Survival Bag Series – First aid & Hygiene

Survival Bag Series – First aid & Hygiene


TwistedMetals OfTexas says:

Goodstuff brother can never hurt to have more than less have a great day

Mikeyanp says:

LMAO… I blew coffee out my nose! When you said “Here, try some” I was taking a sip of mine.

Iron Fire Horse says:

This video has a lot of good info. So true about cleaning kids up before going into thier sleeping bags. I was called a paranoid and party pooper by other parents when I insisted my kids were getting washed up and sleeping with me and not in the grubby kid tent…lol. We were in bear territory!!! I just played the end of this video for my now 18 year old daughter. Thanks 🙂

half crazy old christian red neck veteran says:

good job sarge, you. Got it covered. for grab and go, my whoke kit consists of super glue, 10 feet of gorilla tape wrapped around the asprin bottlel, and a half dozen feminine hygene pads . with a little you can do a lot

The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn says:

ringworm ointment/tineas antifungal creme…..most common one I carry.
for all those who wear leather and bathe with trolls…..
leather invites a yellow powdery fungus that will ruin your day…..
Don’t get it in your eye….then you’ll be blind….and can’t walk…..and spreading it to everything in the camp.
Antifungal creme….
is menthol oils/with organic willow powder…..aspirin. sylex….powder.
BC powder/menthol oil…..paste on fungal area…..
oils… to make essential oils for major disease issues.
mostly caused by lack of….
sun exposure.
herbal products in food.
and no ass washing.
among those who dont engage in open natural activity.

the most common problem I run into is.
medical malpractice victims.
cosmetic surgery fiascos.
fungal problems.
Carnivores. …with lupus and hepatitus…related. HIV.
Skin Disorders….mostly from medical malpractice.

dehydration / electrolyte deficiency
Fungal…..bacterium. scabs.

I kid u not.
I live near a VA Hospital…
these are all the veterans kids…and their relatives.
and down syndrome and retardatuon….
from smoking… causes brain damage.

most common habits these combatants….do are the following.
smoking ….all kinds of crap.
liquor….mostly sugar crap.
violence ….is cool. injuring each other intentionally to promote being the best. dumb.
doing nasty stuff and calling it sex.
tattoos….of some satanic origin.
their missing the point…..
….. and their missing their teeth!
living in a shit box….sleeping in their own vomit….and doing it in secret….
by the way we have a large group of sex offenders here as well.
we declared this place a disaster area.
a toothless …hopped up…decorated sexually immoral combative imbecilum…..
state funny farm….with a state hospital.

Great Scott says:

Good kit, I usually carry antihistamine, anti diarrhoeal, anti indigestion & laxative, just a sheet of each, no weight but good to have just in case. Nothing worse than being miles from home with the runs or bound up, hay fever & hives & ya guts burning! hahahaha.
should set up your cooking/eating area well away from your sleeping area, we don’t have bears but we do have issues with feral dogs,cats, wild pigs, goats as well as native dingoes- all will come looking for food if you’re unlucky.

the end is near bring out your dead says:

just watch the skies man the UFOs .they’re everywhere man ..they’re everywhere.

Gather and Grow says:

*COFFEE* Folgers has coffee singles. Which is coffee grounds in a tea bag pre packaged. They are amazing just saying.

gone rydin says:

It goes without saying, but folks should know not to buy cheap electrical tape. It will just cause trouble. Get good name brand such as Scotch 3M. Great video SSgt BA!

Back woods Law says:

super glue (Cyanoacylate [CA]) was actually developed for the medical profession originally. ER’s and Surgeons use it on a regular basis. The difference is if a Doc uses it they charge you around $100/oz. It is the exact same chemically as the stuff you get for a buck at the dollar store…

Handyman1565 says:

Love the kit, Enjoy the time in the woods, If ya get a chance check out some of my vids and comment, thanks SSBA

T.pix1968 says:

Did you know that you can use your HSA(health savings account) to buy most medical supplies. first aid kits bandages etc… I put a little on mine each payday so that when I see something on sale I can buy several.

smith040296 says:

Nice! Most of these are in all of my kits but I did find some new stuff to throw in there. Thanks.

philjon763 says:

If you lose a tooth filling you can fill the hole with a cotton ball.

Brian Perkins says:

that’s a good idea with the coffee never thought of that. I will definitely be trying let soon

Paul Maust says:

Note to self: Get pack mule. LOL

Matt A's Prepping & Survival says:

I like everything you got going on here, One thing I always like to keep in my MedPac (as i like to call it) is a pack of benadryl, in case of posion ivy, stings, etc. Ive found it to come in handy over the years, especialy for my kids.

Tori Rohey says:

Haha I prolly need more,mostly for hubby. he soo accident prone. Mostly need to learn how to stitch a person, or check out some of the newer stich like items. uses like a tape and tiny zip ties to pull the cut together. dunno if you or Sippy ever seen/heard of them

Barry Reichartz says:

I use horse wrap instead of medical wrap. horse wrap is a lot cheaper for the same thing.

Lunawolf Bushcraft says:

Hey SSGT great video can say from personal experience quickclot burns like a demon lol,
goto get me one of those Israeli bandages an some steristrips i also carry a digital thermometer in my ifak

Parapearce says:

Good kit

879doogie says:

great video, sarge. don’t forget to pack a bottle of jack daniels. it has great medicinal purposes…. 8-D

Bobby Parker says:

it is better to have it and not need it then it is to need it and not have it I love your entrance

EMS*SurVival says:

please carry one or two aspirin just in case of a heart attack. No one ever plans on having one. like some people don’t plan on a snow storm or martial law. if you or someone has chest pain that they think could be a heart problem give them one single 325 mg pill or 4 baby aspirin. more won’t do any better. EMT since 2011.

AnotherBoringWeek says:

I was thinking….
A video concerning fun things to do in a power down/natural disaster happenstance.
board games, cards, Javelin catching ect….

Keeping your command from getting too bored without making them work.
Always an issue when deployed.
In your case, you have a family, your opinion on this topic, I believe, would be useful to many people.

keaden19 says:

I didn’t know that was called coflex. I’ve always called it stick tape for hockey

garden love says:

looks well rounded! let’s hope you don’t need to use anything though!!! 🙂

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