Upgrade To THIS First Aid Kit (It Could Save Your Life…)

Probably the most complete pre-made First Aid Kit on the market…

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Surviveware Large First Aid Kit ☛ https://amzn.to/2RNVRi6
Surviveware Small First Aid Kit ☛ https://amzn.to/2RMT7Bj


Survival Gear ☛ https://kit.com/BudgetBugout/survival-kit-bug-out-bag


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irish says:

should a survial kit be high visability pleasesombody let me know ??????????

Andreas Küünal says:

Uesterday i boke my leg

CrazyIrishMedic says:

Seems more like a bo-bo kit then a live saving kit that can handle traumatic injury. Yes it has a few items for hemorrhage control but its mostly tailored to cuts and scrapes, sprains and minor burns. Don’t get me wrong its a good kit for those things but I think it needs more items to handle traumatic injury’s.


First, also thx for useful stuff

Gina Clayton says:

i like this video.

Anthony Montez says:


Jttv says:

I have a first aid kit in my car and a second one in my dorm room. Both have been used on numerous occasions.

shovelhead8 says:

Reasonably priced for what you get. Thank you for the review

Darth Croll says:

This is definitely the best pre-made kit I’ve seen for sure, good review. I have first aid kits in all my bags, whether they are for hiking or EDC and then I have supplies at my apt and in my car. Mostly use the boo-boo stuff, but have used the heavier gauze pads when camping before too. Good to have it!

Anthony Montez says:


FggyUltraHypridCringe FUHC says:

u deserve more views

Mick Bator says:

Have you ever had to administer CPR in a real life, life threatening situation? Just curious.

MadMax films says:

Great job love the video keep up the good work

Mr Trex says:


SuTen says:

Check – just bring your trusty bowie knife….

Gadiel Rodriguez says:

“Let’s dive in” hahaha dead!!!

irish says:

what is the best place to suplies for my bugout bag ???????????

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