Surviveware Large First Aid Kit – Perfect For Boy Scouts and Families

The Surviveware Large First Aid Kit is the best kit for a family or group I’ve tried. And, as a Scoutmaster I’ve seen a lot of first aid kits. Get yours here (supports this channel):
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Michael Ryan says:

Brian , thanks for sharing, looks good !

rep says:

I have two of the small kits that go with my get home bags. I just got the large kit and all of them are great. I have added some custom items to make them best for my situation. Customer service is good too – Amanda has followed up on all my purchases to confirmed satisfaction.

mako marlin says:

R.I.P trusty old stump top

Brad Bahr says:

Looks like a nice kit Bryan. I have a smaller one I always keep in my backpack. Good to have when you need it. I was a scout and my kids were in scouts. I never lost that “be prepared” attitude I learned from the scouting program. Great review my friend. Keep up the good work!

paul massing says:

For boo-boos only.

Chris Stones adventures says:

I didn’t know they made a large kit. Looks very thorough.

freedumb free says:

Good video survival Eric Clapton!

Scashod says:

That’s a really great kit, Bryan. I will definitely be adding that one to my gear. ~~Susan


Good video & Subject . First Aid Kit is most imp “On going” activity . b.cos You can not just buy a kit & throw it in car / home . There is small problem ab it . We forget ab “EXPIRY DATE ” OF Tab & Medicine . . So Put a Tag or List of medicine with expiry date on Front side of kit And put a Reminder on Mobile to replace it . In .emergency we may not have a time to check it .

Elwyn SMITH says:

Thanks good info !

Lee Stephenson says:

Thanks. Looks like I can grab the bag at any angle when in a rush! Really wanted to see you pack all “ stuff “ back in. At double speed! Lol!

Bob Fenster says:

“now my challenge is going to be…”
for a second there i honestly thought he was going to say “testing its balance and rotation.”

Michael Morris says:

Haven’t read all the comments… but it needs a tourniquet, flashlight, write in the rain notebook, and a space pen. I actually add a pulse ox device as well to my kits (yes it cost money), but it provides good data that might be helpful if someone if hurt badly. Every family NEEDS a really good first aid kit, and this one looks like a decent place to start. I think they could upsize the bag slightly, to give you more room to add your own stuff… but that’s just me. If you aren’t going to put together your own kit… just buy the thing… you need one, honestly you do.

Stephen Gonzalez MBA says:

Great compact kit. As onw wirh two mwdical degrees. I enjoy a comprehensive first aid kit.
I don’t put much stick into trauma kits. Many or most people have no medical training. You could bw doing more harm than good. Thank younfor a great review.

Rooster says:

nice kit

Hundredth Meridian says:

I just got a personal wake up call. My area just got hit by a tornado, last evening, & 270,000 people still out of power. I think it’s time for me to get more prepared. This is the first time I’ve heard of an EF 3 hitting this far north.

Jim Zwerlein says:

Brian great review thank you. One thing in my mind is the tapes, bandages, etc. Are these non latex? Seems now a days a lot more people have the latex allergy. Just a thought. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

N.W. Jonkhart says:

Great kit it closely resembles my car first aid kit, on content. The outside of it looks more like a pillow and if you remove the contentroll it can be used as one. My wife and i have complementary kits we nearly always go out together. But my first thought when it hits the fan out in the forrest always is, i whish i still had my ambulance. But it is good to be adaptive and be able to improvise the things that would sent your bank account into free fall. The only thing i do whish was smaller would be the AED, now i have to wait for the first responder to arrive.

phyllis mulkey says:

great kit

Steve Lucier says:

Nice! We are no longer using so much First Aid stuffs but still take a large kit camping. I like the whistle coming with the kit. Something I always add in ours. I put in a good working whistle that has many extra features . Two features I like the most in the whistle is a mirror inside and LED light at the one end. I added a long pen shaped light in the kit and a LED headlight. One is non and two is one. The kit you show has plenty room to add a headlight and more. Maybe even two headlights instead. With the way that kit is made I’d consider fastening a small external pouch to carry two headlights and stuff more items inside the kit bag. Keep in mind many headlights now flash SOS.

mako marlin says:


Surviveware Adventure Products says:

Thank you for another great video Bryan, Survival on Purpose provides so much value, I had a lot of fun watching this. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the coupon code, it has all been sorted out on our side and the 10% coupon, PURPOS10, is up and running.

D B says:

Awesome kit! Only thing I would add is some eye wash.

Darren Gator says:

Only thing to make this better is needle, thread and a scalpel.


I bought a brand new truck, first thing I got for it was a good First-Aid kit. No thinking involved. Keep Safe.

ted z says:

Bryan, Very nice kit. Does your and local troops compete in First Aid Meets?


hi brian that is a good kit you found it is like my army one but a bit lower spec and size that one is 1000 corduroy so its bomb proof your little boyscouts will be ok you just need to add things in like most kits :¬|)

Christopher Neely says:

Large First Aid Kit; but not unwieldy. Looks efficient, for lack of a better word.

Terry W. Milburn says:

I really was impressed with this 1 Bryan; I*m with ya on them Ferin-Gel Thingy*s Hah ! Hoping you have a safe work week, Friend ! ATB T God Bless

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