Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON

Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON

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Darth Pan says:


azazelRising72 says:

Great vid! At 03:39 – the instructional videos I have seen on that device wrap it around a stick. They only used the finger holes on the saw to cut the branch that would become the handle of the saw, and then they attached the saw as the blade of an improvised hacksaw. Then you could tend to a large amount of wood, and not worry about finger strain. /$0.02

macguy4321 says:

There is a cap lifter on the card tool It’s the square opening on the end

Kuro Hanekawa says:

Hey, that’s pretty good

H Ma says:

You are very funny and know How te make a Movie like rear window keeping people on the edge.

H Ma says:

You are very funny and know How te make a Movie like rear window keeping people on the edge.

Wranglerstar says:

Get Your Survival Kit Here – Only $9 https://goo.gl/DD421n

Tanner Lehman says:

There was a bottle opener on the card tool

H Ma says:

That survival kit is a piece of junk.The case can be used as a Tomtom case

Moo says:

I like this guy. He’s got a lot of serotonin.

The Cat Village says:


David Douthit says:

There were two bottle openers. The one on that multi tool, and the other is on that square thing.

jmtnvalley says:

It would cost about $10 to put this “kit” together”.

Filippo Pellegrini says:

Open the whole survival kit instead of hiding the inside, ruined the video

Christopher McCann says:

Directional sundilary thing is a sun dial.

Maan Singh says:

the only thing I like about the entire survival kit was the “pocket chain saw”

duckncover says:

the irony in your voice is worth a thousand words….?

Lil Mya says:

Rip headphone users at 0:48

Flying Cows says:

The last tool is actually used for fishing they put it in the survival kit thinking wrong

HardToMell o says:

You put matches in the whistle to keep them dry

The Bass Slayer says:

The multi tool is actually a fishing multi tool from another company so unless that company partnered up with the fishing company, that is technically not their product.

Aireen Barrios says:

9:11 “I think the back is sharper than the front” lmao

Eve Farthing says:

Just don’t like how negative you are about everything

fastacker2 says:

The survival card actually has a cap lifter. Its the big squarish hole with the metal tab.

Shane Andrew Phillips says:

I have the same multitool

Q-Pid Avenger says:

Those saws work best as a bow saw, get a sampling and bend it between the rings

Kristian says:

Late to the video but if you ever need to open a can without an opener then just rub the top against a flat rock until the rim of the can is scraped off then use a knife or similar hard tool to pry the top off.

Medlock Jodengrad says:

“is this metric system or standard?”

LyonFACE oof says:

I have watched 4 videos and you are very hard to impress

Michael says:

I am the only one who thinks survival things are just a waste of time who’s gunna plan on getting lost in the “wild” best thing to do Is learn how to make stuff like axes and tools from the things you find and 99% of the time u won’t be carrying these kits around as who’s gunna get lost driving to the shops

Hector Portillo says:

you suck

Furry Griffin says:

“Is it metric system or standart” americans…

Just Beats says:

butterfly wrench is used to unscrew a really tight wing nut.

Charles Ross says:

You broke it

Apollo 727 says:

If u bust open a can u dont just loose most of ur dinnervu also get botcholism

humphrey707 says:

I’m geusssing you think this is much better than the Ossis one

Hunnie, Max and their Human Too says:

bottle openers are the most useless survival tool ever

Dakota Alberta says:

A butterfly wrench is for wing nuts. I had to look it up

Simply Kenz says:

With the saw I was impressed

Action alone says:

Hey size doesn’t matter

Matthew Palumbo says:

You sound like that Jurassic Park guy omg

Rosie 47 says:

How to pad a run time….don’t show everything at once

Dark says:

Couldnt they just put a swis army knife in the kit and be better off than either that muti tool and that card thing

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