My Medic MyFAK – First Aid Kit Review

The MyFAK – My First Aid Kit is adaptive and functional .This First Aid Kit can be used in anywhere from a day at the park, backpacking adventure, or off-road in your Jeep.


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First Aid Kit Specs:
Dimensions | 4 in. x 6.75 in. x 7.75 in. | 209.25 cu. in.
Weight | Bag | 362 grams | 0.8 lbs.
Weight | Premium Supplies | 1085 grams | 2.39 lbs.
Weight | Premium Kit | 1460 grams | 3.21 lbs.


Kevin England says:

nice little kit man. love this series and am looking forward to the rest of this series… no one better to teach trauma first aid the medical Corps man 🙂

Aussie BC says:

Sorry but it really is poorly designed, it has so much small useless items that it’s just a gimmick first aid kit, especial the suture items in a non sterile environment etc. One important basic item the kit is missing is a pressure immobilisation bandage for snake bites etc.

Rubicon Unlimited says:

got a dog bite once and had a first aid kit in my wrangler that was some good use. not as nice and the kit you just showed us, but it was definitely worth having. might be worth the upgrade and I hope I never have to use it!

Derek Payne says:

First Aid is all about being prepared for any situation. Your readiness could save a life especially when your miles from nowhere. Thanks for sharing this and I hope everyone takes it to heart.

Funky Dodo says:

Thank you for taking the time to make the video. Im not a fellow Jeeper but I can also use the first aid kit in other areas (extreme sports), it helps if one kinda knows what to use where… It will make things easier to buy a first aid kit (when one got an idea what to use where and what will suite my area f need).

Donna Hutley says:

do you have an email address

Tyler Servoss says:

Great review. You know you stuff and are very good at explaining the contents of the kit. Nice production quality as well. Keep up the great work!

Jose Lopez says:

Hola amigo soy nuevo por aquí, me gustaría saber donde puedo conseguir una bolsa igual, excelente vídeo saludos desde Tijuana Baja California, Mexico

rogue109 says:

Hey HMCM, what do you think about Celox? I’ve heard bad and good things about it. Bad being that it can burn the tissue and make cleanup a mess, and good that it can stop bleeding that other methods would not. What’s your opinion please?

BrianAgosto says:

Dam man. That seems like it comes out of a military kit. I am definitely getting one. I can’t wait to see other how too videos. It can save a life one day. Keep up the great work brother

Gary Bowen says:

Hey Doc! I tried your Pizza Burrito meal! I added a wee more meat an green peppers an some onions! Got me Hooked Dude! I too am not up on using the latest greatest FAK kits! I have some stories I could share, but its all 60’s 70’s and 80’s based He-man based stuff usually going something like this, Drilling rig, 1976, I cut off four of a mans fingers, immediately blood gushes everywhere, I tried to put away my hydraulic tubbing tongs when The driller yells “Fuck Him!”

“I had more blood on my dick and still kept on pumping than that fuck!”

We kept running pipe for about 30 minutes more till I finally said we need to check on that guy. The driller suddenly picked up a two or three foot by one inch bar threatening to beat my ass if I did not get back on my tongs. I ignored him, heading into the dog house, there the man sat in the corner rocking back and fourth blood pooled-mass loss of blood him holding an old dirty rag over his stump hand. He was making this terrible grunting like sound moving back and fourth as if he were incoherent.

I tried to take my military initiative but was pushed out of the way by the driller with him grabbing the first aid kit. He broke out a can of Freeze spray and began spraying so much it turned the victims hand blue spraying about halfway up his arm causing frost bite. My being only 22 I did not try interceding as there were four other very unsavory roughnecks I knew would love to bounce my head off the nearby lockers if I interfered

The next day, my boss told me the patient damn near died due to intentional delay at the work site, lengthy distance from any town, no one even bothered to fetch his fingers that fell down into the hole. The docs had to amputate the man arms past his elbow all because the horrid ass of a Driller failed to act in a timely manner, then, used that freeze spray destroying any and all living tissue in that wounded mans hand/arm.

I wanted to kill those ignorant hillbilly fuck-tards. Guess thats my story.

Isaia Wright says:

Finally! I’m a huge believe in first aid and medical supplies ALWAYS on hand! By the way, anyone know where I can get a minor surgery kit for my backpacking trips? Serious question here, please drop a link if so!

tonepaw says:

Is this one the basic or the premium?

ljcapasso says:

I love your videos and I am looking forward to learning about all this med gear. I have a basic ripaway IFAK in my TJ but you can always improve especially in this subject. Thank you!

K BROOKS says:

Terrific as always. Looking forward to the next one!!

Scott Bastian says:

Great video Brad! I missed it, is this the basic content kit, or the premium content?

193001 kiplssd says:

I’m glad your doing a whole series in first aid; a lot of it probably seems basic to you but very helpful to the novice like myself. Definitely not the kind of thing you want to wait until something happens to learn.

Chris Moxley says:

Nice segment! Thanks for your work. I would probably add a SWAT-T Tourniquet along with the one the kit includes and maybe some combat gauze. Your Kit also has some other things I have not seen that would be handy.

shawnu22 says:

Great video, thank you! I have been looking for a good kit and that looks like the one. Maybe this has been asked already but is there anything else you would add to compliment this kit?

