Best Coleman Instant Tent Review 8 Person 14 X 8

Best Tent? Could the 8 person 8 X 14 Coleman Instant Tent be the best tent in the world? Can John unbox and setup the Coleman instant tent within one minute? The Coleman instant tent is SUPER fast and EASY to set up.

0:00 Tent Unboxing
1:35 Setup
4:26 Staking Straps
6:24 Inside Tent Review


Faith Rada says:

A Delightful Review. ; )
For the money I think Coleman is hard to beat.
My only concern with this model is that I am only 5’2″… so I might have a bit of a struggle reaching to the top there.
Solution: Bring a tall person with you.

Robert Boothe says:

Best warranty available.

Sharon Nahwegahbow says:

first time set up, not bad at all. I spent all summer for yrs in a 2-man pup tent (they were bigger then than now, fit about 4 in there) so I know what it’s like to rush a set up. Great job!

Brandi Lewellen says:

As in Lily and James Potter?? Please let them be named after Harry Potter’s parents!

jesus huezo says:

Excellent video, well explained . Beautiful family. And I decided to buy a similar tent.

Masterhollywood says:

thank you sir

Bill Mitchell says:

Have you had this tent in stormy conditions yet?

Maria Nunez says:

You did awesome! I’m sure the company meant 60 seconds with two people.

Mahesh Gaikwad says:

Very good presentation Joseph. I just bought mine and I am looking forward to a great camping time.

gmaneis says:

This is fun to watch. Thanks for posting it. Reminds me of comedian Brian Regan who commented on microwaving pop tarts. He said something like “if you have to zap fry your pop tarts, you may want to rethink your priorities!” What I mean by that is, a little more than 2 minutes set up time while you’re in a relaxing camp ground is no big deal. Nice job! You look like you’re having a lot of fun enjoying your family and new tent. Awesome.

Theresa McGaughey says:

ur such a cheaery daddy i like u but looking for a super easy tent lol so cute

homer garza says:

I think you and your kids did a great job. it surely would take me longer. A+

Tim Cisneros says:

Great video! Thanks for the info. I think I’m gonna get one!

David Grason says:

From a guy that’s done a LOT of camping, I can tell you that this tent looks like it would easily go up in 60 seconds or less – WITH JUST A LITTLE PRACTICE! Yeah, I like it a lot and this one’s on my wish list. Great review, man. Love the kids, too.

Bobby Dillashaw says:

Have you had this tent in windy conditions? I’ve seen videos of some saying it wouldn’t do well but no one actually had experience with it in wind!

Paul HVAC says:

Great real life review !!!! Thank You

Bernie Migas says:

First time setup with all coleman instant tents , the poles can be a lil problem , after that , setting up again is a breeze 🙂

Robert Clough says:

note start on top unfold extend

Mark Riley says:

Good job, now ordering the tent to take my lil helpers out to the woods.

Chris Harrison says:

Thank you so much for posting.

Seth Sean says:

Don’t you need a rainfly?

Michael Burton says:

How did it hold up in the wind?

Jaqui_0 says:

The smaller ones set up in a min – the bigger one takes maybe 5. Always change the tent stakes, we use 9″ nails from Home Depot. Looking at this tent, first the 6 person, now this one. The Coleman instant tents get very good reviews.


I have the 6 person version of this tent and for 2 years its been all that it was represented to be. 2 things seem to be the focus of attention in the comments section. One is the “person capacity claims”. To maintain an industry standard for capacity, the size of ALL tents is the maximum number of standard sleeping bags that can be fitted on the floor. I can’t think of a more logical size rating other than strict footprint dimensions and that can be deceiving. Two, the rain fly thing. ALL tents, before use, should be seam-sealed and waterproof-sprayed. I don’t think there is a mfr. that doesn’t suggest it in the owner’s use instructions. That being accomplished, this tent does not need an additional rainfly. THAT BEING SAID, I did purchase the optional rainfly as a protection against UV degradation. It’s simple enough to pull it over the framework and clip it to the poles. The rainfly also has guy lines which do add stability to the tent on windy days. The heavier denier was a big factor, in my purchase decision. At 150 denier, it’s double that of most other mid-class tents. Excuse my horning in on your video presentation, John. Just spreading the word.

Callaham Sepe says:

I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google for it.

Heidi T. says:

Stakes? Those are Allen wrenches! LOL 16″ Stakes are always best. You didn’t put a footprint down?? He has never set up a tent has he? LOL What about the rain fly?? It’s all great until it starts raining and blowing wind… by the looks of things it’s gonna blow down!! What about the review?? You can’t do a review without seeing how it holds up to weather!! All you did was barely set it up; incorrectly I might add, and unzip some zippers; that a kid can do!! Tell us how it stood to weather/elements, and then do the review again!! Those kids have never been camping! She squished a bug off your leg as if she ‘s never seen one! And why time it?? REVIEW IT!!! AND A CABELLA’S HAT??? Air mattresses already blown up?? HAHA!

Accordeontipico says:

You guys did awesome. and put the beds in and brought the camera in. best review. thanks so much. i am going to buy it right now. Never saw a review that made me feel satisfied enough

Dave H says:

Great Instructional Video, Thank You! On the tent stakes I would advise not to use the steel military stakes, especially on the guy ropes. Small feet will find them. I prefer the 10 inch nylon stakes.

TakebackTruth says:

I bought this tent a few months ago. It’s by no means an 8 person tent. It can comfortably sleep 4-6 adults (depending on size). It is extremely easy to set up. I got it set up the first time with a buddy & we did it in 10 minutes, so it’s pretty easy to figure after you’ve watched a few of these videos. Folding it up is equally easy. I’ve managed it with the help of one person in just 10-15 min max with not much effort. The bag is larger than required so you don’t have to struggle to get the tent into it even if there’s a bit of air in it after rolling up. Overall, it’s well worth the money. Seems to be of good quality, it has a few pockets inside to keep essentials, floor lining is solid, Loops on the roof to hang camping bulbs. I’ve used it thrice so far & love it. I’d advise anyone considering a Coleman to go for something a little larger than what they advertise as their claims on capacity are inaccurate. Knowing this, I went for an 8 person although I only needed a 4 person, I’m glad I did.

LilikaScarletElement says:

Coleman need to pay this guy

Karina lillo says:

and with rain?…resist?

SingleMomCamping says:

Amazing video and adorable kids! This this video prompted me to purchase the exact same tent! I am looking forward to trying it out this summer. I am a little concerned that the tent does not come with a rain fly. What has been your experience with rain?

Kansas City Sunrooms says:

Thank you for all the wonderfull comments. I will be reviewing a new tent I came across in the Spring. No one pays me to do these videos. We just really enjoy spending as much time with the family and camping. I have been so blessed to have a renewal energy company take me under their wing, so this spring I should have some pretty cool gadgets to show you as well.

mike81951 says:

Good Job!

superjet2771 says:

Kind of amazing that even the young kids had a good idea of how the tent should be set up. Talk about user friendly, this thing is like an i phone.

colin macdougall says:

very funny lmfao

ebertmadwoman says:

Loved your helpers, so cute, thanks for showing us how easy and fast it was to put up this Coleman tent. 🙂

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