Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1 Tent Review

A brief overview of the new 2012 Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1 Tent. Highlights showing the differences between it and the previous year model. And let’s not forget it’s free standing and only slightly heavier than a tarp/hammock setup. This is the one man tent to rule them all…


Fred Double You says:

Do you spray water proofing spray on it?

Trailman says:

dam them ticks!!! clear out that camp spot and spray some stuff on the ground lol

ministercreek says:

Not too bad of a little tent. How is the tent in wet weather?

George Adams says:

Too many poles and way too complicated…

RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

Here’s my two cents… way too many guy line’s still makes more noise with little wind, than the msr hubba. I do like that it has reflective guy line’s. Do you want to sell your hubba hubba if you still have it? The only good thing about the door being at the end of a tent is when you roll up at end of trip.much easier to get in n out of a tent with door on the side.THANX GREAT VIDEO. My buddy has that tent sorry way too many guy lines for me,I know I already said that.

Steve Marks says:

It’s definitely not cool to put three guy lines on to one peg, spread them out!

Dutch Bushcraft says:

I use 1 person dome tents for many years ans they normally cost about 35 dollar (25 euro) and I use them for years. I still have these kind of tents that are 20 years old. The cost of this tent you are showing is way too high.

Trkn56 says:

ZzZzZzZz the exciting world of tents whooohoooo ZzZzZzZz

MsSpy says:

Great review. Now I’ll have to check which UL1 version I have.

brown55061 says:

That was a really good review. I am stuck between this and the new REI quarter dome. Their big advantage is the zip open hole in the top to open the vent from the inside. I liked that! Plus it’s only $220 with REI’s guarantee.

Where were you that the ticks were so bad? I just want to open a flame thrower and torch all them little buggars!

Whiskeyfox says:

that is per manufacturer’s spec…

msrhiker says:

Nice tent man. I went from my snugpak ionsphere to my eureka backcountry for more head room. Now I upgraded to my MSR hubba hubba 2p since my fiancé will be going backpacking with me from now on.

Roger Sarria says:

So small

George Taylor says:

The flap over the rain-fly zipper is made out of the same thin material as the rest of the tent. After a rain, the wet, rain-fly zipper flap will bond with the wet rain fly and when you try to get out of the tent, the rain-fly zipper will snag the flap within the first inch or two. Every. Single. Time. Ended up having to either lay on my right shoulder and reach out under the vestibule to hold the flap up while I unzipped with my other hand or call my friend over to help me get out. Returned it.

Burd Mann says:

Too many stake down points needed. BTW, the little rainbow door wasn’t for your boots, it was for taking a late night piss. 

eric smith says:

Best lightweight tent, want one, way to much money.

PSL Caner says:

I would have liked to see this: opening the rainbow door while the fly was down. I finally sewed a second zipper across the bottom to avoid having to crawl under the fly to reach the far side so that I could get in. I have the old model, so the fly opening is even smaller and farther to the corner. My only complaint. Everything else about this tent is wonderful!

drtrydr724 says:

Good review. Have been considering this tent. Very helpful, Thxs for the review.

oneeyedpatriot says:

Nice Tent!

Cristian says:

Nice review!

I have a few questions. How tall are you? A 6’2″ guy with a long sleeping bag will fit in this tent?

Thank you!

MrCloudseeker says:

Nice review! Ticks and all!

I had already committed myself to a Fly Creek 1 and this video changed my mind!


Thomas Johan says:

bleh, ticks! Good review. i came here from a msr hubba video. Im looking for a new 1-man tent, i currently got the Exped vela 1 tent and it works ok but i dont like how it doesnt stay upright without poles. and if its windy, the outer layer of the tent really flaps around making alot of noise. Dont know if Norway has big agnes so i might need to settle for a msr hubba. thx for video

Bob Outdoorz says:

Nice tent but why the heck didn’t they make that floor one piece and avoid having that seem which im sure it’s taped and eventually will come off.. Like your video’s

dematson says:

I’ll stay with my seedhouse 1.

