Items You Forgot to put in your First Aid Kit

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In this video we discuss some not so common first aid gear such as silver infused bandages, silver antimicrobial wound gel, curad anti-viral facemasks, SGE 400 gas masks, skin staplers, super absorbant wound pads, quikclot, adventure medical kits, C-splints and wound closures.

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Jarrett Boucher says:

Canadian prepper you should do a video about dental care when shtf

Mick Badgero says:

Good video. Does your gas mask seal with that facial hair?

Samuel Alarid says:

Great looking pup and thanks for the information CP.

Dirtyy J says:

Are there any gas masks made specifically for large dogs that you can recommend?

Todd Hendricks says:

We’re can you buy the staple gun . In normal city’s ?

peshinski says:

have you tried your face mask out? try it out first, you have to be clean shaving in order for them to work

Jest Me says:

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Ross Jason Boehm Lai says:

Teeth pull stuff tools?

medical burn stuff??

überguy says:

Good stuff, my future Prepper Roll haul grows in the future whenever i strike a deal with ya.That skin stapler goes will with what i have in mind, those sticker patches that ‘screws’ ya skin stuck without piercing anything are also an excellent alternative instead of literally puncturing skin with stitching (ouch!) but they don’t ship those outside the US, why?

Havhav productions says:

The bug out roll could also be used as a stretcher in a first aid scenario.

ghetto medic says:

I hope the staple removal went smoothly. As for kit, stethoscope and bp cuff. Bp is a good indicator of shock, whether interventions are working, and of course a stethoscope gives you the ability to listen to lung sounds etc. Thermometer, low grade fever are usually viral, no antibiotics, or above 102.5f bacterial and use antibiotics.

S&Tguy says:

How do You know what gas mask to use and or filters. I mean how are You going to know what gas or what ever virus. Or chemical or what have You. Is being used at the time.

City Prepping says:

Be honest with us, how many shots of whiskey did you have before you stapled your arm? hahaha…

Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement says:

Canadian Prepper-That is a very nice med roll. And although I like it can you recommend a similar bag that is complete with all or most medical needs already packed? I’m not sure I could make the decisions as to what to pack and would be worried that I would not pack something vital.
I realize that this would make the bag somewhat expensive but I’m OK with that. I have taken many first aid classes almost every year for the last 35 years. I’ve never had to use any of that knowledge but I think I could in an emergency and having a complete med bag would help. Thanks.

Ivan Ujkić says:

Did I just hear 300 bucks for a gas mask!? No thx imma rely on my ol trayal m2 mask. Got it milsurp new in packaging for about 9 or 10 dollars (8 euros). Plus you can shoulder a rifle properly with that mask as the filter is on the side and not in front. I actually cant believe my ears I had to play that part a few times over. 300 dollars… What can that mask do that a regular milsurp mask of 1 tenth the price cant? I’m genuinely curious.

1johnmthompson says:

Brother better that you pack the wound open until you have time a very clean space and have clean the wound extensively before you close it

Jim Wright says:

Canadian Preparedness website is my one stop shop when looking for high quality preparedness gear. The bug out rolls are hard to beat, and you can be sure you are buying products that will last and work when you need them to!

Bj Buckley says:

Do you ship to Australia mate

DXP Reviews says:

About that comment you made about how people complain about the smell of the anti bacterial masks but in a life or death scenario it wouldn’t matter. I would like to add a little fact to that to further support your point. During ww1 men urinated on rags and wore them over their faces because they believed the ammonia in the urine would nullify the lethality of the gas. I do not know how effective that would actually be but these men wore piss soaked rags on their faces to keep themselves from dying so the smell of a mask being a little unpleasant wont bother you that much in a life or death scenario.

Adam M says:

I use a red swingline stapler, because it doesn’t bind as much.. ;D

AJ Lincoln says:

Two words: gun shows!
Can get a great hookup there FULL BAG (MEDIC) 99-150 THREE different sizes….

Kill Me says:

Does anyone have recommendations for learning more about first aid? Because my knowledge consists of Band-Aids and Neosporin. Should I take classes or save my cash and rely on videos? And what are some musts I should know?

