Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent Review (14’x10′)

Sometimes when you’re camping you just want some serious elbow room, and I can’t imagine a better, more spacious family tent for the money. TENT: RAINFLY:

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Terry Gardner says:

willow Park?
good review by the way

Klutzy68 says:

This is very helpful (and you are a patient man!). One question: At ~4:00, you show the velcro closure at the bottom of the door. How do you close it from the inside??


that’s a big tent indeed
great for camping

Bob Wampler says:

Great review, thanks!

Johnny Cheng says:

Thanks for your review! I was undecided on the type of tent I want to purchase until I landed on this video! Awesome and clear review there!

Timothy Betts says:

How does this go on the average tent pad in the US National Parks? Generally will be fine or too big and should aim for something smaller?

John Klopp says:

I have that same exact tent, same color bought 60% off on Amazon. Used it this last weekend  here in Florida for my sons scout campout and it stormed on Saturday night and flooded the inside of the tent. This was the first out of about 5 campouts where it rained. I must have gotten a bad one because water was coming in at multiple areas. I will be getting the rainfly and seam sealing and waterproofing for sure before I use it again. Other than getting flooded out, I really like how easy it is to put up and take down and it has tons of room.

Tuggets says:

Nice but doesn’t look very breathable.

David MN says:

Looks like a good fair weather car camping tent!

Russ Tanner says:

How does it handle strong wind?

Josuel Servin says:

Nice tent, I rely like the speed of take down, and I imagine it’s really easy to set up, thanks for the review

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

I concur with your assessment. For my 21st year at Boy Scout Summer Camp, I bought the 6 man (Walmart exclusive) version of this tent and it sat thru a TORRENTIAL down pour that lasted over 3 hours and 6+ inches. I think there was 6 drops inside. The only problem with the Walmart version is that no fly is available for it.

shcmoly says:

Love the headroom.

mushieslushie says:

This review wasn’t very instant…. oh, you mean the tent.

IamETOH says:

I bought this tent and rain fly last year after my wife complained that my Snugpak Scorpion3 was too small. Going to use it when all the snow is gone.

bryan faulkenburg says:

You got that right . Boy Scouts should be tha major manufacturers testing people . They tear or lose everything .

crackorean says:

How do you like the Klymit Static V sleeping pad?

OldPackMule says:

We’ve had a smaller version for a couple of years. Bought it when my wife wanted a “stand up” tent. We like the easy setup and have had good luck so far. Been through a heavy rain storm. I just tie a cheap harbor freight tarp for a fly for a little extra protection.

Shonda Williams says:

This is a beautiful tent, and I really appreciate how detailed your video is. Very informative and totally the tipping point in my decision on whether or not I’ll be getting this model. THANK YOU!!!

safetyhappy says:

I have owned this tent for about 2 years. I am very happy with it. One time we went camping and were listening to the group next to us struggle setting up 3 dome tents in the rain and our instant tent was up in 30 seconds

Michael Smith says:

Can one man put it up by himself?

Dubious says:

Its not instant, but it looks fast and it should have a hole in the middle for a pipe, then it would be perfect

F1ght1ngF1sh says:

I have a red tent that looks like this one

BrewCityRider says:

We’ve had the 10 person version for a couple years and it has been a great tent. So easy to put up and take down too! My prior large family tent was a Winchester 3 room I believe. Man that thing was a project to put up and take down…took like an hour ha ha.

Miracle says:

We have the 6 person version of this tent and absolutely love it. Super fast to put up and take down. It has an optional rain fly, but due to the design and construction, you don’t really need it. We have been thru a couple of rain filled days in it and it never leaked a drop.

russ elder says:

nice looking tent….sounds like you had some fun with it

Awesome Dan says:

thanks for the share!

Mike says:

A rare tent review that doesn’t show how to set it up.

AZ Patriot says:

This brings back a lot of memories. This is the kind of tent we always used when camping with the family growing up. Almost every weekend during the summer we lived in a tent like this sleeping on air mattresses. 1980’s air mattresses… Not quite the quality of what we have today.

Thanks for the vid, TLB. About the best family car camping tent I’ve seen so far.

Shannon Waldhauer says:

Very Nice, but I picked up an Ozark Trail 8 man for less than $100 that works great

762x35mm says:

if only my tents could talk.
oh the stories they would tell 😉

Kenny A says:

I have exact same tent with no rain fly. Never had a water issue, what I do with all my tents is spray them with two cans of water repellant. My only complaint about the tent is the door is a double zipper L shape, and not single zipper D shape which cause a very small opening where the two zippers meet up when closed if not have total focus on closing the door which could allow bugs and mosquitos to get in. But a can of bug repellant help.

Theresa Darby says:

The tent is very spacious but it leaks really bad. We have used this tent several times and each time that it rains our clothes, blankets, and bedding was soaking wet. We had to pack up and go home due to all of the water inside the tent. I have even sprayed it with water repellant. Nothing worked. Needles to say it sits in the basement and I lost $200. Not a happy camper!

denise collins says:

Love the tent , but does it have an electrical opening?

Amra Survival says:

good review I have the 10 x9 really nice tents yours is a condo thanks for the video

malcolmhighvideo says:

Good summary. At the start you said “we good soaked” but I think you meant it rained hard and you were dry

Matthew Wilcox says:

it looks big enough to be used as a cook tent or a communal dinning Trent great review

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