EXCLUSIVE: Guide Gear Teepee Tent Review

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RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

that’s pretty sweet, it comes with a stripper pole

TacticalSurvivor21 says:

I had one of these tents and hated it. It leaked terribly in light rain, was a pain to set up, and made of junk materials. Would not recommend to anyone who actually camps frequently.

Matthew Haley says:

Did you notice any leaking at the seams and any issues with high winds?  Thanks

Darryl Hopper says:

thanks for the review man.

xxgoldenarmsx says:

As usual white people trying to make profit off of native tradition….btw your tent looks to looose and doesn’t look like it would hold up to much of a wind…..id rather take the time and make a REAL oldschool native tent tipi like i was looking for……not this modern day crap

Adam Warlock says:

yeah but how many dogs can ya fit in there?

OutWithMyGear says:

You are very welcome!
Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

Todd Jenest says:

What about heavy rain and wind?

Skip Doe says:

how durable is it and water proof

Drewsifer Ledger says:

how well does it pack up? Having a hard time finding out what it looks like in bag. Is it doable to attach to bottom of hiking backpack? The middle pole seems like it would be kind of large. If you could give me a rough estimate of packed size I’d appreciate. By the way like the videos you post, very helpful!!

serpantseed08 says:

can it fit 3 twin size air mattress? 6’x2.1′

Michael Lawson says:

I received mine yesterday, and set it up in the back yard. Very easy to set up, I didn’t even read the instructions first. It tool me less than 10 minutes, alone. It is very spacious, and seems well made. The instructions don’t say anything about seam sealing, but I think that I will do that anyway. 

Ceil Constante says:

Thanks for bringing up the point that when it’s windy, wind can just under the ⛺

Jimmy Peterkin says:

You are the best!

chad h says:

I have this tent.I can fit a twin cot in it and a small table. Needs water proofing right out of the box. I made a rain fly for mine out of a tarp and I am adding some cheap snap together foam floor

Ed G says:

EXCELLENT VIDEO REVIEW!! I went out and bought the 14×14 version based upon your review and the tent is FANTASTIC! Again, thanks for reviewing this tent as I would have never known about it. Can you tell me which campground in NEW JERSEY you filmed your video at/in? I live in NJ and would like to bring my wife and 3 little boys out there? THANKS Ed

Clinton Wolff says:

Awesome review!!!! Thank you for your in depth analysis!!

Angel Mendez says:

why don’t you make a vid of you camping out in that guide gear teepee tent

MaZEEZaM says:

The material looks very thin, doesn’t look warm, also looking at the top its not got enough ventilation to be able to have a fire in the tent like a traditional TeePee. Good review though 🙂

Chris Bushcraft says:

Great review my friend. You have got me interested in getting one. Thanks for giving your trusted opinion on the little pro’s and con’s of this tipi tent. I really like your honesty. Looking forward to watching more of your reviews. All the best EMBA.

Ryly Sann says:

Would you recommend this tent for backpacking/canoe trips? With the one pole design it seems as though it would be fairly lightweight and compact.

Jason Lurf says:

Who makes Guide Gear stuff?

Ah Jodie says:

thank you, you are fun

trees dirt says:

Thanks for the review.

yashee96 says:

that is an awesome review thanks a lot!I fabricate camping woodstoves/heaters mostly for tents. small practical units – is there a window u can open to feed the smokestack thru the roof at all?I saw on a model you can actually open the window??is this possible with this tent?i want to purchase this tent bc is cheaper,and perfect for me, but would like to know. thanks!
-greetings from El Paso,TX

Balithazzarr says:

This is just too many stakes. I used to be able to set up mine is less than 10 minutes. I could stand up I forgot which one it was. Sometimes I didn’t even stake it. It basically only used two or was it 4 rods crisis crossing.

Douglas Scott says:

I’m 6’5″ and I was standing erect in the middle by the pole no prob. Overall I was very comfortable. I had a cot in it so I was off the floor.
I really love this tent. SO much ventilation in a teepee design. A big plus on hot summer nights.
I gotta say though, I wonder if they forgot to seal my seams.
My first night in my new tent was great until 5:30 AM when 6 hours of steady, solid, Lake Michigan rain set upon me.
Around the perimeter each seam began to accumulate what eventually became 8″-16″ circles of water. I eventually mopped out prolly close to 2 gallons of water
I abandoned ship when the door seam above my head dripped directly onto my forehead and my pillow.
I am communicating with the company directly and they seem to be helpful.
I’m hoping to either seal the seams more or if they didn’t seal them initially, get a replacement tent.
I really love this tent. Seriously. I used a 10×10 remington for 20 years and this is the only tent that could have ever replaced it.

Mike Burch says:

Thanks for sharing bro.

David Johnston says:

it looks nice what a good tent . I want to get cammo guide gear tent . I Hope it’s waterproof I hate getting wet soaked in the morning but great video thanks

mike hawke says:

Are you really tall? The center height looks under 6 ft. Do you have to crouch to move about in the tent?

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