While in the USA this year I used the Alu-Cab gen-3 roof tent, as did my friend, Jeramay. It’s a good product with a few problems that are all mostly trivial, but because it’s a high-end product, they can and should be corrected. Altogether though, I liked it a lot.












Philip Hull says:

Did you get a chance to see any of the JK Ursa Minor J-30’s while at Overland Expo West?  How did they compare to your Alu-Cab Gen 3?×500-jtree-j30-white.JPG

Matt France says:

First off, the nice things… I like your content, thanks for posting, keep it up.

Secondly, there’s no way a roof top tent manufacturer would create a design that mounts direct to a roof, because that would require a different design for every roof. The rack is an abstraction layer, so manufacturers only have to create a tent that mates to a typical rack system.

In fact… I think it’s awesome that I can have a roof top tent that works on my Toyota Tacoma (over the bed-racks that I have) and then I can take it and mount it on a different vehicle like my Jeep Wrangler, simply because it’s a universal design and the roof rack is the only vehicle specific option.

Western Australia Now and Then says:

I think a saw a bit of a problem for anyone who wants to use one of these in the north of Australia, the fly-screens don’t look like micro-mesh and if they are just ordinary sized mesh, sand-flies and midges will get in. That, at least for me, would mean no-sale. If that could be corrected then this looks like an excellent product.

zxzjrhzxz says:

the bag should stay attached to the back side of the ladder maybe press studded and the zip open length ways. also if they sold models that had like 250mm or 500mm higher would be heaps better for storage. then even a solar version would be cool

Martin Spangs Spanggård says:

Andrew St.Pierre White
As allways, I really like your rewiews of Overland products, and
because of your knowledge of the use of these , you give an serius
advising to the people – Thanx! I will agree on the minor detail of the
G3 AluCab Rooftent… As a toolworker & inventor, I have high
expetations to the Overland products I purchase. The ladder should have
been wider, and better processed, as not cutting your hands! Tha Madras
is (for me) to hard, so I bought a “Top-madras” from Ikea(40mm.) a put
on top of the orig. inside…That gave a much better comfort! As for the
zippers, I have the same thaught…Getting in/out with 2 persons, its
not good to have the whole flap of the openings, folding inside the
tent, as in our climate (Scandinavia) have more rainy days, and this
results in the wet sides dripping in the bedding! But all around , I
think this tent is one of the best I have been using (had all the other
types) ! What I think AluCab should do, is to get better mounting
quality, to get the last finish of these top spec. product´s… The
first tent I got, there was a bad welding in the front, which resulted
in a wet madras!.. But AluCab replaced it without a disscussing (which
you would expect) 😉
We have a higher quality in Scandinavian product´s
(furnitures/maschines aso.) And South African company´s, should maybe go
and learn some of this

Alan Livingston says:

For the price point I wish they would do something more creative with the ladder.

Shawn850 says:

Will you be reviewing the Eazi-Awn stealth? Perhaps a head to head comparison?

Tim Scott says:

Weight? Cost (AUD)? Is it really a two person arrangement (looks a bit tight in there)?

Hell - Yum III says:

USA, CA, NZ, AU are so well deserved by manufacrurers of roof top ten.
Here in France the choice is very limited (James Baroud, Magnoilia, La Hussarde).

Brent Hawkins says:

Last time i looked at these tents i was quoted $4500 AUD for the gen-3. Don’t get me wrong, it looks to be a good quality product that sets up quicker than the sandwich alternative… however don’t see the $3000 AUD extra when comparing to the other style. I purchased a Gordigear RTT at a very reasonable price and can handle the extra few minutes it may take to setup/packup.

MrBrentles says:

How much AUD?

Mike Kay says:

It would be good if you could review the Bundutop, lighter, faster, set up , has a better mattress, more windows, less noise on a windy day…your thoughts would be appreciated.

Sérgio Barbosa says:

In your opinion, do you prefer rigid or canvas roof top tents, and why?

Roger Heins says:

For those in the market for a roof top tent, check out Autohome. Very similar, to Alu-Cab. I think Autohome has been around since the 50’s and makes a great product! Great review Andrew!

