Maxpedition FR-1 First Aid Kit

Hi Folks, as promised, here is my Maxpedition FR-1 first-aid kit. Please note this is not a survival kit. I use this kit for treating ailments and injuries only. You too can build your own premium kit, one which will meet your specific medical needs. It just requires some time, planning and patience. Stay safe.

Maxpedition FR-1 Pouch (khaki)

Main interior compartment:7″ x 5″ x 3″ or 17.7cm x 12.7cm x 7.6cm

Weight as configured: 44 ounces or 1261 grams

Notable Features: carry handle, torch-lair, elastic compression cord, webbing, internal elastic loops and pockets, full zipper opening, clamshell design, YKK zippers, water resistant 1000 denier ballistic nylon, but not waterproof.

This kit is equipped with approximately $300 – $350 in medical supplies. I did not keep a running total. This is only an approximate rough figure. Some items can be removed and carried separately.

1 Streamlight Stylus Pro flashlight
1 EMT Trauma shears (tan) with MSM Trauma Pouch (coyote) from Milspec Monkey or TheOpsDesk
1 CAT Tourniquet with Tactical Tailor Tourniquet Pouch (coyote brown). The CAT Tourniquet can be found on eBay
1 Slip-N-Snip folding scissors
1 Folding utility razor (orange)
1 Nail clipper
1 Mini Sharpie marker
1 4x Fresnel Magnifier lens
1 Fisher Space Pen
1 Hemostat
1 Stainless steel dental mirror
4 Safety pins
1 Techni-Edge knife (a.k.a. exacto knife)
1 Sterile Surgical Blade (disposable)
1 Tweezers
3 Sewing Needles
2 AAA batteries

Supplies and Medications
1 Neosporin mini pump spray
1 Laerdal Face Shield
1 Nasal airway tube with Dyna lubricant
1 Surgical tubing (heavy duty elastic tubing to serve as a possible tourniquet)
1 Lightweight rubber tourniquet
1 Roll breathable first-aid tape
1 Dukal (Ace bandage for sprains and joint support)
3 Sterile wipes
1 Gauze roll
4 Cotton rounds
1 Sunblock wipe
2 Poison Ivy wipes
1 Bug X 30 insect repellant wipe
2 Benzalkonium Chloride Antiseptic wipes
1 NexTemp disposable thermometer
2 Hydrogel burn dressings
5 Finger sleeves
2 Muscle Jels (similar to Icy Hot or Ben Gay)
2 Ammonia Inhalants (smelling salts)
2 Stingkill with benzocaine
2 Sting-X (to alleviate painful stings)
3 Alcohol prep pads
3 Povidone Iodine prep pads
1 Vaseline tube
5 ML syringe for irrigating/flushing wounds
2 Finger splints or tongue depressors
2 Kendall Q-Tip applicators
1 Tampon
1 Tissue Adhesive (veterinary skin glue — similar to Dermo bond)
1 Mini tube Crazy glue

Sealed blister kit — splinter lance, sterile cushioned pads and advanced healing pads

Sealed minor bleeding kit — 25 assorted Band-Aids and 1/8″ Steri-Strips

Sealed burn kit — burn cream with lidocaine and Cool Jel

Sealed mini pharmacy — Zantac, Motrin, Aleve, Tylenol, Aspirin, Imodium AD, Halls, Pepto Bismol, Benadryl, Claritin, Prilosec, (I will be adding Antibiotics, Ambien and Malarone — malaria medication to the mini pharmacy) I also added Duexis to the meds, which contains 800 mg ibuprofen and 26.6 mg famotidine.

Sealed mini dental repair kit — with instructions, toothache medication, cotton pellets, pick, plastic applicator, floss and Dentemp filler

Sealed major bleeding kit — 1 QuikClot Sport sponge, 6/0 Nylon monofilament sutures w/cutting needle, 5/0 Nylon monofilament sutures w/cutting needle (heavier gauge and more robust), 1 pack of ¼” Wound Closures Strips, 2 Surgical Dressings, 1 Trauma Pad, 3 Sterile Pads, 10 various Non-Stick Dressings, 2 Tegaderm Films, 2 Eye Pads

Declaration statement: This is to certify that this traveler has been equipped with this medical kit for personal use only in the event of an emergency, illness or accident. This medical kit has no commercial value. It is the personal kit belonging to this owner (name).

The small plastic bags can be found at Survival Resources.

These are some of the suppliers I used to build my first-aid kit:
Mfasco, Rite-Aid, CVS, Moore Medical, First-Aid Survival Kits, ITS Tactical, REI, National Survival Center,,,, Going Gear and Survival Resources,First-aid, Amazon, eBay, Rescue, etc…


Chris Pare says:

well i’m getting an aid kit today and bringing it to school!

