Cabela’s Outfitter Series ISQ Tent Review

Enjoy a sneak peek into one of First Light Outdoors more luxurious camps. Featured is Cabela’s premiere Outfitter Series ISQ (Individual Sleeping Quarters) tent. This tent features 6 detachable sleeping pods and a very spacious vestibule. Also highlighted is a Pellet Burning Cylinder Stove that will burn 8 to 10 hours on 40 pounds of wood pellets, keeping even this large tent very comfortable all night long during frigid nights. You’ll get a brief look at Cabela’s Outback tent and their very adequately stocked camp kitchen as well. Thanks for joining us in camp, as with all our videos feedback and questions are appreciated. Thanks again for watching and God Bless!!


MaybeIllVlogOneDay says:

Who was talking the whole video? I couldn’t see anybody

Paul Herndon says:

wow I luv it

hotzpacho says:

Can you connect these tents together so that a person wouldn’t have to go outside to the drying tent and kitchen tents?

fog360 Bushcraft says:

Loving that

johnny llooddte says:

ive got a cheaper better solution..rv

Bill Penning says:

So how many pounds of pellets did it use for the entire night? Lbs vs hours of use.

Will Rine says:

you just HAD to do music didn’t you…….

Viper00900 says:

I like simple and east setups myself, but if I were to go camping with a group of friends a tent like that would be amazing! It’s sad they don’t carry it anymore, loved the music and the tour was pretty good.

John says:

Awesome setup.

Meno Deno says:

Nice. Do they leak in a rain? Every tent I’ve ever had but one would eventually leak like it was raining

pahuntnut says:

nice video, thanks for the tour i never knew that a pellet stove could be used without electric. I will have to look them up

Gareth says:

The isq tent with the heater is awesome. Hope you got some ducks.

Tim Cisneros says:

I want to go hunting/camping with you guys ! Great set up ! Enjoyed the video.

Sola Mano says:

Love this tent! And the kitchen one too 🙂

michelle tharp says:

Love the design of the does it stand up to high freezing winds and heavy downpours etc.?

michael therrien says:

I’ve never seen a pellet stove in a tent.

aoc barbarian says:

great camp and wonderful tour of it .Ty for sharing .

blessedisshegroup says:

I just came for the background music it

Alf Bittner says:

Nothing short of a MASH unit. But did you get any ducks.

David Lara says:

This is so cool

George Mersu says:

Very nice. I’d love to have one. how much for the whole sleeping quarters?

Haplo Drevlin says:

Not usually into big tents, but I love the tent. I rushed over to cabela’s site…sad to say they discontinued that tent 4 years ago…Know anywhere I could pick one up by chance? It is just perfect for my annual group trip.

4Bucks and2dogs says:

What was the brand of canopy you used for your camp kitchen setup?

Tactical _ Bushcraft says:

wow what an amazing tent. i am in love lol. you did great on the review my friend. i am new to your channel. but you defiantly have my subscription. i would love to have your support as well. please stop by my channel. until then i’m looking forward to catching up on your videos. thanks again.                                             all the best . joe

grantoyamaha says:

Great vid , what music is that please ? That’s a really good tent system , what kind of price range ?

Darth Wiffy says:

How’s it holding up 4 years later?

WorkerBee2011 says:

Great vid and comments, sub’d

B J. Sanchez says:

Sweet! Nice set up!

DantheMan says:

“With the stove going it stays nice and warm in here” Famous last words

Richard Deeb says:

That was the coolest tent!! Nicer than my condo

Bad Meat says:

who made the back ground music? Video was great! Thanks!

Haddasa says:

Wow so awesome!

Gregory Adkins says:

In the camp kitchen did I hear right,he said solid walls?

housecarl6 says:

Love the music at the begining ,, anyone know what its called ?


This is not camping

mixer14316 says:

Awesome set up. Love it. Thanks for posting this.

M60gunner1971 says:

Very cool!!

Anthony Wayne Daniell says:

very nice setup, thank you.

Karl Garren says:

yah rich boy at play, go for it ! why don’t you just take your motorhome. now that’s camping B.S.

EAT ME says:

Does the Material stink ?

j says:

It is unfortunate that our government at all levels really does not want us to live this way.

Panzer Pete says:

Might as well buy a travel trailer. That would probably be the cheaper and easier option. smh

John Smith says:

What would make those tents better is if they were made out of canvas

Zach Novosad says:

Seems like a lot of work to setup. I like simple lol. Rooftop tents and awnings for quick setup and cleanup.

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