Joseph Wayne Grigsby says:

Great review! I was curious to see what you thought of this tent because I bought mine on your recommendation of other Alu-Cab products. I love how quick it sets up, similar to your troopy conversion in that respect. I did wish the ladder was a bit less cumbersome. It’s fantastic to not have to carry a tent, sleeping bags, or pillows inside the vehicle and to not have to worry about seeing up a tent on a nice spot with no lumps and no sleeping pads to air up!

As far as cost goes, try comparing a tent like this to a much more common and costly and cumbersome piece of kit: a trailer. People spend loads on those and frequently can’t take them off road because their too big and heavy. Sure, a ground tent is cheaper, but it’s far less than a travel trailer or a camper, but you get what you pay for. For me this is my Goldilocks solution.

Adam Stander says:

Oh, one more thing that bugged me was the sunshade as it was the weakest part of the tent in a storm, flapping about and wanting to tear something. I think I actually fixed that pretty well on my tent.

Rob Bowes says:

Does cold air circulating between the roof of the vehicle and the base of the tent make it colder at night? Or is the base sufficiently insulated?

PAS4591 says:

do you get condensation on the mattress?Ie if the outside air is cold and the aluminium is cold but the mattress is warm do you get consesation on the bottom of the mattress?

Adam Stander says:

Hi Andrew, I borrowed my friends Wild Earth tent for 10 days while in Botswana.
Very similar design, but fiberglass.
My biggest gripe was the zipper structure as you mentioned here, but nobody seemed to understand what I was complaining about.
It’s a wonderful setup as is, but if you have to get out at night, you need to open the door 100% and that had to be sorted.
I came back from Botswana and build my own tent out of Aluminium, and I sorted the zip problem out on mine.
I still have the original structure, but added to it. Now if I leave or enter the tent at night, the doors stay closed as they should.
The solution to the ladder is a telescopic ladder. Mine ladder opens in under 2 seconds and closes in under 5. Small and compact, easy to stow away in a bag.

Ashish Dogra says:

Whats the cost for alucab gen3 ?can it be mounted on pajero v46 with Rain gutters???

Tim Kelly says:

Why doesn’t the ladder store underneath the tent? If it fits inside it must be able to slide into a holder under the tent base.

Damian Morgan says:

Man I’ve missed you haha!! I assume we will get a good glut of vids now Canning is over? Give me something to do of an evening now!! Awesome as usual and cant wait for the latest updates, keep it up!!

193001 kiplssd says:

I like it, but for half the price or less I think a quality Tepui is close enough. I’m not sure I’d pay more than double for something that I personally perceive to be only marginally better.

Nileltr says:

not having the roof tent flush with the roof is a big shortcoming. it adds weight, complexity, reduces aero, raises CG, raises height, makes the bed on top more obvious, reduces insulation, and probably a few other things I can’t think of.

Jesse Ansell says:

The ladder should stow in the dead space between the tent and the roof. That way its the first piece you deploy and gives you the platform to carry out the entire rest of the setup.

Or… Could also utilize a “sock” built into the tent body; sliding the ladder into this sock would displace the mattress slightly but would prevent any increase in exterior dimensions and then the sock would be unnoticeable under the mattress when the ladder is removed. The top rung could be made to be the exterior panel and to seal against the body of the tent requiring no doors or removable panels. Rounded feet (and filed edges 😉 would aid insertion and prevent excessive wear of the sock, and permit proper footing on the ground at different angles depending on terrain.

Hell - Yum III says:

I just see that your friend mounted his alu cab on a hard toped car.
I am surprised of that as i thought that a hard top could NOT support weight of the tent itself and less 1 or 2 persons sleeping in (of course using roof rack) without reinforcing by tubular arc from the inside .
I say this because i asked for a french maker of hard top for Nissan Navara pick up and he said that the roof of a hard top could NOT support over 60kg.
Could you tell me your opinion on this question and your arguments ?
PS : Sorry for my bad english writting.

Sam Tingwong says:

Telescopic ladder would be nice.

Chad Spector says:

There are load bars available for the Alu-Cab from Alu-Cab so that you can carry bikes or maxtrax on the roof of the tent.

Mark Bergman says:

13:00, the direction of the zippers. It could be mounted to the side with 2 zippers you could open either the top or the bottem part.

Bill Soucess says:

That’s like 6g Canadian plus shipping holy Johnson… I’ll stick with my tepui it’s worked wonders and setup is easy and I have a annex room.

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