Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Tent 12×20 Camping Review

Today we will be reviewing the Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak tent. My wife and me will be glamping in this tent. And when i say Glamping i mean it. Wait tell you see the inside of this tent and our set up.


gunnwild1 says:

Camping is style

Roger B says:

Oh man,that’s one heck of a tent. Nice review ya’ll..

buzzsah says:

That is a really nice tent

Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works says:

Yeah buuuuuuddddyyyyy. Awesome cabin tent.

shovelhead8 says:

Nice tent. It would be great for a long stay in the woods. Thank you for the video, Justin and Jana

Nathan4071 says:

That’s a house on stilts. Cheers Justin and Jana.

Irishluck 74 says:

Look its a awesome tent !!! However these tents are not designed to be up all the time ..the sun is going to kill that tent !! In a years time !!!

Josey Wales says:

That’s super cool! I’d stay there for months..

Edgewood Outdoors says:

Nice, that thing is crazy! In a good way 🙂

BluegrassBushcraft says:

Very nice set-up indeed. Thanks for sharing.

SurvivorMetalMan says:

Been looking forward to this one! That’s camping like royalty! That thing is awesome, great review!

Matt Kaufman says:

Is this your tent that you’re renting out?

Grant Hubbard says:

That’s nuts….exellent review bro

Minimalist Moto Life says:

That’s a home not a tent!
For a semi permanent setup on a platform I would opt for a surplus canvas wall tent though. This would be an awesome tent for a hunting camp when using pack animals.

Son of a Bear Bushcraft says:

What a massive tent! It is like a house.

mbyr31 says:

I want to get me one of those and a stove….It would be a perfect place to smoke a cigarette when its real cold and snowy out!
They’re not cheap though.
Great vid bud. I love that tent!

Kentucky Woodsman says:

Man what a sweet tent. Great review Justin! Thanks for sharing!

Danny Schwab says:

Man I thought my tent was big and heavey. Well when the shtf hope there’s a heads up by 24 hrs gonna take a while to get packed up lol. But dude love it. But ide love to ask something hope I’m not over the line. Do you have a camp we’re people come rent tents for the week or so. Or is this y’all’s to use all the time. The pillow threw me off lol. Which wow that’s nice. But did you build the wood floor or platform or was that a kit with the tent. Either way I love it I still have to fix mine but wish I could get help set it up and share mine. It weights prob 150 pounds or more I want to google the name but can’t find it on line and the paper on the case it’s bad shape. But maybe the guy who gave it to me give me the name. But awesome review thanks god bless

SC bushcraft backwoods says:

That’s awesome. If I had that I’d definitely never leave….that’s just perfect

Massachusetts Prepper says:

Now talk about being at home when you’re out camping, this is definitely camping luxury style for sure. Thanks for sharing brother.

The Ranger says:

I will love to have that for a Bug out Camp

Prepared 2 Thrive says:


glockerbob says:

That is wayyy too cool. Been waiting on this review.

DIY Solar and Wind says:

I just found you on Edgewood Outdoors channel. That tent is amazing.

Aaron Nelson says:

Dam!! That is a MAN CAVE!!

Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

Not exactly roughing it lol. What a huge beautiful tent!! Thanks Justin!!

Cmax Arms says:

That tent is unreal…………padded chair………..dang!

TAC-HILL says:

that this is huge! like a cabin in the woods haha awesome!

TheCryptomanHiking&Bushcraft says:

Holy Moly brother! That’s a beautiful and super cool tent! That’s bigger than my house lol! I could live in that all year round. Ok big question, how much?

CookingFun says:

I’ve always liked the way that tent looks. Thanks for the tour. Plenty of videos out there just showing the outside like the way you built a deck for it

Chone Martinez says:

This isn’t your tent right because I can see a other one in the background how much did it cost for you to rent the tent for a night?

Tony Patey says:

Wow, that’s a nice tent and very big. Thanks. Tony

MorningWood says:

If no one else says it, I just want to thank you for suffering to bring us this video.

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