Whats in a Wilderness Medical Kit

Most first aid kits are loaded full of Bandaids and items that are not useful. Jeffrey explains what he has in his medical kit that he takes with us out on our classes and when his is out in the backcountry. Jeffrey is an active paramedic in Vail Colorado and also teaches Basic Wilderness Life Support, Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness First Aid and Basic Outdoor Skills for Colorado Mountain Man Survival. To learn more about Jeffrey and all of our available classes , visit us at www.TheSurvivalUniversity.com

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Modern Explorer says:

Fantastic video! Jeff presented wilderness medicine really well!

Down_south Jsouth says:

great video, that looks like a ton to carry, but it seems like you are not technically a civilian so you can use more than most legally.

Col says:

great vid

James says:

Great video intelligent information.
However on another note I think there is a hole underneath your bag because there’s no way in the world I could get that much stuff into that kind of bag this must be a magical trick somewhere. Haha just joking

Glynn Knox says:

I’ve done CPR 4 times and it drains the energy right out of you.

Uber Jim in DC says:

Epi pen? I’m sure I spelled it wrong. Any thoughts on that? I don’t need one but should it be a part of my kit?

Outdoor- Moni says:

hi, can you show me where i can order Your Mini Chest Rig? Thank you.

W463 says:

What do you wear on your chest bro ?

Danny says:

I’m taking a Wilderness First Aid class for my Scouts.  I am starting a canoe program in the PNW (basically kayak land) I have a basic store bought that I supplemented for scouting high adventures.  As I’m reading the class is there anything for a water-based kit that I should look at other than what may be listed in my field guidebook​?

Tactical Spain says:

Regular, the camera has to be more fixed, to see the materials better. It’s a tip !!!

Joyce Ann Warnke High says:

Love the honesty! I carry lots of elastic bandages rolls of different widths, gauze and 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 pads and tape, plus scizzors. Then cut to size. That way I seem to cover most cuts and scrapes. Ace bandages and safety pins, ointments & pills. Immodium & gravol top the list. Eucalyptus and Tiger Balm. Thermometer. Ziplock bags may take up space but my grandpa taught me to make my 1st First Aid Kit when I was 8 yrs old and he said the most important thing was to keep it all dry and clean. He had me make one to fit into a Mustard Powder tin can. He was an avid Outdoorsman who spend much of his life living ‘off-grid’ with my half-Cree grandma. I loved my summers & holidays with them. But not roast bear for Xmas dinner. Lol

Bret Territo says:

In my 40+ year career and graduate degree in Epidemiology, I’ve never seen any study or heard a suggestion by someone compétant to use a 60ml syringe/14 gauge catheter for wound irrigation. It’s highly doubtful that such a combination would produce enough pressure for adequate irrigation.

Gage Patterson says:

Awesome video!

John Grealey says:

I thought I had most angles covered with my first aid kit for me and my family .boy was I wrong .I’m an amateur alongside this guy .great and informative video .

Robert Evans says:

Shared on Facebook (Public) Robert H Evans JR

IRON1 says:

Great video! Thanks Sensei Mountain medic!

Brian Umbarger says:

Thanks for the practical medicine!

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