Seriously Coleman?! | Personal Survival Kit | All Purpose First Aid Kit | EDC Tin

Seriously Coleman?! | Personal Survival Kit | All Purpose First Aid Kit | EDC Tin


steppenwolf says:

i bought an 8 oz rectangular tin from buddyburnermaker on ebay for $5 and free shipping. when i got it, i took what i had at home and made a wiseman style psk (minus the condom since i have none). the coleman psk is pathetic compared to that.

weerobot says:

In your Face Coleman….lol

b h says:


Vincent Baglivo says:


Chris Warden says:

Right on man I’ll have to run up to Bristol and hit bass pro lol……. just not for those hahah not a bad deal though

Joe Rod says:

I use the little version(red one) I put some in both my vehicles.. I add one or two more things.. also have them in my survival back packs.. can never have to much gear

Bsfcc 04 says:

Wow. and I had higher hopes for the “survival ” kit. nice video.

simplemanduke says:

Thank you for buying all these impulse buy items you take the hit for us all we’ve all wanted to buy these and look at them thank you for doing this Keep On Keepin On

Doctor Quackenbush says:

I hear you. I also just “have to know” about these little kits.

Huples Cat says:

8:52 You Sir are a natural YT unboxer. Thanks for the LOL moment!!

“They’re Shiny!” I’d get them if they were 99cents each (Canadian not American)

Buy them and give them to family you hate. When NK bombs the USA you can have a laugh thinking of them opening the Personal Survival Kit from Coleman

Devin E says:

Top notch gear right there. You could prob last four weeks in the wilderness with that.

efishe22292 says:

Hey man, where did you get that leather G-Shock band?

Wes Shepherd says:

Thank you for making sense of the EDC world. I have subscribed!

frugal Mum says:

“Eye patches”, love it!!!! Good idea too, I am genuinely adding real eye patches to my homemade kit. Thanks for the laughs 🙂

Moors Hound says:

A good kit for the office worker who needs to light up his victory sales cigar then!

KYHDefense SGT. says:

Dude brother. Whats the wrist watch. Sweetest looking watch every man.

cgriggsiv says:

Well sir you are completely correct this is the most shittiest survival kit I have yet seen when you compare both and the only difference was a lousy stinking thing of matches you are correct Coleman sucks for this one

coly bobby says:

Man you talk way way too much dude this video could of been done in 4 minitues

schet says:

0:08 YOU WANT SOME FUKIN COCAINE!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?

Sean Hasretli says:

Take a shpt every time he says “just kidding”

Captiiva says:

In case anyone cares for some advice, I am a trained medic. Main thing you need is something to clean and disinfect the wound and something to cover it up to keep clean. Other considerations would be a triangle bandage for splinting and a tourniquet for worst cases where you cannot stop bleeding. I would not bother with ointments and stuff if I was not at home. That is for long term care. I also see little benefit to having a safety pin and no real benefit for a razor for basic medical stuff.

Steven Jefferies says:

Actually I’ve got a couple of the old k-bar knives that dad brought back when he was in vietnam!

Steven Jefferies says:

BILLY SQUIRE !?! Haven’t heard that tune since 1986!

Steven Jefferies says:

I don’t see anything for gaping chest wounds! No clotting bandages!! Because when you’ve got a hole in you’re body the first thing I reach for is an antiseptic wipe! LOVE THE REVIEW!

coastiekevink says:

Like Nancy Pelosi said “you have to buy it to know what’s in it!” Well, not really, but close enough.

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