Chaplain Bill says:

Thank you Brad for your quality videos. In Jan I went into full cardiac arrest three times, a defibrillator, and CPR was used each time to bring me back. Now I have an ICD implant in my chest, while waiting for surgery to correct this problem (Lord willing). Since my experience I have decided to improve my first aid kit in my Jeep (JK), but also with a respirator mask for CPR on others (or for others to use on me if needed again). I would also like to buy an external defibrillator like the paramedics carry. Is there formal training for those? FYI I am a retired police officer here in So Calif, and I’ve seen them used many times, as well as the sucking chest wounds.

A side note: Re an advertisement that’s streaming before this video. I sure hope that never happens to any of my videos – YIKES. But the only time I get an add, but is when I use music from iTunes.

Wright Nichols says:

Great review, I’ve been looking at different components for a first aid kit. Your remarks are spot on, and I really like the organization of this kit. look forward to your other videos. Many thanks for your hard work.

alex cole says:

Haha if you have done any hiking with Marines” I mean military!

The Bearded Jeeper says:

Great kit! Those ammonia tabs are no joke. Can’t wait to see more of the first aid videos

johnjcurtiniii says:

I bought one solely because of your video. Thanks! The kit (and your video) are awesome!!!

Berserker Offroad says:

Great looking kit. I think a big mistake people make is they buy a med kit without learning how to use it. It’s like they rely on the fact that they have a kit to keep them safe. Proper first aid training is a must for what we do.

Adam Hunt says:

Is this the base or premium one ?

chris e says:

I haven’t had to do any first aid on the trail. And another request for a quick tip at some point on the hemostatic agent, when to use it. Like always, thanks for taking the time and effort to make the video and sharing it with all of us.

Space Wizard says:

Can you just buy the bag


I’d love to see their full size premium kit all laid out!! Can’t find any videos of it or even pics for that matter.

OFF ROAD N Chill says:

the bag looks awesome, its always nice to have it in your rig just in case


Great review, I use a very similar setup as well as my large AMP 3 outfiiter. always a good topic.

Racers Junkyard says:

Hey Brad,
love the video. Really great content. Do you have a recommendation for any wilderness medical courses to teach people how to use this stuff?

MusTang Nick says:

I love the way this channel is going. Ive been along for a while now and my family really enjoys watching your videos. Keep up the great work and keep those tires dirty!

Alex Palanik says:

I’ve been looking for a decent first aid kit to strap to my bag. 20 some years ago due to first aid training i was able to washout my wife’s eyes after some cleaner got into it and I knew how to wrap up both eyes so that the piece of “stuff” that I didn’t see in her eye didn’t damage her while we got to the ER.

Everyone should have basic first aid, and especially those off us into 4 wheeling, over landing, survivalist stuff.

The person you save could be yourself, or a loved one, 20 years later i still keep my first aid certifications up to date

John Bingham says:

I need one of these! Great review!!

MrQwertymon says:

You know your stuff man! I am very impressed with this kit, including a tourniquet, npa, sodium chloride, smelling salts, quick clotting material is how all first aid kits should be set up. All those standard meds is a nice touch as well for the types of issues you’re most likely to face. I am looking for a really complete first aid kit for my new Jeep and this looks to be legit

William Landis says:

Great video, thanks! I just signed up for two day Wilderness First Aid course, looking forward to learning how to use all this stuff.

jasonhall10 says:

Does the company offer any solutions for when you start using items or when they start expiring? Can you order replacements or do you have to find your own stuff?

Jerome Greene says:

What is the specific name of your EMT rip away pouch? I have a similar pouch that is pretty much the same but the only difference is the rip away Velcro mesh pocket.

Richard Tarbell says:

Love how you’re teaching about general and trail safety!

Patricia Ferguson says:

love the video cool kit looking forward to see how to use some of the stuff in the kit thank!

Fly on the wall says:

Hi Brad (and sons): I’m also very glad to see first aid being discussed. A few comments:
– I prefer medicines in tubes; sachets last only once; open it, maybe only use a little blob and throw away the rest due to contamination. Small, replaceable tubes are easier to use and less wasteful.
– A good book helps! I still have my old St John’s 1st aid manual packed in with my kit. Even the most comprehensive kit can be wasted/useless if the user does not know what to do.
– Practice is even better; go take a first aid course.
– Will you cope? After I completed my course, the local hospital allowed us to hang out in the emergency ward as observers; blood, puke, shit and screaming people. You never know how you will react to this if you have never experienced it before. I have a profound respect for nurses.

Keep this up. Great stuff.

Moosand says:

What about cpr

Fly on the wall says:

one more thing! emergency bag! blanket, candles, candy, snacks. It amazes me how many of my friends head out in winter/spring with just their truck. It doesn’t take long at -20C to go hypothermic with your truck in the ditch and the motor stalled. A cold desert night is no different. I always have a few big, warm blankies in the back.

Luke Mullenger says:

Wasn’t expecting such a good quality video, I’m new and love it great work

Universe says:

Hey Brad, thank you for educating us. Looking forward on how to properly use this kit in real life situations. Take care.

Raven Moon says:

Awesome kit awesome review. I have a different kit that I transferred (The adventure medical kits grizzly) to a rotopax first aid box mounted inside my jeep. However this kit you reviewed has many things my present kit does not have so I may pick this one up as well to have a boo boo kit++ with quicker access. EDIT: After looking at the links I dont see the kit you reviewed on any of the sites. Is it a special order or an unseen upgrade?

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