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Preparedmind101 begins a series of reviews on several items from Vanquest, the first being the FATPacks. FATPacks are excellent options for medical kits, and are built from the best materials available. Here I give two examples of how they could be used.










Good review,

lindsay 87 says:

inside your pouch- you could attach 550 cord in a loop, and have your bandage tape swinging off of it- that way it never falls on the ground, and it swivels on the 550 when you are getting a length to cut off. i have done this in my condor emt rip away pouch- and it works great. thanks for the vid man- cheers

RhinoCable says:

where did you get the mini med kit that holds your pills?
I like how it has separate compartments for different pills.
As always thanks…..

Michael Quigley says:

Stop being sick. In other words, feel better.   Mike

Chris Lee - UK says:

Great kits Chris, not really looked at Vanquest much before but looks like Maxpedition quality (Which I normally get if I can)
Something to maybe add to your kit would be a chest seal of some sort to go with the angiographic needle. As you say, maybe you can’t use it but someone else may know how. Life saver!. Also maybe a single 20mm syringe for would irrigation.
5 yr EMT/2 yr First Responder


Maynard Madsen says:

Where did you get the plastic case for the meds?

Anthony Visconte says:

holy crap you sound different

zoeyxander says:

Chris : FatPack stands for First Aid Trauma Pack. Nice review.Zoey

My You says:

it’s o.k when You Get the stuff for Free ALL THE TIME… YOU MAKE ME VOMIT…

Vanquest Gear says:

Thanks for all of your comments, and we hear you Sherman614.
ITS and Arc’teryx make FANTASTIC gear, and many of us at VANQUEST are longtime users of many of their products.
While we attempt to make meaningful changes to our medical pouch designs, we have to admit that the FATPacks are deeply inspired by Arc’teryx Miura backpack, Khard backpack, and ITS medical pouches.
We strongly encourage everyone to check out those two companies’ products and support the innovators that inspired our R&D.
-Vanquest Team

Michael Perkins says:

when you apply the pepper to a cut i assume it will burn?

Allen White says:

another good vid. thanks and that reminds me, I need a refresher myself, I am a certified medical assistant and phlebotomist and I was first response/fire fighter while in the Navy. Got most of my training while working for the fire department in Rota, Spain, so thanks for the reminder  lol  of course I have know basic first aid and CPR since I was a cub scout and boy scout  back in the 70’s  lol   

aerosaaber says:

I know the review isn’t on the backpack, BUT I like the brighter colored interior. From my camera bags I’ve learned that a light or bright interior makes finding that lil bitty widget you need a lot easier. I’m glad that feature seems to be working it’s way into this kind of gear.

Drews1998 says:

what size and brand are those little bottles for the honey and cayenne pepper?

YenzHouse says:

Chris love the vid bro thanks!! Where did you get the container for the Pain Meds, and where did you order the Manuka Honey and Cayenne in liquid form??

Stephanie Pickup says:

great explaining of product! vanquest should be thankful

UGADAWG1988 says:

Well done!

Ross says:

I noticed that Vanquest responded to a comment from sherman614… but It seems that his comment was deleted.

I’m going to guess that he said what I myself was going to say. Vanquest didn’t make anything better. Although their stuff is of good quality, its essentially just a copy of the original designs that “inspired” them. Arcteryx Khard, the ITS “Fatboy” and “Tallboy” Trauma kits…and obviously maxpedition. And they didn’t invent molle sticks, that was also ITS. 

I’m not trying to rag on Vanquest, just giving credit where credit is due. Frankly it makes me kind of happy that they “borrowed” Maxpeditions designs, changed them a little and are now cutting into their market share.

Jessie Morton says:

where did you get the pill container whats the brand and the name

My You says:

i really really HATE YOU.

Jarhead6 says:

Excellent stuff!

Function First says:

Hey man, nice kit but that latex tourniquet you’ve got in there is designed for applying IV’s, and is definitely not going to cut it when it comes to occluding life threatening hemorrhaging from an extremity. 

Southerngunner 87 says:

Check out the ITS TACTICAL trauma kit. Its bag and contens for almost $200 its wat i have on my tac gear. Great for gsw or anyhing else

PureDWhiteCloud says:

Rub candle wax or chap stick on the teeth of the zippers and they will really smooth right out.

