Seriously?! Ultimate Survival Technologies UST | Survival Kit | First Aid Kit | Fire Starter Kit

Seriously! Ultimate Survival Technologies! UST | Survival Kit | First Aid Kit | Fire Starter Kit


Kevin Oloane says:

Ted nugent for president

Jeff Gray says:

I have not bought any of these items, but have walked by and saw them at Walmart, and wondered. Well, thanks for taking the time to show us what we have been missing out on. I put together 4 emergency kits this week. I need to put fresh stuff in each of my wife’s and my backpacks and our kayaks. I used Dollar store item for the first-aid stuff. thanks for making this video

malpractice80 says:

I’ve bought all 3. they aren’t very good. ok they suck.

Alvin Cawthorn says:

Thanks, enjoyed your video and Subscribed. I am going to look through your channel now but I hope you have done a video on building your own kit as that is my next project and you sound like the guy I want advise from. Cheers!

Pedro Roque says:

Nice sarcasm in the video, by the way. Keep on the good work.

82ndDOC says:

hey Ssg BA found this cool video its called 1950 pocket survival kit opened by wildwood grove forestry . its pretty neat that this guy set this up in the 1950’s

Nico Dutch says:

Hehe, good vid subscribed. I have some urgency in me to put a lighter under your beard, maybe we will ever meet and I have that opportunity. Can you tell me how many of these survival kits I need to survive said scenario?

Dannnteskorpose Degaudi says:

jajaja what at hell is the crap? my poor first aid box is more complete Android cheap Android efective.

joe Perschke says:

I wish I could give an extra like for the shitty Green Arrow reference lol

William Penman says:

I bought the FireKit on clearance for $1. Then added a wetfire cube, mini bic, and storm matches. Wouldn’t buy the other ones unless I found them super cheap to at least get the boxes.

jay thompson says:

Great video bro . I’ve seen some , not many pre made kits on amazon that aren’t bad . it’s just one of those things were you get what you pay for . but I do agree in most case’s its just best to build your own .

R. M says:

Awesome video thanks for the heads up now i won’t waste my money

Dick Fageroni says:

glow sticks are so fucking useless.

SC bushcraft backwoods says:

I’ll say the water tight box is nice I have the first aid one and thought it wasn’t to bad. The others are junk tho. For a simple first aid box it’s good.

P.M. Laberge says:

It’s tough to be an ex-jar-head. They are too smart, too experienced, too honest. Then they get pissed when they see people getting ripped off. But thanks! Maybe you saved some lives, here.

eric roberts says:

I used to own the strike force rod myself for about a month, it isnt even worth the money by itself

outcomeagent says:

Dude still not as disappointing as the Colman stuff

Fun Frankie says:

Stop supporting companies like Walmart that sell junk from China and promote taking jobs away from America!

Jim Fernandez says:

Marketing! What a concept! LOL!

Huples Cat says:

Those boxes could keep cigarettes dry in the apocalypse. Other than that they are not a great thing to have

Alan Brown says:

compass fits on your watch band.I bought the first aid kit,put more dollar tree bandages and gauze pads in depot has diff color pencil bags-I bought the red one for a bigger first aid kit.

johnson29psl says:

I bought one of these kits I use the container to keep my cigarettes dry when kayaking. it works most of the time.

Mad Kubber says:

I have the fire starter one. I said the same thing about the little cardboard piece. SERIOUSLY!?  It is a little lame at first but, I added stuff to the container. The little cotton things, you can cut in half. I use it all the time, for backyard fires. It’s pretty handy to have, I guess. For survival though, HELL NO. I’ve got a Go-Bag for that.

Barry Reichartz says:

STRIKE FORCE!!! (Said it in a deep voice…) Lol

Pappy says:

you can fool these other hoople heads but i know you can start a fire with your beard . i seen a guy , ( funny , he was a marine too ) do it once and his beard wasn’t near as robust as yours is .
walmart sells the SPARK FORCE separately for like $5.88 , and for $7.97 you get the SPARK FORCE and the tinders and the box for only $2 more . ONLY $2 MORE . looking at it that way it’s really not too bad .
the good : the first aid kit
the bad : the fire kit , complete with SPARK FORCE fire starter
the ugly: the ” you ain’t gonna survive” survival kit
that’s how i rate em .

H Frendal says:

Daym wallmarts along hurricane ally must be all out of these kits by now..

blaine Osmon says:

shit for some reason I could see the army issuing this items in case of emergency haha keep up the videos man they are always great

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