Rich Allfieldnohit says:

Looks like a great tent. I’m guessing sub-3 lbs?

And I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know the price! hahaha


I have that same pellow.

orageman says:

I bought the Copper Spur UL1 last year also. It’s an awesome tent. I do wish they left the zipper on the non-vestibule side as it was on previous versions…but still an amazing tent. so roomy for the weight.

rainbowhiker says:

That really is one beautiful tent. Thanks for the review. Did you mention the price?

Go BIG or go home says:

you dont have Thermarest NeoAir Dream and SEA TO SUMMIT AEROS PREMIUM PILLOW
like me , 🙂

cosgrove notts says:

Looks too complicated. Too pricey too

2JobsStillPoorUSA says:

eww… ticks.  

ruj001 says:

How much does it weigh? We don’t get big Agnes in uk, but that pole configuration looks fiddly and heavy!? Check out these bad boys from terra nova. Not cheap but less than a kilo all up and one pole!

Buzz McCallister says:

You’ll start liking tarps after the first camp-out you wake up in a puddle

Whiskeyfox says:

You, sir, have made a wise choice. I have owned both and I can tell you the Copper Spur is way above and beyond better than the Fly Creek UL1.

Elisha Polomski says:

Question: I had a really hard time getting the cross poles into the tiny rainfly pockets on the top. Had to pull really hard. Comments?Advice?

Stephen Wright says:

I got the Fairview 1 because with the footprint, I didn’t need the tent reducing the overall wt to less than 2 pounds. The ticks and chiggers are a problem using only the fly and footprint, but not always so it’s nice to have the option. Can this tent also set up with just the fly and footprint?

1 2 says:

I was always told to sey up the tent bodyfirst to adjust the size

Woodenarrows says:

The video you are referring to is my Picaridin video. Picaridin is a DEET alternative and is applied to the skin. The Permethrin I mentioned for the tent is a tick and mosquito spray for fabrics like your clothes, pack, tents etc. I always use Permethrin on my socks and pants, sometimes my shirt if I expect really bad conditions. Permethrin is not effective on your skin. Have not been to Etoniah. I’ve seen it on the maps though. Maybe this winter when the ticks are gone 🙂

Nicholas S says:

Very similar to Marmot EOS 1P, which I’m wondering if I should return or not since I’m 6’6″, which makes for a ratger tight situation. Someone said he returned his Marmot for the Big Agnes. Time will tell.

shcmoly says:

I have their King Creek 6 car camping tent, love it!  Unfortunately it is made in china. I know Big Agnes is Colorado & so am I but where is this one made? Also what is the total weight as you carry it?

rhey simon says:

Thabks for posting. Be careful with those ticks. Great review

Matthew Riddell says:

MSR Huba is a far superior tent in terms of material quality! I have used both, I know!

BigFootSurvival says:

Cool gear buddy! Never used their stuff myself, but my hiking buddies swear by BA. I hope the tent works out good for you.

Feldenkrais with Alfons says:

*g* i lost that string

terraXR says:

Great video. I just made the same choice of the CS UL1 over the Fly Creek. The spreader bar makes the CS roomier and its nice not having to guy out the many lines the Fly Creek requires.

Regarding Elisha’s question … the instructions sewn onto the carry bag say the ends of the spreader bar are not supposed to go into the two little black webbing pockets under the rainfly when you use the inner tent body. Those pockets are only used when you pitch the fly with just the optional footprint (Fast Fly mode). There’s a loop made of reflective material next to each pocket which gives you something to grab when positioning the spreader ends into the pockets.

What I wonder is when using the inner tent body, whether those reflective loops under the fly are supposed to be slipped over the ends of the spreader (after the little clear plastic ball caps are attached)?

Note that pre-2012 models used a different method for attaching the rainfly at the spreader bar which you can see here:

Mister Paradise says:

A minute and a half in and two things stand out: 1) you’re worried about losing a piece of string, but 2) you don’t care if you get holes in your tent.

Come on, man!

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