ZipStitch | World’s Most Advanced Wound Closure Device!

ZipStitch is a Brand New Device from Zipline Medical where you can have professional non-invasive wound care at home!

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Richard Dean says:

butterfly Band-Aids do same thing

Chris Hessey says:

I’m getting some. Thanks.

Eric Matas says:


Barry Hay says:

I am really glad and relieved that you are healing so well. Please be careful, we want you around for more awesome videos….

Out West with Chris says:

Wow That is a cool product, thanks for sharing. By the way that wound was nasty man, glad it is healing up well.

Canadian Prepper says:

Great video, great product!

Apprentice gilligan says:

That is really cool. Now is the zipstitch waterproof? Meaning if you take a shower with them on or have to wait through water out in the field will they stay? I am definitely getting some of these. This is another reason I like your channel so much you give your honest opinion and you test the gear ” not that you needed to put this item through the paces”. Thanks

Brandon Christ says:

Pretty nifty item to have. Sorry about your leg.

Jeannie Breslin says:

Where can I purchase your medical bag? Love all the compartments. Thank you.

Aidan 2319 says:

Nice looking piece of kit, will have to get some for myself. Unrelated question, does anyone know of a decent quality budget flashlight, preferably under $40?

shovelhead8 says:

Great trial. Most channels would not go this far… Old school version was a piece of adhesive tape with an edge turned over on each side of the cut, and then just sewn like a piece of cloth. This is a lot easier. Thank you for the video, Chris and the DropForgedSurvival Crew.

Triv 9350 says:

Real info about products that are useful in situations that may actually happen in real life. That is why you guys are one of the few prepper channels I still watch regularly. (no zombie crap) Glad you are on the mend, keep up the good work!

Native Tearz says:

Very cool!!

Vanessa Jaramillo says:

Thanks for sharing this it’s going on my need to get list..

bergonius says:

How can I get it outside the US?

EarlyMist says:

Available in USA only. That blows because I could use this multiple times a year.

Scott McLaughlin says:

Getting these ASAP. Any knife collection needs a few packs.

slipstream247 says:

That is awesome!

Daniel weirdo vato says:

This is great but buying this would be pointless if sutures are cheaper by the bulk and if one doesn’t know how to suture they should buy a book on it when already preppers buy shit used in medical communities who don’t even get training in a classroom they find out. You can even use dental floss in shft, ask a rural physician and help tell u make due what you got and not listen to companies who sell that high speed low drag shit. I’m a nurse working for a rural physician who tells me everyone falls for that gimmick shit when u can do it cheaper. Its more fun suturing then having a premade device that does it for you. What if there’s quality control issue with the adhesive then your fucked

Budget Outdoors and Survival says:

i know what im getting next for my gear! these are unreal

tag1out says:

Very helpful. Thanks

Cry Havoc says:

I keep super glue in my gear. They make a specific product for medical use, but I have used regular super glue with no ill effect. But, if you can get to a medical care facility, within a reasonable amount of time, it is much more preferable to let the ER look at it.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

Great add on to any medical kit!

mary Jacobs says:

Shalom God bless everyone in Jesus name
I NEED this is my life

Lone Survivor says:

How did you get your wound?

Jack G. says:

Ingenious!!! I am an EFR Instructor and I have to say the Zip Stich looks like the easiest wound closer system I’ve seen and possibly the only one I’ve seen that a person could self administer if need be. I’ll be picking some up for my kits for sure. Thanks for sharing.

DropForgedSurvival says:

Finally Something Medical Grade that is Non-Invasive! This is literally been a financial Life Saver!

acet7 says:

thanks for sharing, I will have to get some for my kits

Jacob Mcley says:

Love your vids!!! #DFS

Yoram Kohanzadeh says:

Could have used this twice for loved ones!

Philip Soto says:

Great video! Do you think you could do a product review on either the SOG PROPHET 33L backpack or (preferably) the SOG SERAPHIM 35L backpack? I love your reviews and think super highly of your reviews lol I’m trying to get a new bag to fit all my gear in, old one is wearing down. Let me know what you think! Maybe even just watch the video on their website and we can talk about it!

Chris Friedrichs says:

That would be useful with my kids

Justin Wells says:

I love how you are still Rocking that Cabuya in the background for your table I made a Cabuya like two months ago and stuck a paracord handle on it. Its is Amazing I can easily cast it 25-30ft


Very cool I definitely want to get some of these for my kit

Troy Wallech says:

They are awesome

Martin Guthrie says:

I like the Lokks of zip stitch and I plan on gettin some!! Great Info from you guy’s all the time…

Denesia Weldy says:

love the videos

Lanette Atkins says:

informative video. I will be interested to hear how easy it is to peel off as anything used has to be balanced between being sticky enough to stay in place which it seems to be and ease of removing, One concern I would have with actively bleeding wounds would be getting the edges clean and dry as opposed to surgical procedures when vessels are cauterized or tied off so bleeding most bleeding stopped before closing. I definitely see a place for it even if not perfect because there may be times even if the cost of medical care is not an issue when one may be unable to make it to medical care within what is referred to as the golden hours and the physicians will not close wounds due to risk of infection. Of course, there is always a need for this type of thing for preppers. You answered a lot of questions I had before I had the chance to check it out. Thanks.

lonestarrider says:

Very Cool And A Great Price!

Scooter Wilson says:

Looks Useful

bansheemania says:

Easier And safer then Krazy glue …I NEED THESE

Christian Haldeman says:

I am definitely going to get a couple for my family’s first aid kits. And recommend them for my daughters girls scout troops kits

Joe Morris says:

Definitely ordering some of these. Brilliant idea


……this device is good for a nice straight forward incision , but on an irregular cut , well………….

Chelsea Stewart says:

My dad (who works for Zipline) helped the company created this product and first hand I can say seeing it in the works, it’s an amazing product! Definitely recommend it to anyone, my brother has used it on a cut on his leg one night (perks of having extras at home) from a bicycle accident in college and it worked amazingly! Everyone should have them in their first aid kits!

bergonius says:

How can I get it outside the US?

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