3F UL Gear Ultralight 1-person Tent “Review”

A Review of 3F UL Gear Ultralight 15D Silnylon 1-Person 3 Season Tent. An overnight leak test during a 4-6 hour rain. Also a look at a few modifications to help the performance of the tent.


Ian Griffiths says:

I’ve just bought one of these but haven’t set it up yet. What length should I set the trekking pole to please?

Camp- Kot says:

Smart move with the reflective base. I’m going to do the same on mine. Never actually slept in it yet though lol.

ScrabblerVid says:

Seems like an excessive amount of shock cord to control a couple inches of sag. Try using a smaller section of shock cord attached to regular cord to save a LOT of weight.

danhold1 Holdcroftski says:

Nice tent, Good test

That Hiking Guy says:

Hey great to see you out on the Sycamore Trail this weekend!!!

Jim Bowling says:

You going back to the ground??? You have been doing a lot of tent videos

J S says:

Is this the same as the big sky wisp?

John Marshall says:

Using shock cord at the foot end of the tent might be the source of the waterdrops. When the wind comes from that direction, I bet a good strong gust might push back the top of the foot end (like it did when you were showing the shock cord there at 8:31) then the rain might of been able to blow into the vent?

Chris Jacobs says:

Hi, great review! By far the best I’ve seen for this product and I’ve watched them all. I too bought this tent. I have only set it up once, but when I did, there was a lot sagging. Any idea the height you set your trekking pole? Which lines did you switch out and how long did you make them? Also, how far out are you placing the guy line stakes? I’m getting ready to set out on a 200 mile backpacking trip and want to be comfortable setting up this tent before I go.
I really appreciate you taking the time to do this review and answering questions form viewers.

Steve Skinner says:

I really like it bro.

Ian Griffiths says:

Not sure that shock cord is a good idea for guy lines (guy outs) Watch the video by Hilleberg on setting up their tents in 70 MPH wind, it makes the point that guy lines are not made from stretchable cord just so that they hold the tent without movement. I’d rather just tighten the guy lines if the fabric gets wet and sags a bit. Interesting video though, thanks for making it.

Digital2050 says:

Great information, thanks. May I ask, would you be able to fit a backpack inside the tent with yourself or is the tent too narrow?

Friar Rodney Burnap says:


Dakine says:

I bought this tent and made my own silicone sealer and went over all the seams on the exterior especially where the foot is and the seams where the fly meets the screen. Once the snow is gone Ill set up out side when weather is good Ill silicone spray the body, This tent is great for the price. But I always recommend seam sealing the tent your self no matter what brand you buy no matter the price.

Thank you for reviewing this tent in the rain. I find it re assuring. Think I might do a similar thing with the Shock cord.

Add a small fan that plugs into a battery pack or smart phone and hang it from top. It helps with condensation.

Murkat2016 says:

Great review and good idea to use the shock cord . I’m 6’03” would this be okay for me ? All the best

Camp- Kot says:

Can you remember what height the treking pole is set at? I can’t get my tent as tight as yours.

Yong Jian Yi says:

Hammock user myself, researching cheaper options for going to the ground..

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