Coleman OCTAGON 98 TENT with Full Fly ~ Easy SETUP and Review

I wanted to show you this funky looking tent! It is the Coleman Octagon 98 Tent with Full Fly.
My kids call it the circus tent and when we’re all in it maybe it is 🙂 but it’s awesome.

Setting it up was easy and I was able to do it by myself and didn’t take too long.
The main reason I looked at this tent in the first place was because it has a 2.1m centre height and when you are tall being able to stand up inside your tent is super important.

The poles were all colour coded and it’s quite big inside – I think the floor area is 13ft x 13ft.
It’s designed to fit two queen beds and it also comes with a hanging divider that allows you to divide it into two rooms.
The door is awesome, if you insert the two flexible poles it becomes are hard flap opening and closing front door.

It has two doors, lots of windows and mesh for ventilation and guy ropes to keep the roof taught which helps with water run-off when it’s raining.

I really like this tent and would love to hear your thoughts!

Remember it’s about JustGivingITaGO! So Good Luck! and I hope this video helps you in some way.

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koalajs says:

Thanks for the video, just bought this tent as wondering if you could fit 2 queen size beds!! Looks like it should be a no problem

laggEcss says:

Do you think 6 adults would fit in this tent?

m0ther0ne says:

great tent if you are single, or a couple with babies, but not if you need a separate sleeping room between you and the teenagers .  When it rains, and it often does you have to step out side the tent to close the windows.. This is a tent for hot climates or as a closed gazebo in the garden.

Thomas Fretwell says:

This is a Great 3 season tent, I’ve used mine 1 time last summer to test it out. I’m getting ready to use it again in Jun. One thing I did do for when I use it in cold weather is take emergency blankets and put them together to make a heat reflector for under the rain shield. I also made it long enough, so I can have it go to the ground. That way I could have it go under the tent. That way I can keep the wind from coming up into the tents windows when it is cold and windy. Now I’m not saying this tent is breezy inside with the full rain guard. But with the added shield it should help keep most of the heat inside the tent.  Also since this tent has 2 doors I set up an E-z up on one of them with side walls with a 12X24 Tarp under the tent and the E-z up. This way I can make a cooking section or just a place to hang out that is out of the elements. I do wish this tent did not have so much open space on the top that couldn’t be closed off and sealed. But it is very roomy and will hold 2 queen beds and still have room for your gear. one note when you pack this up put the Rain fly inside the tent it will make it easier to pack it up.

goglin3000 says:

Thanks for the review. I like the look of the tent a lot. I worry about the amount of space you get inside though compare to other tents with separated-off sleeping areas. Can I just check about fitting the two queens inside: which way would they go?

DrDennis77 says:

I like the video and the tent.. I heard from one reviewer that when he took the tent down first time, 4-5 metal poles bent at the top ends. Coleman said no warranty and no replacement poles sold? WTF

comrabure says:

Does anyone know if this tent will be warm enough for camping in august?

Jerry Taylor says:

I just ordered mine from amazon the other day. Should be here by this friday. Thanks for the review. I don’t think I need to read the instructions now since you clearly demonstrated how to assemble it fully lol. I’ll just watch your video. Thanks again.

arkan says:

one question… the room devider is extra or included???

kali205 says:

Thanks for the review, very clearly presented.

Dl De Vera says:

Have you or anyone else here experienced this tent in high winds?

Normand Champagne says:

Since the doors are the only part of the tent not covered by the rain fly, how waterproof are they?

David Foot says:

How strong is the ground sheet? Will it withstand rough ground?

Kirsty Dobson says:

Can you do a video for packing it away?

Randy Swain says:

I’ll be looking for a good family tent myself in a few months for my family. We have a 12 and a 15 yr old daughters, we will
need two air mattresses for sleeping. Also looking at the Browning Big Horn 10 x 14 which has excellent reviews and lifetime warranty, how is the warranty on this tent and how much space is there (size of tent and sq ft). Love the idea of how open the tent is and how with the covering over the tent that the windows can be uncovered and yet protected from rain.

Mari Rodriguez says:

Really nice! Thanks!! :))

abby eggins says:

Thanks for this video! Just bought this tent so I’m sure this will prove to be a great help when putting it up for the first time 🙂

maaike keevel says:

hey, do you think this tent would be suitable for two couples?

Andreas Knepper says:

Hi. I just finished a 2-week holiday with the Octagon and I have to say that the doors are a weak spot. It took only 10 minutes of light rain for them to leak the first drops of water. The problem are the “porch roofs”. They lead the rain sideways, from where it falls directly to the middle of the entrance. The Octagon 8 is a great family tent (we’re 2 parents & 3 children between 4 and 8 years), but with this “design” it is only usable in good weather.

돌이게임부계정 says:

Find it. Thanks..

Song Sabai says:

Have you used the tent in heavy rain? The roof pitch looks a touch shallow,my concern would be it may pool rain during a heavy downpour. Other than that looks to be a wonderful,durable design…..Nice review BTW – Cheers!

JakobV says:

where you live how mouch does it cost where i liv it costs 250dollars 2000 kr 1000 zl 26,719,18 YEN

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