Amagabeli’s 4’x2’x5′ grow tent review

“Aquaponic Dumme”, accept no substitutes…

So, my friends over at asked me to do a quick review on their grow tents, and I said, yes, of course.

While there may be some cheaper tents on the market, Amagabeli’s tent seems to be on the upper end, as far as quality, for a similar price range, which caught my attention right away.

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not a paid reviewer. I did not get anything form of compensation for making this review, and even the products within the review itself are to be given away completely free of charge, to a luck viewer, so stay tuned, as it will be posted in the comments below.

I was really impressed by their customer service, and how quickly they were willing to self reflex on how to improve their products. To me, this shows that they really care.

This review is on one of two tents they currently offer, being a 4’x2’x5′ tent. The other tent they offer is a little bigger than double the size @ 4’x4’x80″.

I encourage you to go check their grow equipment out at the following web address:

Don’t forget to come chat with me @ ILGM or Overgrow, and of course leave a message below. Peace!


Tanya Able says:

Does lights come with or no

Johnny Hien says:

Time hearing your voice! And body. Haha good review

Dixie Colby says:

Awesome Videos!!

NoFakesHere says:

I have the same tent, I like it but I wish it was taller like at least 72″

Greatswagga says:

looks like the vivosun grow tent, which is a more well known company. I own 3 and their 75 on amazon. zipper on the vivosun looks a lot stronger and sturdier. Even cheaper would be apollo brand which looks about on par with this tent.

Tony Bologna says:

Cool man. Looks like a nice tent- cant wait to put it to use!

Connie Lee says:

lovely background music! you will not feel boring when watching the assembly process

One Step Farm says:

I woud sugest hanging the bower motor on poly or paracord to help dampen vibration noise if trying to limit noised level. And thats not my experience from this kit…….but from mylearned knowledge thus far in life. Hanging from a soft but strong ropewill not allow solid vibration noise. Cool voideo. This is mr. growing green with me

Chris Marks says:

Yea def like the review. I like seein the size comparison. It overly helps. I like how u looked at every thing an picked it apart an commented about it.

Jai Nitai Gaura Hari das says:

Does a 24x48x60 shelf fit inside?

caputto1000 says:

Don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk!

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