Core Equipment 12 Person Instant Tent Review

Our family of 8 recently replaced our Alaknak with this tent. I wanted to see more details before purchasing but couldn’t find a review with those details. So, now that it’s here, I made my own review. I did add one more segment with the rain fly off.


YoItsReji says:

Does it have two rooms?

Richard Coutts says:

Is the “D” door hinged like on some of he Colemans, or is it a zippered flap? What are the “D”-door problems you mentioned with your previous tent?

Mandy Corrado Gutwaks says:

I just watched all of your Core tent reviews. Great reviews… VERY helpful to hear what a mom who has so much experience camping with a family thinks! Thank you so much!!!

Elliot Riley says:

Thank you for the review. I just bought this tent, hopefully it lasts well!

Jessica Kern says:

Great review thank you

Robin Osteen says:

The tent is super easy to put up IF you have two people. It takes less than 5 minutes. However, I tried to set it up one day by myself and after half an hour I wanted to set it on fire. I never was able to get the top to stabalize without help.

Misty McGowen-Leeson says:

does the air vents squares at bottom of windows on both ends have bug screens on outside or they complety open when u open the vent

Paola García Valenzuela says:

I have a question. Do you think 12 person actually fit to sleep on this tent?

navajas rs says:

Great walk through, thanks for taking the time. I was wondering without a basin style floor how it has held up for rain. Also, is that floor tough enough for chairs, cots, tables and so on?

Thanks again!

Monique Stanfield says:

Thank you so much, found this video to be very helpful and informative. also love the footage and description of the tents features.

swheelerc says:

Can you tell us what the size of the PACKED tent is. Or better yet a picture or video of the tent packed would be awesome. Thanks for the review and the additional vid. The picture on their website (with the two people holding it) makes it look huge.

Keith Taylor says:

Thanks for the review I am not a camper but I used your reviews to help me get an idea of how to put this up this past weekend. I to had to put it up myself. It took my about 30 minutes as well. I learned the hard way to put the rain fly over it first next time.

David K Campbell says:

all anyone has to do is just read the history you’ve established… so you have a great and profitable day!

cherri400 says:

Is this tent easy to put up?

3bamam says:

do the floor vents have mesh? and can they completely close so nothing can get inside?

Kristy Garcia says:

would you recommend the core person tent for a family of 5 or the core 9 person tent?

Vicente Cendejas says:

nice how much does it cost

bhave31 says:

I couldn’t help but notice, when you were talking about the rod above the door to hold the rain fly out, and not having a velcro. Your video appears to show a pole sleeve to slide it through. You might double check that. As seen in the video at the 4:03 mark.

Jennifer says:

Does this come with the room dividers?

Robin Osteen says:

Sure, we’ll be out of cell signal (camping) tonight but I’ll get some video of packed size and relative size and upload them on Thursday. 🙂

David K Campbell says:

apparently, you’ve never tried calling their customer service, a recorded message telling you that this mailbox is full is just about what a company operating out of Bangladesh should sound like. Read the fine print and research a product fully before selling it to others. $170 down the toilet after only one use. There are more reputable companies operating out of both the US and Canada who… if I may, actually have a customer service with actual people.. Core equipment might just be one of the worst tent makers in 2017

DOS UNO says:

so after having this tent for over a year now, how has it stood up against the test of time?

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