A Thought Crime says:

If you’re not experienced with suturing, use butterfly closure strips instead or just let it clot and heal on its own and take the scar.


I believe copper works like silver does so that would be a cheaper option.

Rick Christopher says:

I was taught when using disposable face masks, to use both index fingers when fitting around nose for proper seal, not to use thumb and index finger. (great vid as usual)

sean p says:

CP should offer a fully stocked pack roll first aid kit for sale. Like if you agree

Pdiddy says:

International shipping bro, it’s killing me! All the gear you stock is first rate and great quality………unfortunately the shipping doubles the cost to Australia

BlesamaSoul says:

Iodosorb powder is a sterile formulation of acute cadexomer iodine. When applied to a wound, it cleans it by absorbing fluids, removing pus and debris and forming a moist gel over the wound surface, well worth having some of those in your pack if you need to treat dirty wounds, add a silver wound pad afterwards and you will reduce the number of dressing changes and exposure of the wound. The silver dressings are not cheap, but you change them less and they are better quality. Great vid again, all the best from your friends in the UK.

Self Reliance Prepping says:

do bug out rolls come equipped with gear?

Anonymous Maximus says:

6:38 staples arm

Asdgg Ghjhh says:

Great video, looking at some of these items for my kit, specifically the silver gel

Yan Bousquet says:

Being diabetic, could you do some videos about this medical condition VS survive. Ty

Big Red says:

I cant find Morphine for my kit…..Where can I get it, for some reason I’m out…….

Cory Evertz says:

Id recommend bleach and water mixture in a small spray bottle. I never hear anybody mention it so I thought id bring it up…I’m guessing its effective or am i missing something?

Herbert Broughton says:

Marshall is just too mellow…

HonoluluTita says:

Re there any products to help dogs like face masks to breath? I live in high rise and am poking for someway to protect my dog from noxious gases if I have to evacuate from a fire

The Rational Rifleman says:

I would irrigate with sterile saline, or a dilluted disinfectant solution, and pack with wet to dry dressings, and leave the wound closure to the ER at a doctor’s discretion in good times, and just let the wound close on its own over time in bad times; Patience and a nasty granulation scar are preferable to gangrene and sepsis. Alcohol is rather cytotoxic, and peroxide has been implicated in some case studies to cause embolisms, and while mechanism involved with the latter isn’t fully understood, the working theory is that the O2 created by peroxide breaking down in the bloodstream has 7x the effect of the equivelant amount of 02 entering the blood stream as a gas. I keep a small bottle of provodone iodine given its lower cytotoxicity and relative safety if in the bloodstream, a 60ml syringe, and those 125ml lifeboat water pouches in my field bag to rig up a a few drops of iodine in potable water and irrigate cuts in the field. In the case of infection, a solution of diluted bleach (Brocha’s IIRC) was used in WW1, and peroxide was found to be effective in removing necrotic tissue once the capillary bed was sealed off by early gangrenous tissue in WWII. Any laceration or puncture in SHTF will very likely be too dirty to close up, especially if the 12 hour mark has passed; Look into wet to dry dressing, and how to use sterile gauze impregnated with sterile saline / diluted disinfectant to pack wounds, in order to allow for drainage of puss and irrigation between dressing swaps 3-4 times a day, with the option of debridement if necessary. It would be a bitch to have to open a wound up and debride it with peroxide after it’s gone gangrenous and your patient has gone septic. Fish antibiotics won’t be effective PO once a patient is septic, and even with IV antibiotics and 02, septic shock is a killer. Wound closure when SHTF is seriously a bad idea when SHTF IMO, and anything that absolutely requires suture, isn’t going to be as simple as stapling skin, but will require surgical reconstruction of connective and vascular tissues by a physician, at least a trauma doc or general surgeon, under ketamine induced anesthesia at a minimum.
– Sources: NATO Emergency War Surgery and Doc Bones. Just my lay opinion, not medical advice.

Adam M says:

Pls do reviews on the various masks you have & test them – smoke room and/or bear spray would be interesting to watch.

Kathie Wade says:

Fyi black pepper is a clotting agent, just burns more

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