Personal First Aid Kit Review – Northbound Train- Gift Ideas

Save 25% on this 1st Aid Kit: This Personal First Aid Kit (PFAK) from Northbound Train was designed by a former active duty Marine. It features a MOLLE compatible, water resistant case with all the components organized and labeled in heavy duty, inner waterproof bags.

It includes a good assortment of bandages and wound care items, along with other quality first aid gear. It even includes a triangular bandage and mylar emergency blanket, something many 1st aid kits overlook.

This IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is compact and affordable enough to always have with you. It’s great for camping, hiking, or backpacking and also can fit in the glove box or under the seat as part of your emergency car kit. A high quality first aid kit such as the Northbound Train first aid kit is also an essential component of a good survival kit. And you know I like survival kits.

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Survival Preacher says:

Nine minutes 20 seconds into the video. It looks like there’s a skunk over your right shoulder to the right of the tree on the woodpile if I stop my iPhone at nine minutes 20 seconds he’s right there at least it looks that way on my iPhone lol

Charles Larson says:

Well Bryan, indeed, I love that North Bound Train headlamp, works great, and their customer service is absolutely first rate! And this first aid kit looks to be rather complete and well thought out. While I have my own self designed kit, this still could be a worthy addition. Thanks for the info!!

Todd Klekotka says:

Thats a nice little kit. Most if not all know how to use a basic medkit, yet others are worrying about stitching and tourniquets. I would say you better have some training and some high pain tolerance! The kit has the basics to get you by to receive medical attn. Thanks for the review, more options to consider.

Allen White says:

There goes that skunk again lol nice vid Thanks

RViscara says:

Ps at @ 9:20 nice eye of the tiger display….

Terry Henry says:

Its always good to have a first aid kit when your out in the woods.This helps you expect some of the unexpected.good kit

Sty North says:

Nice kit! Great video! Thanks Brian!

Wolf Walker says:

Nice little kit!

Harry Bachmann says:

IMHO first aid kits don’t receive nearly enough airtime on YouTube channels. Granted they’re not as tacticool as some other gear might be, but, what good is all that other gear if you’re dead.

dalton vickers says:

Great kit for the price. I need a couple kits right now.

Grumpy Guy says:

Thats a good first aid kit


I Double like it

RViscara says:

I agree another winner here Brian. I like that it isn’t stuffed full with junk you don’t need. That way you have the option to toss in moleskin or duck tape “my favorite band aid” the tweezers could be a bit sharper or better quality bit other than that it’s a great looking kit. You can always file down or sand those tweezers so they are real pointy and fine picking tweezers for those thorns or slivers. Triangular bandage is great too as I am not giving up my neckerchief for no one…


I’m not sure why you seem upset or bringing different people and entities into the equation. My whole argument has been about Northbound Train and their business tactics. I understand companies send out free samples to reviewers on YouTube etc. However it’s something else to pay people to write fictitious positive reviews on Amazon, and thereby deceive people into thinking they are buying a good product. Which is what Northbound Train is doing. Just go check and you’ll see half the reviews are by unverified purchases, the other 25% is written by people who rave about the product then they disclaim at the end they received it at a deeply discounted price.

U1T1MATR1X says:

Nice Kit but I like making my own First Aid kits based off of Nutnfancys Levels of First Aid kits.

Yooper Digger57 says:

Being an old hippie I like the look Bryan and this kit looks pretty good for the price thinking about buying sense I building my first BOB and need a basic kit to start for it thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas

Garland N says:

Love that skunk !!

wcody777 says:

Brian, just recently discovered your channel and appreciate your reviews.  Very professional and informative.  After watching your Northbound Train personal first aid kit review, I bought one each for my wife and I.  I like that it was designed by a Marine and Navy Corpsman (some personal interest there).  I just want to add that I love the stuffed skunk on the wood pile at 11:04 of your video.  Keep up the good work, Scout Master.

Survival Preacher says:

I just got to thinking. You have a pretty smart skunk there he is photo bombing you lol


Yeah nice try, twisting my words turning this into “Ken” the supposed marine and his endorsement of this product. That’s like saying canned spaghetti is suddenly good enough to serve guests because Marco Pierre White was paid to endorsed it. Add to that the fact that most of the reviews of this product are fake on Amazon. Nothing wrong in calling out shameless deceitful companies like Northbound Train trying to gain an unfair advantage over honest ones.

Jeffrey Jelmeland says:

I think I just found my next first aid kit for my pack as well as for the kids in their day packs when we go out into the woods.

beckerm13 says:

Picked one up with the discount code. Thanks! Skunk? What skunk?

