DreamTents Review: Bed Tent for Kids

This is my review of DreamTents, a tent for kids designed to go over twin beds.

Written DreamTents review: http://bit.ly/2ttrFQS

Here’s another popular bed tent for kids: http://amzn.to/2tt1fPa

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Sara Dontje says:

Thank you for the review!

Isha Dawadi says:


Bethany Sklow says:

On the commercial and package they show them higher/angled and appear to have… black elastic holding the ends to pop it up or attach to the headboard to add height. That isn’t an actual option? A full size mattress is 15 inches wider, could it be made to work? My son really wants one but he doesn’t have a twin bed.

bbymami857 says:

What about the glowing stickers that came in the package that I ordered? Can I put it on the tent or it’s a wall decor?

Alphastarseeds says:

i literally just bought this today for my son he is autistic so i think him having it will ease him more and its inclosed so think he is feeling safer in it

Chanelle Macon says:

You mentioned using this on a twin size bed. Can it not be used on a full size bed?

Aydan G2002 says:

Mine arrived a few days ago love it ❤❤❤ !!!!!!

Irene Menchaca says:

Thank you for the review!

jpwcpa says:

So when the DreamTent is put in place, it forms an arch that goes across the entire width of the bed, but it appears to cover between one-third to one-half the length of the bed. I’m inclined to think that a kid wouldn’t be able to get fully immersed in the DreamTent experience if they can’t fit fully inside the DreamTent.

Pennie Wilson says:

Thanks – still on the fence about getting one for my Grandson. In addition to the reading light, I would probably get one of those small, battery-operated, clip-on fans to try to offset the “stuffy” feeling inside.

coondogtheman1234 says:

I think this thing would go well with a black light. You said it gets hot inside maybe use it in winter.

Kevin Lewis says:

Why do you have 2 T.V’s in that room?

2¢ Chicks says:

I really need to go to the As Seen On TV store! I have never seen Dream Tents! I think my son would think it was cool for about a week. Lol Thanks for another great review! ~ Cathy

bryan morlock says:

Walmart is carrying them. Thanks for the review it actually changed my mind from buying one!

rachellesd says:

i would have LOVED this as a kid, 100%

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