New Maxpedition FRP IFAK Pouch Review

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Maxpedition FRP (First Responders Pouch) is from the new AGR (Adventure Gear Research) Line and a lot of upgraded features over the FR-1. The perfect pouch for your IFAK or Trauma Kit. Get a 10% discount when using “Sootch00” on the Maxpedition Website.


FRP Pouch Link:

Skinny Medic Trauma Kit:

Thanks For Watching~ Sootch00

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John High says:

Nice kit. What BP you using in the video?

Eric Beasley says:

17 dislikes from people who use theirs as a purse lol

bg 42 says:

nice videos, very comprehensive!
say i was watching a succession of your vids including this one & you were mentioning an online gear store & i’ve forgotten the name, watched a few of the vids again but didn’t catch it… do you have any idea?

Ash says:

what backpack?

Noel Santos says:

Great review! I just bought a Maxpedition smartphone pouch of the same series in black. Snug fit with an iPhone 6S plus with in an Otterbox defender case.

John Cooley says:

Great review! Thanx

Joe Chamas says:

No other youtuber running a gun channel has enough knowledge as sootch00. Whether firearms, gunsthmithing, survival, tactical gear, first aid, apocolypse prepping, marksmanship and the list goes on… RESPECT

I Am Jason Allen says:

Thanks Sootch!

Lord Hoth_09 says:

I’m actually surprised at the price

Roberto Calderón says:

This pouch seems lower quality than the original FR-1. It does´t either solve the problem of organizing your gear, as the pocket open on the narrow vertical upper end instead of opening horizontally which makes it easier to get what you want. Inside, the elastic straps when located at the center, makes bulkier, leaving un-ocupied space at the sides. The bottom should have elastic straps in the inside to hold rolled gauze. Still no room to have all together a CAT Tourniquet, CPR mask, Israeli Bandage, Triangular bandage, Quick cloth, with all the usual stuff inside. Seems like designers are going the wrong way. Why not a version of this pouch with 1 1/2″ inch thicker and an internal removable mesh to keep the CPR mask handy. By the way love SensiblePrepper´s reviews.

DC-8 Tailpost says:

FR1 is on close out at $30…

Saturn Inc says:

nice kit and nice MAxpedition pouch. What I miss is teh decompressionpen and a samsplint. I would put the tourniquet on the outside through mollystrap or so… Very nice!

SkinnyMedic says:

Great looking pouch!

rusty gray says:

Great video as usual.

C Leh says:

Instead of the limiting cord, there should be adjustable side gussets to allow quarter, half, and fully open, while still holding everything in while you are digging through it.

Captain J The BK says:

I feel like maxpedition is just trying to make stuff look too futuristic I like Molle webbing hate laser cut and what’s up with that honeycomb pattern I feel like just as things were starting to get good gear wise some one went and ruined it. I want gear that marines would use not power rangers

solidaudioTV says:

Thanks Sootch for the helpful Maxpedition reviews! This is my first comment on your channel. This pouch looks nice but seems to be two steps forward, one step back. I like the new look, the attachment material is slick, and the zipper pulls are better. But as on most of the AGR gear, they’ve removed some of the very customizable molle straps on the side of the bag. I hope this isn’t the trend for Maxpedition going forward. The FR-1 makes a great centerpiece for adding other pouches and such. It’s surprising what you can lego together when you get creative with these bags. Sadly this one is not quite as customizable.

MrOjameso says:

There is a huge closeout sale going on at maxpedition on a lot of the classic style stuff. I assume to make way for this Advanced Gear Research stuff. God knows I have spent like 300 smackers there in the last week.

lolSillys says:

I like the new packs, however, Maxpedition discontinued the most logical color for 80% of USA. Some packs, like a med pack I would purchase in other colors like for this pack I would love red, but I don’t have that choice.

I contacted maxpedition yesterday and they did confirm OD Green is discontinued. I don’t know that it would help, but if you could let them know that od green is a color we want.

Mike Greene says:

One recommendation, move that CAT to the outside of the pouch. That way it’s the quickest to access.

jeremy67A says:

How are the shoulder straps on those next gen Max. Packs?

toya1914 says:

nice video, good channel just subscribed, very helpful ideas. what model of backpack is that, i like the way the FRP attaches to it… thank you.

Sharee Loar says:

great video as always sootch

angel Angel says:

just started the video and I already LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

James MacMillan says:

Is that a faint F-Bomb in the blooper reel? 13:01ish…Love ya Sootch! 😉

DC-8 Tailpost says:

Actually, tried to purchase the old FRP1 and the new one on this vid and there is no place to add the Sooch 10% discount on the website???

Or maybe I’m just not checking out right???

Loonytik says:

Are the new GEN 7 CAT tourniquets made with metal or plastic?

Bert Shackleford says:

The lifetime desert dweller in me, loathes the sight of pouring out drinkable water. However, the long time subscriber and patriot within me, expects to see the ubiquitous cascading slow-motion water shot every time there’s a bag review.

I remember in a video posted many years ago where you stated, “Water is everywhere, and it helps to have a way to filter that water in a survival situation”. My wife was the first to belt out a good chuckle when she heard that comment. It gave us both a good laugh, but we know what you meant.

Another fantastic review of an important product everyone should have available. Your videos on both channels are always fun and enjoyable. Keep up the great work my friend.

d fernandez says:

I think im gonna opt for a gp pouch/surplus mag pouch to hold my ifak and just have everything in a ziploc bag ready to go but this pouch would be awesome for other gear 🙂

ItsTotalChaos says:

Not sure about the look on the newer one…

Scott Lilly says:

I waited 13 mins to realize that this wasn’t a true trauma kit. It’s just a bag for trauma….

James Anderson says:

I ordered one of these and just got it yesterday and just finished stocking it up. Lots of room and very sturdy feeling like all of Maxpeditions gear. Agree with your review 100%, a huge thumbs up for this pouch!

Spartan 04 says:

Throwing water on a pack or pouch in slow mo now that’s a Sootch video god dammit.

D Hiers says:

Can you attach this to the riftcore??

The Stranger says:

This looks like it would make a good EDC pouch. Does anybody know if it will fit an iPad mini with an OtterBox?

Stugatz says:

Good stuff keep it going Sootch

Hayden Phoenix says:

I don’t know why…… but the intro reminded me of porn.

Matthew Howard says:

Hey sootch I was wondering if you could a review on a knife I found in Amazon I haven’t been able to find a review on it but it’s only about $60 if you’d like to I could send you a link

MrUlfang says:

Good info, 4 all.

iraklitos20022003 says:

Besides this really nice Maxpedition FRP, I like your ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Tee-shirt!!! King Leonidas forever!!!

Evan Hailey says:

You may have addressed this in videos before now, have you taken a “first responder” course of any kind?

Loren Armentrout says:

lol I love the gear porno at the beginning

Steven Clark says:

Honestly not a fan of the new designs 🙁

Prepper JayJay says:

Man, I am so disappointing I won’t be able to hget a blue falcon II. I do not like the new stuff at all.

Edward Child says:

When are you going to get the Wolfspur and do a review on it?

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