British Army ARCTIC TENT review

I’m taking a look at a UK military issue two-man winter tent from the 1980’s.


Survival Russia says:

That is a great tent! 🙂 Are they expensive?

LastofAvari says:

So, nice arctic tent, just in time for the snow.

Ingesson's channel says:

Is that a stove jack?

Lawborn says:

I am surprised that there was no snow on the ground.

21st Century Caveman says:

May I ask where you obtained it from? I’m assuming you didn’t steal it from under the noses of the SAS whilsy they were asleep? Des

James Mock says:

Awesome video again!

vonVince says:

No niin, tulihan sitä lunta ja pakkasta: voisit tätä testata ihan elementissään – kernaasti näkisin moisen videon : )

Gerry Donnelly says:

Very good video. Learned a lot. Thank you.

FlyingfinnRC says:

Hope Finland has snow by now. Here in Canada it’s snowing with temperatures around -20c at night

Logica Redux says:

Nice tent! Thank you for giving a distraction from all the politics!

Kenneth Valerio says:

We’re can I find 1

Runs With Knives says:

Looks like a pretty good design, I liked to use the US Army Hex tent with liner in the winter time. But this tent would be pretty good if your on foot and not mechanized.

Bill Rivenbark says:

I wonder if those vent tubes on the front and back peaks could be modified to use as a stove pipe exit. Maybe use a sleeve type chimney?

Tannenherz Bushcraft says:

High and thank you for your demonstration of this tent. It is the best small army-tent, i have ever seen. Kindly Fiete

KA HE says:

Do you think that a newer model of this tent, I think they are brand new, would be worth 300euros? Including all the pegs and the poles.

Jesusandbible says:

Fab, but I cannot see them on Ebay

Mofafreund says:

nice tent, Can’t wait for the field test video! How much did you pay for it?

Shithousedr says:

You did help me figure out why I haven’t been invited back into my friends tent.

Bill S. says:

Are you still hiking and camping +Helsinkipop?  I see you have not posted camping videos since 2014.  I am a similar age as you and would love to see more of your camping / bush, hiking adventures!

Lazy Moose says:

Looks like a good tent but most definitely need a vehicle or pack animal to transport.
Looking forward to its snow testing

Bushcraft Ukraine says:

Very nice tent, mate… very nice)) a bit on the heavy side though but it has its uses for sure. Thanks for sharing, my friend))

Alexander Drewitski says:

давай я тебя на Рождество в гости позову, а ты мне подарок?)))) этот хубав.

MTwoodsrunner says:

interesting design…i reckon it would work well for canoe tripping…woods

Mattias says:

02:13 Did you say “its erected in all its glory.”? Thats what she said. Scandinavian humor, sorry. Haha! Great review video anyway. Thanks.

Turha500 says:

Great video! I understood that there are snowy conditions available around the greater Helsinki area now, would be super if you had an opportunity to shoot a field test of this tent now.

OH8STN says:

Thanks Pop! I’m looking at a tipitent for winter ops, but it’s difficult to pull the trigger.
(btw Had hoped to see you in Helsinki @YouTube creator day last weekend. maybe next time)
thanks for sharing.

hobbexp says:

really nice tent,

Alberta Backwoods Adventures says:

nice tent. good review

Ali Leiniö says:

Hahaha, that´s one bulky tent! I like the design though, this would be killer if it were remade in modern materials.

Random Button Pusher says:

Looking forward to the snow test. Nice to see it has the bug netting all ready for the spring thaw and the mosquito bloom.

Shithousedr says:

Can’t wait for the snow test!

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