Titus Pullo says:

Too many items. Much of that is not needed.

nman2246 says:

would you be able to do a video over your home medical kit? Respectfully, Nate

Lazy boy Hernandez says:

I would like to buy on$$

Steve Hancock says:

I can’t believe you got all that stuff in that pouch wow. You would be better off with disposable scapula then an Xacto knife. Remember tampons just absorb blood they don’t stop it.

KosukiFire says:

Great kit, i have a larger kit for the drugs I carry (diphenhydramine, hydrocodone 10-325, promethazine 25’s, diazepams 10mg, IMODIUM A-D, tums, Ibuprofen, Prednisone 10 mg – 60mg, Aspirin 81mg chewable, epinephrine .3, albuterol,  and a few more drugs. Best recommendation for drugs is to get the ORange water proof match cases and keep the pills in those, you can label the tubes with the pills so you know which is which. 

Marcia G says:

OMG! VERY impressive for such a small carry. You did a great job on stocking the kit and videoing the contents. I have seen a lot of bags that size or even a little larger, but none can compare to the amount of good items in the bag! Keep up the good work.

Vincent Mancini says:

Have you considered doing a video on your Large Professional Trauma Bag?

honeybadgerAMERICA says:

where did you get a CAT tourniquet pouch

Badass Unicorn says:

Just wondering: why is there no sewing kit?

Scott Case says:

You have one of the coolest first aid kits on YouTube I’m putting together my own something like your’s

chucklesRH says:

do you have a video about all the stuff in that red bag? and how much did it cost?

Prince jazz says:

I was like plz open that thing already now !!

Petrovinsky says:

You have great stuff in there….just a few pointers to improve your knowledge and skill: The popsicle sticks are called tongue depressors (great idea to double them as splints!). The scalpel blade has no handle? The CAT tourniquet is not applied as you stated, you first cinch then turn and then write the time (make sure that it’s always placed on either the Femur or the Humerus and never anywhere else. Have you heard of fluorescein? (they sell 12 LED blacklights to analyze). Consider an antibiotic eye treatment. Life, Limb or Eyesight are the rules for immediate evacuation. Consider changing from paper tape to “silk” tape.

Anna Scott says:

Nice video.. Can somebody tell  me about a good first-aid kit( available online

grouch314 says:

This is very impressive. I like how much gauze you have in there. A lot of kits seems to rely on quick clot and only have 1 or 2 gauze dressings.
Personally, if I could only carry one first aid item it’d be a pack of sterile gauze swabs.

Papa Smurf says:

sweet med kit , I’d take out all the scissors and just leave the one that will help with weight

DuckTective says:

Wow I would love to have you near me in the zombie apocalypse

Ethan Biggerson says:

What color are your trauma shears? I have the same exact pouch as you and I want to match! Thanks.

Broken N Famous says:

im impress great stuff

Hajj Quideng says:

And are you gonna make an unboxing video of the big red bag??

Steve Castro says:

Very well thought out and organized. Thank you for your time in putting this video together as well as the suppliers that you listed. It is much appreciated.

deadbolt56 says:

did you buy your supplies online, or did you find them at a local store?
 the supplies you have look a bit like the stuff we use in the hospital.

Jackson Howze says:


Hajj Quideng says:

Hey!..Theamericanoutfitter..where did you buy the big red thing for first aid kit
And what is the name of that thing

friendofcoal says:

A very well thought out FAK & an excellent presentation.  This is the best one I’ve seen yet, sir.

Alex Montenegro says:

Job well done!

Jeremy P says:

what pouch are you using to hold those shears?

CrazyIrishMedic says:

That is beautiful man, Blows the hell out of the first aid section in my EDC bag… But on the other hand I am almost never far from a BLS bag… But great job man Im going to copy a few items that I noticed I forgot lol.

LucklessPine31 Isagamer says:

Where do you get one? I would like to buy one

TEST S says:

You know something I noticed most medical kits don’t contain anything for burns if they do its 1-2 items just my 2 cents 🙂

Beta14 Vlogs says:

Just for infrence the webbing straps are also called molle straps

Cory McKee says:

Great video and well thought out kit! One question however. Regarding the sutures, how are you addressing pain management in the worst case scenario that you have to break them out?

Admiral Preparedness says:

Do you have a file that lists each item, cost and source?

Excellent kit!


leigh Christensen says:

Way too much stuff. Saline solution is sterile and can irrigate a wound, flush an eye, many other uses. Too much stuff and many can be replaced with multitasking items.

Steven Clark says:

Where did you get the larger first aid bag?

Jim P says:

Re your ammonia inhalants: great care MUST be part of the use of these items. If used to awaken someone with an altered level of consciousness where the cause is either d/t a fall or is otherwise unknown, the victim/patient might have a severe c-spine injury. The victim/pt might jerk his head violently to escape the fumes and potentially cause further c-spine injury. For the untrqained, ammonia inhalants are better left out of an FA kit.

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