Kristyanna Virgona says:

I was an EMT-IV Paramedic back in 1978-9 with NYC-EMS which is now the Fire Dept. I had My EMT training since I was 17 I worked as an EMT=II from 1972-1975 then an PAramedic until I left I kepted up My EMT Lic in NYS updated till 1986 My Paramedic Lic expired in 1981. I have seen everything you can think of. You really do not forget it. the knowledge does come back when you need it. Our Paramedic course was 1600 hr of classroom plus 480 hrs in different things like ICU, ER, Ortho, OB, etc. I started IV’s gave shots, Intubated someone. I may be rusty but I could still do  it with a little practice.  BTW I got paid to go to school and was able to take a shift to work as a Corpsman (thats what they called us we were crossed trained to Drive and to EMT)

Taylor h says:

Where did you get the pill case from?

Mike Casady says:

I just ordered the 4×6 and the 5×8 in coyote, PM. Where do you get those velcro patches to put on there?

zoolanderfred says:

Dude, are you wearing makeup? Looks like eyeliner….

Journey Thru the Ozarks says:

hey do you sell this in your store if so like to buy one and thanks for all the videos

C A Freeman says:

Have you looked at the Wilderness First Responder classes

Thatdualsportguy says:

I just started putting my kit together so I don’t have much but some stuff I improvised grandfather was in the Korean war and said if someone got cut or something they’d put sulfur on it he said sulfur is a disinfectant so I have that for disinfecting along with alcohol and piroxide (I have a very big bag) and I have a good bit of gun powder for closing deep lacerations or a bullet hole or something and I have a stitch kit for that as well I have some cotton balls and that’s it for now I’ll be adding more soon

Jessie Morton says:

hi I was wandering where you got the container thats holding the pills

Ethan Bertrand says:

Can you test out the Cold Steel Trench Hawk?

Peter MacNeil says:

Who makes the pill container you have?

qwertysspam says:

Hi Hi Hi. luv your channel + always find the reviews informative.
if i could make a suggestion for 1 more item to keep in a medkit (maybe not a personal medkit) but definately in a more comprehensive kit – an Athsma inhaler.
i keep 1 in my cubbyhole + its come in handy sooo many times already
Relatively small + light , very cheap (about 4$ – or R40-00 here in South Africa) it can litterally save lives + no training needed to administer it – just sqeeze + inhale

ligitmuffin says:

Wont that pepper stuff burn?

Christian T says:

you should add a cpr mask but otherwise great kit!

Steve Erwin says:

They’re now available on Amazon.

madnis007 says:

Good idea preparing for needle decompression procedures by bringing that angiocath. Although I think you would be better off getting a fixed needle of the biggest diameter (lowest gauge). The BD angiocath’s have a built in safety feature which retracts the needle when you press the white button on top. I would imagine in a emergency situation it would be relatively easy to accidentally trip this safety feature, and at this point the angiocath is useless for the intended purpose you packed it for.

C A Freeman says:

I enjoy your videos keep em coming. I learn something new every video. No Immodium AD?

DrDennis77 says:

Where’s your Sawyer Bite/Sting kit? I’ve got one I keep in the BOB or EDC bag.

nuclearskull says:

Thanks!! This was a Cool to the point video and very helpful as I put my personal FIK together…..FIY: Good to have around at ALL TIMES especially for the kids bringing germs home = ZYCAM Spray. I work with the Public and if someone around me sneezes in close quarters I hit the spray. If I feel a cold coming on – BAM!! I’ve used it for over 10 yrs and I always say “If its good enough for the US Navy SEALS to take into the field, then its good enough for me”….It works

chartaine says:

Where did you get the pill case?  Is the cayenne pepper just powdered food grade, or do you use a different mixture?

Robin Banks says:

The pill case idea is brilliant, haven’t seen it done like that before! You’re videos are far better than others!


Great looking Kit, Thanks

Adrian Griffin says:

wow 2715 views and no dislikes all the trolls must be sleeping. shh

Dennis De Rooy says:

Great little pack there! In Holland where im from maxpadition is the only brand you can get here.
These nothing in between cheap crap and maxpadition that i can find. Im pretty lucky i as able buy a becker bk @114euros
And a schrade schf9 for 60 euros….

Opal Preston Shirley says:

Great first aid kits well stocked. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and your family. atb

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