My First Aid Kit for Bushcraft, Fishing & Wild Camping

I’ve received a number of requests to do a video on a basic first aid kit for Bushcraft, Fishing and Survival. This is my first aid kit, it is tailored to suit my needs, your needs might be different so please don’t take this video as a “you must have this” type of thing. Take from it what you want. I explain everything that is in my first aid kit and why it is in there. I hope it is helpful to some of you and feel free to share what you guys keep in your first aid kits in the description below.

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2 elastic PBT bandages 7.5×4.5cm
1 elastic crepe bandage 10×4.5cm
10 adhesive plasters
1 adhesive tape
1 pair of scissors
1 non-adherent wound pad 5x5cm
6 assorted safety pins
5 hand wash cleaning wipes
1 pair of latex gloves
2 mouth to mouth resuscitation pieces in separate pouches with keyrings
A must have first aid kit during every outdoor activity. Ideal for hiking, camping and fishing.

External dimensions: 5.1”x3.9”x2.8” (13x10x7cm)
Weight: 310g
Material: 100% Polyester
Manufacturer: Pentagon
Manufacturer’s number: K19029


Two Camping Gurus says:

Thats a great little first aid kit thanks for sharing

Steve Walton says:

Hi mike great video lip balm is good to have in your kit it stops bleeding from small cuts and keeps dirt out until you get proper treatment… Just saying.

Outdoor World says:

Military1st is a great site! Used it myself would definitely recommend. Competitive prices and great quality.

Mikey Jeffery says:

Great video!

Larry Renard says:

Great bit of kit

Its Flexin says:

How do you never get poise Ivy

Andy Roberts says:

Good advice. Quick tip – don’t wrap yourself in “space blanket” if you and/or clothing are soaking wet.

Cameron Cormack says:

Thank you for your videos but I do feel that I have to comment on this one.
These are just useful things that you carry in a wee pouch, they do NOT constitute a first aid kit. The only sterile items in this kit seem to be your antiseptic wipes. There are many excellent sites that give advice on what to carry in your personal first aid kit and you seemed to have ignored them all. Yes I know that you have a “trauma” kit as well, I would say that should be your first aid kit. Whilst there may forever be a debate about whether safety pins should be included, there will never be any doubt that sterile dressings should be included in a first aid kit!
I think you may have done your sponsors an injustice here, whilst the original kit:

2 elastic PBT bandages 7.5×4.5cm
1 elastic crepe bandage 10×4.5cm
10 adhesive plasters
1 adhesive tape
1 pair of scissors
1 non-adherent wound pad 5x5cm
6 assorted safety pins
5 hand wash cleaning wipes
1 pair of latex gloves
2 mouth to mouth resuscitation pieces in separate pouches with keyrings

can be adapted for personal use, you have chosen to make it less of a first aid kit by throwing away the sterile items and adding mirrors, whistles etc???

Apologies but if you are going to get one thing right in bushcraft, it should be your first aid kit!

David Jennings says:

Where do you get all those different size ziploc plastic bags?

Vincent Rogister says:

that america accent was awesome haha

Skills2Survive says:

Nice little kit Mike. I definitely like that long plaster that you can customize to the fit of the wound. I will have to look around for those, I have never seen them here in the US.

TheBrockOriginal says:

haha we call them “bandages” or “bandaids” – Indiana


Very nice thank you

KamiyaK says:

Great compact edc kit. What I’d add is a quikclot sponge/gauze, some burn cream, and a bit of moleskin. The moleskin always comes in handy. The quikclot is more of an emergency item, but it doesn’t take up much space and it saves lives, slows bleeding real fast. Been edcing a quikclot gauze on person for a while. And burn cream is self explanatory.

feellnfroggy says:

You can throw a small sox with rice or beans in your pack. Lay it near the fire to absord heat for a hotpack, for sore muscles, or put it in a water proof bag, and lay in a cool river, for an ice pack. (take it out of the water proof bag first or its pointless.) lol Of course, this is a convenience and would be more pack suitable than FAK suitable, which defeats teh purpose of commenting on your vid…..SMH…. Great job as always. Simple intro, not your style, but good content.

Big Crazy Outdoor Adventures says:

Nice kit, great channel, thanks for sharing.

eli dennison says:

if my ass needs CPR… and you spend time fiddling with a germ filter…. my ghost is haunting your ass…

Kenneth Donnelly says:

Those prepackaged bandages are sterile so by opening them and repackaging them you are risking a possible infection, they are support dressings you would need to use a wound dressing or some sort of pad on top of the wound before using the bandage, some sort of quick clotting agent (even a packet of sugar)

Banjo Bushcraft says:

Tube of Aloe Vera gel good inclusion for minor burns

Jason Nysa Cleomedes says:

Please wear eye protection when splitting wood.

Mountain Mike says:

Your channel is the one that inspired me to start Bushcraft. I’m about to post my first video! You’re awesome. Keep doing this.

k bur says:

Does the TA stand for totally awesome just like the Totally Awesome Fishing Show? Cause that would be totally awesome XD

Will Yarwood says:

Where’s the Savlon!!???

Zanzubaa1 says:

Missing your needle and thread to sew up arteries. Check and mate!

Rob 'n' Gill says:

Hey Mike just a thing to note- rewrapping/repackaging a sterile bandage, it will no longer be sterile. In a backcountry/emergency situation that may not matter so much but something to keep in mind. CPR is still a good thing to know and having a mask with a one way valve is a good item to have especially if you happen to need to treat a stranger. FYI – you can get tuberculosis from doing CPR on someone with TB and sometimes those needing CPR can have vomit or blood on their face.

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