Keagan Harmon says:

I just ordered one can’t Wait

Survival Preacher says:

How come in the one frame there’s a toy skunk behind you on the woodpile and in the next frame The skunk is gone LOL


No offense, but that is not put together by a Marine, looks more like it was put together by the lowest bidder in a Chinese factory. The Amazon page for this product is filled with fake reviews from people who got it for free or deeply discounted to write positive reviews about it. Not only is this company selling you a cheap, junky kit that’s not even good for paper cuts, they are also cheaters and liars.

Survival Preacher says:

I thought maybe it was a game you are playing and was going to give the first person that noticed the skunk the first aid kit LOL

Chris Thompson says:

As a former career EMT I think this looks like a good kit for the price. Yes, it doesn’t have a CAT tourniquet or Israeli trauma dressings. But, you can make a tourniquet with that triangular bandage and a stick. And, you can probably fit in a Cederroth Bloodstopper if you want. Anyway, it’s a great kit for less than $20.00.

lash3387 says:

Seems less than basic. I encourage anyone in the market for a med kit this size to check out REI. They have a far superior kit around the same size and around the same price point (SOP coupon included)

Survival Preacher says:

He’s going to show himself to you one of these days LOL and it may not be pleasant

Rangersly says:

Great detailed review on a pretty good basic first aid kit. And a few good tips too! I agree with you on the prime importance of a triangular bandage. I always carry two with a pocket mask everywhere I go.

I like a lot of things with this first aid kit. I like that the pouch in molle compatible with options to attach it to a belt or pack. I like the empty bags for personnal medication, first time I see this simple but useful option. The emergency blanket looks to be bigger and a notch or two in quality above those tiny cheap ones we usually get in pre-made survival and first aid kits. The basic price is pretty decent for what you get, but with the nice Survival On Purpose coupon it is a real bargain!
I’d like to concur on nice friendly customer service from Northbond Train! I ordered their headlamp with the nice unexpected bonus coupon for viewers of your channel. I have yet to get a hold on mine since I hadn’t the time to pick it up at the P.O. Box yet, but, from the tracking number, I know it was delivered very fast. Since then, I have received two emails from the nice folks at Northbound Train. One was about to make sure I had received the lamp and inquire if I was happy with the product. A second email was tips on how to use it best. Never received such treatment before. A lot of class!
So, of course, I’m ordering one! Can never have too much first aid kits!
BTW: I think the “scoutmaster seal of approval” is very cool!

Keith Vantassel says:

watching all this bushcraft stuff I learned in the not scouts! eagle scout class of 77′ keep up the good work

Ibpn says:

all that long hair and a beard too. starting to look like a hippy.

Bob_the_Bomb says:

It’s a good basis for a minor wounds (“boo boo”) kit. Especially with the room to add ibuprofen, antibiotic cream etc. But nothing in here for mass bleeding. No first field dressing/Israeli bandage; no Celox/Quikclot; and no CAT tourniquet. So still a need for a separate ‘real’ individual first aid kit (IFAK)…

T.W. Milburn says:

sure is an extensive 1st aid kit,there, Bryan; Going 2 have a look-C 4 sure at this. Thanks 4 sharing, Friend. That’s All Folks……………………………………ATB  Terry………God  Bless

SFD Guy says:

+Survival On Purpose This kit is awesome! I ordered it online and I added some of my own things. I carry it with me on camping and hiking trips with my Boy Scout Troop. You being a scoutmaster gives me an understanding perspective on your videos, especially this one. Thanks Brian!

Hyperbrain10 says:

A: this is one if the first kits i have seen to have a space blanket. B: Anyone else see the skunk in the background?

Medic Man says:

As a paramedic I approve of that Kit, looks like something I have.



Adam Seeley says:

That’s a nice rounded kit Indeed. I have been looking for a pre-built first aid kit for my fiancé. This looks line it might fit the ticket.
Lol what’s the disappearing skunk at 9:09 about lol? I had to watch it again to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Lol

Kram Rentip says:

Great vid, Bryan!I’m glad it’s both Scout Master,& Skunk approved.

Michael D says:

Dang you Brian, first the headlamp, then the SnugPak Patrol poncho and liner and now this first aid kit. Even with the gift cards that were about to expire on me. These new toys have dug all way down through my Taco Bell money and now it’s digging into my Beer and Pot money. I be glad when Christmas is over. You are the Batman of Survival Toys.

Bob_the_Bomb says:

Indeed. Makes sense. Just so people understand its role as a ‘minor wound’ kit as opposed to a ‘trauma’ kit. I think we would agree there’s a place for both, depending on individual circumstances. But a nice kit and another great review! Thanks

David Dockstader Sr. says:

Love that first aid kit! Went and ordered one.

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