My Compact Vehicle Emergency First Aid Kit

We Discuss My 175 Piece Vehicle Emergency First Aid Survival Kit.

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Kevin Seckerson says:

great video

G T says:

Awesome setup and tips brother. Outdoor ma’am it looked real to me, you were faking? Lol

Bradley Marger says:

Hey I’m B+ too!!

Lesley M says:

Where did you get the light up triage tags????

Survival Mindset says:

Excellent loadout! Nice kit!

Ronnie Muse says:

SO STOKED! AWESOME PRIZE PACK! Hey man, I don’t have social media but my wife messaged you on Facebook. Use the email she gave you or message her back for logistical coordination.

glen1arthur says:

Great kits both. May I suggest that you add cut/puncher resistance medical gloves or even heavy dish washing gloves. If you ever need to help people who are cover in glass you will be glad you have them.

Jay Valente says:

Love the use of the BB bag!

Dave Shakibanasab says:

No C-Collar?

Fernando Hernandez says:

Love the video bud don’t forget we have triage tags for pregnant ladies

Prepper Nurse says:

Ditch the blood patch, it’s an extremely silly gimmick with NO real life application, no one would ever transfuse blood based on such a patch. It just makes it look silly. Other than that, good job on the kit.

Dale Reynolds says:

I really need to take a course so I know how to use this type of stuff.

Travis says: that’s an eye pad mini! Sorry I couldn’t help it…

greatnortoni says:

She is faking – lol

John High says:

nice kit…

Joseph Pasquale says:

Nice set up. Looking forward to the in depth review of the roll out kit

BK 526 says:

Love the kit. Will be purchasing several of these items. Thanks as always.

Johnny Rod says:

Very Nice vídeo, like always. This bag, its a Maxpedition Protheus? Tks

Christopher Lovejoy says:

Its a cool setup. I’m not sure I’m a fan of red, yellow, green, blue colour code. I was taught red, yellow, green, black. I need to look up how the federal government does it as well as my local, I guess.

chad deans says:

Great ouchie boo boo kit. All you need now is find a way to get a OR table in you bag and you are a portable hospital.

captyg76 says:

Would you please provide the source for the stretcher that you use in the video? Thanks

quantmlife says:

Also keep in mind every so often you need to change out any alcohol wipes as they will dry out.

mgalaviz100 says:

Enjoy watching you vids

Bryce Kauffman says:

What is the name of this pack?

Calvin LeBlanc says:

Great video! I love C.P. bug out rolls amazing quality and functional

ben terwellen says:

The lady is a good faker, or is she is working so hard on these videos, that she is tired…..

Mark Whitt says:

like that kit very much and gave me some good ideas for mine

quantmlife says:

Shared, thanks.

Center Mass says:

Enjoyed the video as always. 
*** NPA is contraindicated if you suspect HEAD TRAUMA ***.

John Schmidt says:

Great kit

shovelhead8 says:

Great kit! I did a video on my trauma kit. I forgot hand sanitizer in mine, so I will have to fix that.. The SAM Splint and Ace type bandage I used Vet Wrap and a Vet Splint at 1/2 the price of the people stuff. Your other kit is great as well. Thank you for the video, Chris and the DropForgedSurvival crew.

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