Survival Gear Military First-Aid Kit Review!

Military First-Aid Kit Review picked up on ebay for $17 bucks!


Duffelbag Drag says:

You should do some research on the items you have so you KNOW what you have and what it’s supposed to be use for. You sound highly ill informed.

Sushmita Phoju says:

There are several things for surviving any situation
You never know when things are going to go bad and that is why it is important that you ensure that you have some knowledge about the survival skills in order to keep yourself and your family safe when things go awry. Most of the people just think that these situations are not going to happen but the truth is that these situations can happen any time and it is not just for the end of the world but you would need such survival skills even in times of natural calamities as well and that is why it is important for you to learn such skills and we would be highlighting 3 of such important skills.
1. Have food stock:

2. Find a shelter:
In times like these having a shelter which can product you from weather as well as other living being is important. If you are out of your home, you have to first and foremost search for a makeshift shelter or you have to think about building one if natural shelters are not available.
3. Know the dangers:

(I read these and why they work on Marla Survive System website )

DAZ james says:

It’s a first aid kit it’s not for the battle field. The iodine is. A wound cleaning and. The other fool pack is just a gauze with patrolome jelly. Use it to cover wounds so it don’t stick. And the Little sorry to disappoint. You it’s simply to put the spare band aids in when you open the sealed pack

Vishnu Varma says:

from where it could be able to buy

michael erickson says:

Its a vietname replica

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