3F UL LanShan 2 person Tent Review

After camping in this tent about 7 nights I feel I can give an honest opinion of the tent.


drie wiel says:

Why do all backpackers have the same beard? Is it the best backpacking beard?

Paul Schonbrun says:

I ordered one and will probably will add a tyvek groundsheet. I’ve become a hammock camper…so I’m not sure how much I’ll use it. I also have a Megemid that I love…in all seasons.

Caleb Brooks says:

Thanks so much for the review. This really helped me decide what tent to purchase.

Mary Ellen says:

I have the Lanshan 2 as well. Mine is the 2018 model and is green in color. Exactly like yours. Watch Bigfoot’s video on setting up the Zpacks Duplex. That’s how I set my Lanshan up and get a perfect pitch every time. I also use my 3F UL Gear poncho for my groundsheet. Hope to see ya on the AT!! Great videos brother, keep ‘em comin!!

Dave M says:

Thanks for the video. I think i am going to get one to play with before the price goes up. My other tent is a Kelty Salida 2, so hopefully this will work as well. It is definitely lighter. You mentioned bike-packing..what state are you in? Lots of opportunities for bike packing here in Virginia..

Thoth Al Khem says:

Mine will be here on the 18th with the groundsheet….$12.50 shipped for the ground sheet…. Aliexpress.

Isle of Wight Bushcraft says:

Great review, I’m looking to order one myself, so found this very helpful


Good review. I did a couple reviews myself on this tent and had it on the trail. Like the tent a lot. Following Walkers World

Roman Sokolov says:

This is the first review from the actual user! I’ve orderd 1-person version. Maybe you need -person version as well? It is 300-350 gramms lighter. And what are your thoughts about titanium stakes? Am really interested in buying the same stakes for my Lanshan-1.

tnprime says:

I think this IS a cool tent!

Big Bear says:

Thanks for the field review. I’ve been looking at this one and comparing it to the SMD Lunar Duo for a while. I will probably order this one. What height do you set your poles fit the tent. SMD has 45″ and 49″ poles that I’ve considered, and I’m not fully committed to trekking poles yet.

tnprime says:

the factory ground cloth is $15 and keeps moisture off the bottom which is nice for packing up. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3F-ul-Gear-LANSHAN-2-original-silnylon-footprint-210-110cm-high-quality-groundsheet/32842882342.html


Sorry.. Also.. Definitely on the ground sheet.

Living the 2nd 1/2 of life says:

I got mine in February and have only set it up in my yard. Agree there is a learning curve on setting it up. Taking it out on a trip in a few weeks and plan on using a Tyvek ground sheet. Thanks for the review!

100 Acres says:

I ordered this after watching Walkers World. Leaving for a few nights tomorrow in a State Forest and will be using it for the first time. Based on Walkers’ review I knew a footprint was necessary so I ordered the OEM one from AliExpress. Set it up the other day and the OEM footprint works very well. The stakes did not, so going to use the larger MSR Groundhogs from my NEMO Tipi. Looking forward to the AT section hike videos! Thanks for the review! Have a great trip!

Broad Mountain says:

I have also been using this tent for the past few months with my son’s scout outings. I do use a polycro ground sheet. So far, it’s done well in wind & rain. I might try it without the inner tent to save weight this summer as well. Thanks for your review!

Hodge Podge Outdoor Adventures says:

I just got back from a section hike of the AT. Neels Gap to Tray Mountain Shelter. Used a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC. The most physically demanding thing I have ever done. Good luck on your section hike.

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