PRE ORDER!! WEFAK: Wilderness Emergency First Aid Kit

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RichieFromBoston says:

Great setup and that price, Im in.

Dash Melrose says:

Will you get these back in stock?

themanfromfrance says:

The only thing I can think too add would be some tweezers to help with splinters or ticks

natewesselink says:

please tell me there is an antihistamine in this kit. if there is not it needs to be there.

jl l says:

nice will be buying. hope there are some left. awesome channel.

Chris Garrett says:

Any way to just get the pouch?

cscoffie says:

ahhh! I’m super bummed I missed this one. hopefully I can act faster if you get some more.

nameless 777 says:

Anyway to be able to pick one of these up still? I’d hate to miss out on one of these.

killer survival says:

nice nice

Joseph Jones says:

Nice kit! I am considering benchmade contego or a griptillian with a sheepsfoot blade. Any thoughts on which one would be better for EDC purposes. Keep up the good work and frequent quality videos.

Chris Corona says:

loved it

Brad B says:

hopefully we get these available again soon

Itinerant says:

Nice kit, my only suggestion is to add loperamide (anti-diarrheal) to your meds …. doesn’t matter how much rehydration salts or water you take in if you cant stop loosing it.  Between questionable water sources, change in diet, and stress …. its going to happen.

Gary James-Zemaitis says:

Will you be making more of these

Ben Dover says:

What’s your opinion of kabar knives for fighting?

Malcolm Coderre says:

love what u did with this kit. excellent med kit for any serious outdoorsman

Feral Woodcraft says:

Extremely well thought out kit Jack. Probably the best prepackaged kit I’ve seen.

Ian Walter says:

Where did you get the bag for your updated fire kit? I wanted to get something like that for my brother.

Everything There Is says:

Nice kit!

Meezy says:

Great kit.. Jack! I can tell your were meticulous, putting together the WEFAC. Everything from illness ranging in a headache to traumatic injuries are covered long enough to seek professional help, if needed. I will be placing my order as soon as I can. Way to go Daniel.

scott Powers says:

Pretty good prepackaged kit. Hope you get some more in, will pick one up. Only needs 3 things, a roll of 1″ athletic tape, tegaderm, and tincture of benzoin.

Vsquadd says:

Do a Christmas giveaway!

TZAsurvival says:

Yeah great pouch

bushcraft2012 says:

Really well thought out medical kit. I would probably add a little roller gauze and some waterproof tape to round it all out.

daniel espinoza says:

Is there Imodium in the medicines? Diarrhea in the field is serious

shovelhead8 says:

A First Aid Kit for the things that usually happen, instead of what is the worst that can possibly happen. Thank you for the video

Aussie BC says:

Is using the red cross legal to use in the US? Just asking as illegal world world Article 7 in the Geneva Conventions

Marv Carey says:

Great well planned kit. This needs to go on my “Gotta Have” list.

thompsonrory says:

Looks great, but no shipping to Canada… not so good.


nothing like American made

Mike Hagarty says:

Looks like a great kit! I’ve made something similar for myself, put a whistle, for getting others attention, & a heavy duty garbage bag, with some tarred bank line, for whatever. It took a while, to put it all together. Thanks for making it available, to Canadians!

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