ARB Simpson III Rooftop Tent Review

This is a comprehensive review of the ARB Simpson III Rooftop Tent.


ChrishVlogs says:

Excellent video thanks so much for sharing and creating this!

Mike Pelagic says:

best review for the ARB Simpson 3 III! Thx!

Joe Santiago says:

Great review!! I recently purchased the Simpson III based mostly on your review. We have now spent a couple of nights in it and I have a question about the type of air mattress you are using. We have found that the mattress that comes with it is not quite enough. Would love a recommendation. Thanks.

damacknificent151 says:

Is there an awning attachment for extra shade?

Don Altman says:

Does the annex come with a floor cover that would zip in? Seems like this would help to keep ground water out during a storm.

texpat says:

Great review!

Pat says:

You have a very pleasant way of speaking. Seems professional like its your job.

southpawlibra9 says:

what if your trunk opens up?

ger will says:

that was awesome mate thanks for taking the time to explain and making the video

Texas Style Cuisine says:

Good review

CanadianOutdoor says:

Great review. I must have watched it a few times now. I’m in the market for a RTT. I was wondering after having the Simpson for a couple of years now how is the coating holding up? Any peeling are delamination? From what I could find out the Simpson is waterproof coated, not impregnated like some more expensive brands.


pan dulce says:

the best tent review on YouTube I’ve ever seen. keep it up

Matthew Torrenzano says:

Thanks so much for the thorough review! My wife and I are researching various systems and have had a hard time finding good information on their features. A question: We’re planning to spend a good amount of time camping in the heat of summer. It looks like you and your wife have a great set up for cooler conditions, but have you used this particular tent in much warmer weather? If so, how’s the ventilation? We’ve read reviews about some RTTs turning into ovens in the summer heat. Thanks for any insight you can provide.

jtandy says:

This was a really great review. Thanks LK!

Teryl Smith says:

Wonderful job! Thank you
Getting ready to head west in an old Infiniti qx4 and was inspired!

Nick Balish says:

Hey thank you for the great review first and foremost. I now realize that I need this in my life.

I just have a few questions if you get around to them:

1. How easy is this thing to pack up? Initial setup looks like a breeze I just am struggling to find video evidence of packing this thing back in its cover.

2. On a multi day camp/hiking trip where you are leaving your rig for a full day of adventures and then returning, how would you secure your stuff in a crowded area? (If it is as easy to fold up as it is to set up I would gather you could just pack it up after each night)

Overall this was a spectacular review and I really believe that a rooftop tent would be a great solution for a shelter while still maintaining all of the usability of your rig. I have been bouncing back and forth between a truck camper or a little trailer or a van or countless other options but now I realize that for me a rear mounted ARB Simpson iii rooftop tent with an awning would go perfect on an old truck with a topper and then you’d have access to the full truck box and at the same time still keep all of the “truck stuff” in your rig without hauling around this big bulky truck camper.


Bacon747 says:

Man, that is a clean 80 series. I’m jealous! Thanks for a great review, and the RTT tips.
I was pretty excited to see the rear hatch clears the awning. Thanks

Garrett Myler says:

I’ve got a white ’97 4runner (4×4 w/ locking rear differential of course) that I love and that I plan on doing many of the same mods you have. Yours looks so clean and loved. Well done sir. Thank you for the great review. iKamper starts selling theirs for $2,000 on Kickstarter tomorrow and I feel bad for those who don’t find ARB and your review before overpaying for a company and product without the reputation and quality of ARB.

Daniel Southcomb says:

Great informative review. I noticed your rear door is 2 piece. Is there enough clearance to swing up a single larger rear hatch?

George Lee says:

Good stuff! Quick question. I assume with a one-piece tail hatch like the 4Runner (gen4), we will not be able to open the back while the ladder is in place right? Thanks.

Arbo Doughty says:

Great review. Wish you could review the Tepui (higher price) and the Smittybuilt (lower price point). This is how reviews should be done! Nice job!

D C says:

Great review! I have two questions re the rearward orientation of the RTT. First, you have a split tailgate. For vehicles with a single tailgate, would it clear the ladder? Second, most tailgates hinge some 5-6 inches into the roof. So when the tailgate is raised does one have enough clearance vis a vis the bottom of the tent? I presume this depends on how high your roof rails sit as well. It would be helpful to have your thoughts on both points. Thanks!

Cody Bloom says:

What was the make and model of the 5.5″ air mattress in your ARB simpson 3 tent. I purchased the same tent, basically from the review you gave. I love it so far…. Thanks

George Suda says:

The best review I have ever seen.ARB should hire you! Thank you for your time. Maybe you could make some review of your car and gear that you take on your trips.

Gene Bonacci says:

Wifey thinks this one of the best videos shes ever scene pertaining to a land cruiser. I’m converting ours now to a overland vehicle.

Grevlain says:

Epic arrangement. Excellent vid. Thanks!

Mike Ratkowski says:

You could sell ice to an Eskimo ! That’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever heard on u tube.

vansurfing says:


snoo333 says:

thank you, very useful and entertaining.



George Salvesen says:

great tent review…
very well made …
have the same tent and have a love – hate relationship with it..
very tough getting in..6’4″
and the zipper bit the dust sort of speak, and the fly with an average wind will keep you up all night flapping…and the mattress not well liked by any one who prefers a softer bed..

Gadget Heiti says:

Thx for this great and very detailed review! Greetings from Austria! (not Australia) 😀

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