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We’re reviewing the Eureka Solitaire Tent!

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Kevin Kordes says:

I’d rather sleep with a pig than a dog. Believe it or not, pigs don’t smell anywhere as bad as a dog. And pigs don’t bark. Forget about what other campers will say, a pig is the best way to keep warm at night. Problem is, they fart a lot, so be forewarned!

BigPrimo33 says:

6’5 340…if I can I know anyone can.

John R. Timmers says:

I’d check out the REI Quarter Dome before you settle with this tent

james wilson says:

Have your poles snapped yet? I’ve heard many mixed reviews about them online. Eureka seems to be getting a fair amount of criticism for the poor quality of the fiberglass

Steven Ratmansky says:

should i get this or the highlander blackthorn?

SuperJJWade says:

I was curious to see how this tent performs because the scout troop I used to be a part of used tents by the brand Eureka.

Zachery Syganiec says:

what 1 person tent/bivy would you reccomend for year round use?

John Campbell says:

The Canadian version has aluminum poles, for snow loading.

Sam Myer says:

Subbed! Great vids 😀

Christopher Forbes-Hupf says:

Sir, I am calling you out on this review. I own one and you LIED!!! I stand 5 ft. 7 in. and I AM able to sit up in it, no problem.

Tungsten Kid says:

I’d probably buy it if it was big enough to sit up in, AND if it was a nice dull green or camo fly..:)

Recon Smith says:

Lol preditor in the woods

Mike Ginn says:

mine’s headed to the beach Saturday

Jesusandbible says:

The original Jack Wolfskin Gossamer is better, £80 approx

Outdoors 4 Everyone says:

Hey Luke, have you considered reviewing any Alps Mountaineering tents. I have the Zephyr 1 tent which weighs just a little more than 3 pounds and costs about 103 dollars on amazon. I got mine for 75 dollars on 2 years ago and love it.

tybeejeffro says:

4:22 Ruuun…Goooo…Get to the chopppah!

Spot Manduex says:

Hey there, nice review.  The cheesy isometric drawing on-line showing the dimensions says it’s 2′-8″ wide but doesn’t clearly show whether it tapers or not.  Is it the same dimension at the foot or does it taper?  If so what is the dimension at the foot?  Thx

pfiggis says:

I’ve had one of these for years and love it.My brother and I actually shared this tent on a 4 day backpacking trip in the Mourne Mountains.I’m 5’7″ and 150 but he’s 6’2″ and 220 and it was comfortable enough that we were still friends at the end of the trip.

kj copperhead says:


jim e says:

Great review. I’ve had mine since 2006, and after dozens of uses, never a problem. I think people often aren’t aware of the different pole lengths, and try to force the long pole into the foot section, and break it. I’ve often installed an ultra light foil space blanket between the rainfly and screen in colder temps…really makes a difference. Thanks again….subscribed!

Jesusandbible says:

What is a good value cheap standalone then? They are good coz can be put up on city concrete

The Manny FU Channel says:

Great review, Brother !
Just to let you know, there are at least 3 different varianta of this tent/bivy.
The way you can tell is by the pole connections….pin in to pole ends, pocket for pole ends, or the clip in pole ends (like most tents)
Just some extra info for the masses.
i have the pin in to poles version.
I loved your vid, and when I got my Solitaire, it doesn’t have the zipper in the mesh along the top like yours. Surprise !
Figured it out in about a minute or 2, but the rest is the same.
Thank you for all of your videos and reviews. I love them all !
Keep up the great work !!!

AT Flip Flop says:

Almost bought this tent except for 2 reasons: Cannot sit upright in the tent and the poles have a reputation of breaking. Apparently the Canadian model has metallic poles instead of the fiberglass. If you can get the Canadian poles and don’t need to sit upright….it’s a good value.

Life with Laura Michels says:

I miss your adventures I appreciate your reviews

Magpie S. says:

Extremely helpful review! I found this tent at a nearby store and have been thinking about it the whole week but wanted to be sure. Thanks for making this video.

Ben Ellis says:

The main problem I have encountered with this tent are the tent stakes. They’re very bendable and are easy to trip on and be pulled out, especially if you’re camping with a group. Also because the stakes are pointed in one direction they tend to turn 180 degrees around which allows the bungee cords to retract, and the purpose of that tension no longer is attainable. I do intend on getting actual good quality Shepard hooked stakes for this tent, that is one of the main price cuts they made and the consequences can be very annoying.

pablo villar says:

very cool review man

Griffin Matthews says:

What kind of ground tarp did you use for this tent?

Super Dave says:

I own this and used it on the CDT two years ago. I am returning for a thru hike and will take this with me. I like the color and I am 6′ tall and 200 lbs. It is not ultra ultra light but light enough for me and my budget. It may be looked upon as a “bivi type tent” but many of the ultra light tents are so small I think it is all a matter of opinion. I have sat up in this (sure head touches top but has on other tents also. And, If you sit up in the “front” end it is of course much easier). When one rolls back the tarp you can lay there and view the stars-wonder of wonders! I like it that the tarp is attached-I don’t loose it nor do I have to wrestle with it in the wind. The manner in which it is attached helps to keep it all together and straight. And I like the cheery color and use this without a ground cloth and so . . . see ya on the trail!  -SunnyWalker

Audemosha says:

Just casually going on with the review even though you’ve got the predator watching you from the trees.

oscarpont says:

wast that predator watching you at minute 4:27?

sqd8r says:

I use this for motorcycle trips. Does the job and I’ve had no issues in bad weather. I’ve had it for about ten yrs. I will ☑ out the one you’ve recommended however

TheMartianSummer says:

I have that same tripod… and that same tent.

Comrade Bambi says:

i slept this thing 3 people lol, it’s only comfy with 2 or less though. i’m 6’1 btw

E. Palmer says:

im only 4’6″ so this would fit awsome for me

Docprepper says:

I am an avid hiker/camper. Do you think this would be a good starter for my little brother who isn’t as abusive as I am? Say he wanted something cheap to use a few times a month, would this be good to go? I’ve got the stratosphere and swear by it, but he doesn’t want/need anything like that just yet.

David Lewis says:

I own this tent. I haven’t camped in the rain in it and I live in S. Texas I don’t care about snow. I an 6-4″ and 250 lbs. THere’s enough room in it for my wallet, keys, and my cell phone. I don’t get in it until it is time to go to bed. But that’s all I’m looking for in a tent. When I am not worried about it dropping below the dew point, I get in it through the top due to my size. When I am worried about the dew point, I go in the way he does in the video. It’ hard to turn around. If my feet are touching ing the end of the tent, my head is not and that’s important to someone my size.

spiralcosmosart says:

Why’d they have to make it bright yellow instead of GREEN like the SnugpaK ionosphere double the price!

Rockman 5577 says:

Gander Mt is closing here in Houston, Tx, got this for $9!!!

Helen Lemay says:

thanks for sharing

niall441 says:

I would but a Tarp over this bivy and then i would feel safe from the rain.

Larry Kramer says:

This one of tents that I spray painted as I hated that yellow color and I don’t like light coming into my tent or my bedroom. I used one can of flat black and one can of army green camo, shooting them all over to make a 2 color camo effect. Probably the Eureka didn’t need waterproofing, but that never hurts. I got mine as a second or return for less than $50– a real bargain. As you said, this is a glorified bivy that I can get my dog into (60 lbs.)

Lori Lindsey says:

I just bought this. Can’t wait to get it for my AT section hikes next year.

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