lmao.
Where is your cat needle for phenumothorax?
Where is clotting gauze?
Duck tape?

This is tacticool shit

jiggums says:

No tourniquet in the ifak?

Ghost tankcommander says:


dominic norton says:

I am a Seabee who was also trained in CLS, my issued IMAK has more in than your little kit does, and it’s the same size. Not sure what you are trying to sell here, but I see some components that might be good to have as replacements in case of use. Yeah, much closer to the second kit. I like one.

Corpsman says:

Not a bad kit

a500n24 says:

Wait your IFAK doesn’t come with a NPA or CAT…

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