Voodoo Tactical Spec Ops Medical Bag A Prepper Kit!

This Video will discuss and review the Voodoo Tactical Medical Bag. With plenty of space, and compartments, it is ideal for any situation where medical supplies are needed. For The Prepper, Bug Out Vehicle, Bug In Fort, and Camping, WROL, or simply when medical care is not available.


Hans Krueger says:

You should invest in a medical course or two. Although you can self study etc, your clinical hours in an emergency room will do way more then any book would do. I got certified as an EMT-B, and did over 500 clinical hours in an emergency room, and only 10 hours on an ambulance. Most hospitals, if you are willing to put int he hours will happily take you for as many hours as you will give them. In the emergency room, i got to interact with over 100 patients a day, and under a Doctors license you can learn more things then covered in the EMT scope of practice, like sutures, IV’s, etc. Of course that is up to your state laws and the decision is truly based on the physicians comfort level with your competency.

corbin Young says:

Hey quick question is there a spot for a hydration bladder I can’t tell but awesome review on that bag

Clemens Netherlands says:

your missing one of the most important parts, were is your AED?? That’s what is REALY useful and they can even be used by non medics.

Dag Ut says:

Im by no means an expert, but would you know how to use half of this stuff? Seems to me that you have overdone this?! But if you can use it, all honor to you. Well done.

Goruck Yourself says:

Not a bad looking setup…how much do you reckon you spent on all the supplies (minus the bag)?

alvinraydj3 says:

what music do you do?

Judah McLain says:

There room in the back for a C-collar?

Tt Ss says:

I have to laugh cause half this shit 99 percent have no idea how to even use it properly. I laughed even more when he stated when he goes to the second section shits getting real. Uhhh no there was nothing about getting serious in that second section. Want to see the second section in my day to day Medic back thats when she is serious.

several hundred dollar bag and items yet the contents is nothing more then an overload of basic would care.

Joe Primal says:

Thanks for the to the point review.

Jorge Barajas says:

No spec ops medic will carry a bag that big, you need something small that has life saving equipment ready to go.

Little Big Inventor says:

you need to catch the train? XD

ryan dravinski says:

quick question. As an aspiring Paramedic. I want to carry a medic bag where ever I go in case of situations. Would you recomend this bag over a Kemp professional Trauma bag? The red one the EMTs carry. and what is the pro and cons of each in your opinion?

thanks and cool video. definitely liked.

Jared Cobb says:

please tell me you are going to get medical training

Anonymous Chupacabra says:

i hope this idiot get some training he has not idea what he really needs

Everette Butler says:


Shelby Benjamin says:

whats an aspirator?

Holly Roscoe says:

buddy are you really gonna stitch someone up with an unsterilized surgical pack and sutures you got from eBay? what are you going to use to sterilize and debride the wound? FAK priority is first aid. As in, first aid before you can get to a doctor. If someone cuts their hand you need to stop the bleeding and prevent infection, not stitch it back up.

SizzlenGrizzlen says:

Just my personal opinion, but I’d put all of the bottled liquids in either a ALOKSAK dry bag or Ziploc bags, in case one of them bursts or somehow comes open & compromise’s some of the other contents in the bag.

No.1 Prepper says:

around how much did this pack cost you with everything included?

Kurt Barth says:

Do you have any medical training at all? I mean actual certification? Also to everyone posting here stop recommending invasive tools to the lay person! Also if you don’t know the physiology and affect you will have on someone you can hurt someone! Also if you don’t know proper terminology or pronunciation of items in your kit you probably shouldn’t have it and know you don’t know how to use it.
EMT-B, IV, Pears.

Leni Mikaelson says:

Looking into the video, as nurse trainee and someone who had surgery on my hand you need ALOT more bandages and gauze, remember if you get hurt you need to refresh those bandages 3 times a day, minimum of 2 times a day….that is alot of bandages I went through 2 packages of bandages a day.

tripple Brown says:

Great Video LionWolf. You might want add an Enema disposal cleaning bag with the saline solution. I brought one from my local medical supply store ‘m just trying to cover all sides as possible. Great Video.

Modern_Patriot says:

I don’t know if it has been suggested yet, but I would suggest having the zipper pulls meet at the top of the bag. Should you need to access the bag quickly, you won’t be fumbling to find the zipper pulls. I would also weave some red paracord pull tabs so you can easily find the pulls and it is easier to grab with gloves on.

Marcus Torres says:

like he said in the video, you may not know how to use it, but someone might! if your worried about being sued, let me know what time your court date is after the apocalypse. I may be wrong but under extreme emergency and lone ranger scenarios, no one will question one’s ability for lack of trying. I’m sure you’ll do what needs to be done within reason, we’re not that barbaric yet. If you need to know how to use some of your stuff go learn. That’s why we prepare!

vuckovic zvonko says:

If you are interested in survival the greatest results that ive had was with the Micaden survive system (i found it on google) definately the most helpful preppers i’ve tried.

The Brewery says:

What!? Nothing to administer I.V. fluids?! No splinting materials, nothing to secure an airway… the list goes on. Unless you have a medical license of some sort, what you have there is a big ol ‘ bag of “kill this guy slower”. please for the love of God stick with a first aid kit… – U.S. Army Medic, just saying

Josh lower says:

where is your airway and why do you only have one tourniquet. you should pack the other way with your trauma on top so its easily accessible to you if shtf. you dont need your fuckin bee sting ointment right away

Gear Junkie says:

Just posted my setup on the same pack check it out.

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